[They’re all over the place.]

The forest spreads out as far as my eyes could see, it’s obviously much wider than the forest back in Brunne.
At a clearing near the forest, human-sized monsters that have an eagle’s head can be seen walking out of the forest and around the area.
Blue feathers covered their bodies, walking on two legs and wearing armor, all of them were armed with a one-handed sword and a shield.
Their legs are thin like a bird’s and have four toes.
They look capable of moving at high speeds.
I’ll have a look at their status as usual.

● Race: Eagle Warrior
Level 45
HP: 12,000
MP: 0
Attack Power: 350
Defense Power: 100
Agility: 90
Magic Resistance: 0
Unique Ability: None
Skill: None


Uooh, regular mobs have this kind of status!? They’re weaker than the C-ranked Ogre, but there’s easily more than 10 here.
Facing 1 at a time is no issue, but they’ll obviously all come rushing at you with their numbers.
It’s easy to imagine normal adventurers dying here.
No wonder nobody picked up this request.

[Oh, that one there looks like the B-rank subjugation target.]

[It has a whole bunch of flunkies around it too.]

Among the whole lot of them was an Eagle Warrior that was noticeably larger in size and was covered in red feathers.
Dozens of eagle warriors were densely packed around that individual.
So that’s the target this time, the Eagle Warrior Chief.
Let’s have a look at its status too.

● Eagle Warrior Chief Race: Eagle Warrior
Level: 60
HP: 24,000
MP: 0
Attack Power: 900
Defense Power: 150
Agility: 180
Magic Resistance: 0
Unique Ability: None
Skill: Divine Speed

Ah, this fella is dangerous.
It’s on a level that most would avoid normally.
It gives off the kind of feeling that you wouldn’t be able to defeat it without support and buffs.
It has almost twice as much as agility as Noru does.
Me and Noru should be able to handle that, but it’ll be bad if Estel gets targeted.

[Estel, buff us with strengthening magic for starters.
Can you damage them with AoE magic after that? Then Noru will be Estel’s wall against the enemies, after she is done with her area magic.]

[Roger that.]

[Fufu, that sounds like an easy job.]

For now we’ll clean out the other monsters in the area, leaving the warrior chief behind.
All of them have high agility so they move fast.
Besides, Estel will be generating all the aggro from the enemies so they will target her first.
It’s safer to have Noru who has higher agility than the mobs to defend her.
In addition I have over 2000 attack power now plus my attack and movement speeds are almost double from before.
I might not be as accustomed to battle as Noru is, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to hunt mobs of this level now that I have these boosts.

[Now then here I come, Ei!]

First, Estel buffs us with strengthening magic.
After that she goes on to wave her staff again, from which a magic formation appears with the warrior chief at the center of it.
When the other eagle warriors noticed the magic formation, they immediately started looking around and made a beeline for us after they saw us.

Shortly after, the magic formation began to shine, and a small ball of fire appeared at the center of the magic formation.
Said ball gradually grew in size, which then promptly caused an explosion after it became big enough.
Me and Noru took to the frontline with Pot Lid and shield in hand, protecting ourselves from the aftermath of the explosion.
It’s quite the absurd explosion, smoke from the explosion was the only thing you could see before you.
Magic attacks mostly only did single target damage back in GC, but in this world it looks the be treated as a multi-hitting attack and causes more damage than just the base multiplier.

[Did we get them!?] (EN: flag collected lol)

[That explosion… It would be amazing for any of them to survive that!]

I wouldn’t be surprised if none of them survived that explosion.
Right when I was thinking that, a lone eagle warrior came bursting out from within the smoke.
It was the red feathered Eagle Warrior Chief.
It roared as it charged towards us.
A red aura, similar to what Noru looks like when she activates her skill, thinly surrounds its body.
The were also other eagle warrior survivors and though delayed, they also charged towards Estel.
The remainder that were outside of the explosion’s range also followed suit.
Reacting to stop the Eagle Warrior Chief which will be the first to make contact with us, I started running too.

[!? T-this one is so fast!]

[Okura-dono! Calm down! Okura-dono you should to be able enough to that much!]

I receive the one-handed sword that was swung down toward me with Pot Lid, and swing Bar for a counterattack.
However, even with my current attack speed my attack was dodged before it landed.
After that I exchanged blows several more times, it’s attacks were grinding onto my armor while all of my attacks were dodged at the last moment.
I was slowly chipping away at it with my wind magic attacks, but I wasn’t able to land a decisive blow.
Why is this happening, my attack speed is supposed to be higher than my opponent.

Noru was shouting at me, as she ran around cleaning up the other eagle warriors.
You’re telling me to calm down but this…
I’m managing to maintain aggro of the Warrior Chief, but it was moving around and leaving behind red afterimages much like Noru when she has her skill active.
If it decides to go after Estel midway, I’m not confident Noru can make it in time for a clutch save.

The Eagle Warrior Chief is running towards me again.
I don’t think it’s possible for me to chase it and land an attack.
So this time I pushed out my Pot Lid the moment the sword makes contact, and repelled the sword.
Whether this was unexpected or not, the Eagle Warrior Chief staggered and stopped moving for a brief moment.
Seeing my chance I stab it in the abdomen with Bar and it lets out a scream.
Additionally the red aura around it disappeared, and it slowed down enough for me to be able to see it properly.
Looks like my Skull Ring activated and sealed that skill it was using.
Now that the Eagle Warrior Chief’s skill has been sealed, its speed has dropped enough for me to handle so I unleashed a flurry of stabs with Bar.
With that, it finally ran out of HP and fell to the ground, it then became particles of light and turned into drop items.

The big monsters look oppressing because of their size, but these human-sized monsters are much harder to deal with.]

[Good work there.
We’ve also finished up with the rest too.]

[Fufu, Onii-san really worked hard.
You looked cool, but only a little.]

Looks like Noru and Estel have finished dealing with the remaining eagle warriors, a whole bunch of eagle warrior drop items are scattered around the area.
Haa~, so I’m the only one who found this to be dangerous, it’s just the usual for the 2 of them.
I’m happy to get praised, but this also got me thinking that I really need to get stronger.


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