Chapter 21

The other items from the gacha

[Ah~ *nom*.
Mufu~, this is delish.]

[You really are eating a lot.]

[I am a growing girl after all.]

[Aren’t you big enough already.]

The day after our match against Dhius concluded.
We are relaxing at our inn.
Everyone is staying in the same room again for some reason, but that doesn’t bother me anymore.
I handed the gacha foodstuff to Noru and Estel, and they are having that for breakfast.
The food of this world isn’t bad, but the gacha-produced foodstuff tastes better.
So this is somewhat of a celebratory meal.
So she says she is still growing huh.
Estel is resentfully looking at Noru’s chest.
Makes you wonder if she’ll really get any bigger.

[Onii-san’s so slow.
Just how long does he want to stay in the toilet.]

I’m “here” but am not participating in the conversation, and there is a reason for it.
Fufu, the girls are unable to see me right now.
I have been thinking of sorting them for awhile now, so here I am trying out some of the gacha equipment.
I am currently using the SSR Invisible Mantle.

● Invisible Mantle
The wearer becomes capable of turning transparent.
Do take note that there is a cooldown timer before reactivation after you take offensive actions.

You become invisible if you wear this just as the item name suggests.
After leaving with the “excuse” of going to the toilet, I tried returning to the room using the Beacon that was setup in the room earlier.
The 2 of them didn’t seem to notice me, so this item is plenty usable.
But not being noticed to this point makes me wanna play some pranks on them…


[What is it?]

[My bread, my bread is gone!]

[You’re making so much noise for something that trivial.
Let’s see…]

Fufufu, she’s panicking.
I pilfered Noru’s bread when I saw my chance.
That was great handiwork by me if I do say so myself.
I was feeling satisfied because my prank succeeded, but Estel suddenly waves her finger and released a light shockwave throughout the room.

[Welcome back, Onii-san.
What are you doing.]

[W-well done you saw through me.
As a reward you get the right to eat this.]

[Aaaーh! Give me my bread back!]

The mantle was knocked off by the shockwave.
Estel smiles at me after I was revealed.
Oh noes, how long have she noticed me.
When I presented her with the bread that I pilfered earlier, Noru snatched it away from the side.

[So, what were you doing?]

[Well~ I felt like trying out the stuff that we got from the gacha.
I’m thinking of sorting the stuff somewhere outside today, any thoughts?]

[Sure, I don’t mind.]

[I wanna watch too so it’s alright!]

There were no violent objections from the 2 of them, so it was decided that we’ll be trying out the equipment somewhere outside for today.

[Now that I’m actually sorting it, there really is a whole bunch of different stuff.]

[There’s a lot less if it’s only SR and above items.]

[Ara, Onii-san.
You’re not going to switch to this splendid looking sword?]

[Oh, that.
I did think about using that but Bar is already way better at this point.]

We head to some deserted location outside of the Royal Capital, there I spread a sheet of cloth on the ground and materialized the items on it.
I materialized SR and above items only.
There’s way more R items but I don’t think they’re going to be all too “useful” so I’m not doing them this time.
If I did this sorting before we had our match against Dhius, it would probably have been more reassuring.
I was so distracted by the fact that we were having a match, that I totally forgot about sorting all this equipment.

Among the equipment that were on the cloth sheet, Estel picked up a sword which had a blade that was yellow with a mix of black on it.
This is the SR Eclipse Sword, unfortunately it’s just not as good as Excali-bar is now.

● Eclipse Sword
Attack +400
Enemy Attack -20%

The ability to lower the enemy’s attack power is very attractive, but it’s just not really that good when compared to a ☆6 Excali-bar.

[Hmm~, for now Estel you can have this.]

[What’s this?]

[It’s cute, right?]

[Uhh right…]

First, I do the usual and give Estel a Stuffed Toy as a present.
This one is round and sorta like a blue manju.
When I said “It’s cute, right?” as always, the same thing as before happened with her too as she stares at the toy on her palm and is at a loss for words.

[Muu~, I’m jealous.]

[You want it?]

[You’re giving it to me?! Yaaayz~]

Noru who was covetously looking at the toy, was elated when Estel gave her the toy.
She sure does like this kind of weird stuff, not that I’ll say anything about it.
Estel looked at Noru as though she just saw something unbelievable.

[I’ll stop with the jokes, here take this.]

[Ara, thank you.
Fufu, it’s beautiful.
So what are the effects?]

[Ah that, Magic Attack+20%, MP Increase and MP Recovery Speed Up.]

Next, I handed a stringed necklace to Estel, on it was a thin-ish red transparent stone that was about 3 cm long.

● Philosopher’s Stone
Magic Attack+20%
MP Recovery Speed Up

This is the SR Philosopher’s Stone.
This is an accessory that is limited to the Magic related jobs.
Any magic related unit would want to equip at least 1 of this.

[Noru gets this.]

[I get one too?! I’m so happy! Ehehe, thank you very much~]

[This one has HP Increase and HP Recovery Speed Up.]

Moving on, I pass another necklace similar to the Philosopher’s Stone, but this one has a blue ball on it instead, to Noru.

● Jewel of Life
HP Recovery Speed Up

This one is the SR Jewel of Life.
An accessory suitable for the melee jobs.
Survival rates for the melee jobs go up considerably just by equipping this.
She’s the forefront of our party so this is indispensible for her.

[And I’ll give you 2 these as well.]

In addition(to the necklaces) I hand them 2 rings, Noru gets the blue one, while Estel gets the red one.
The ring with the blue gemstone is the SR Ring of Protection, the one with the red gemstone is the SR Ring of Luck.

● Ring of Protection
Defese Power+300

● Ring of Luck
25% chance to Nullify any one incoming attack

Honestly these would work well too if I equipped them myself, but I already have another one set aside for myself so I decided to give these rings to the girls instead.

● Skull Ring
25% chance to cause Skill Seal on enemy when attacking

This ring should work pretty well together with Excali-bar’s speed increase.
Also this ring has a skull design like what the name says.
So giving it to a girl doesn’t sit well with me.

[Oh Onii-san, you look so conservative on the outside but then you do such unexpectedly bold moves.
Suddenly giving us this engagement ring(s).]

[Buh-, what are you saying.
Oi, don’t wear it on your ring finger!]

[En-engagement ring!? O-Okura-dono, this kind of thing should only be done after we get to know about each other a little more… Kyaa~! ]

Here I was thinking I would get a normal happy response, this was a different reaction from what I had in mind.
Estel blushed and she shyly put her hands on her cheeks.
As for Noru, after she heard the word “engagement ring” she got all fidgety, and ended up speaking louder than usual then bashfully covering her cheeks with both hands.
Not only that, Estel purposefully wore the ring on her left hand’s ring finger.
Oi, just wait a second.

[Ara, don’t worry about this.
We’re solely devoted to Oniisan, you know?]

[T-that’s true.
I-I’ll wear it on my ring finger too…]

Sure I’m happy to actually hear this kind of response, but now I don’t know how to respond back.
Noru decided to wear the ring on her left ring finger too in the heat of the moment.
I don’t know if I should take this as a joke or seriously.
…Oh whatever.
If they’re happy with this then I don’t really mind.
Time to move on.

I leave the 2 of them alone for the moment as they are still excited, I went ahead and wore 2 bracelets on both of my arms.
A green one and a red one.
The green one is the SSR Wind Bracelet, and the red one is the SSR Power Bracelet.

● Wind Bracelet
Additional Wind Attribute in Attack
Wind Attribute Resistance+50%
Attack Speed+20%
Movement Speed+20%

● Power Bracelet
Attack Power+800
HP Recovery Speed Up

[Fufufu how’s this, I look stylish now don’t I?]


[Uhhー, it suits you, yes.]

Huh, what’s with the weak reactions.
The accent from the red and green bracelets make me look totally awesome.
Estel stoned, while Noru gave a monotone response.

Alright, now that I have it equipped I want to test the effects of the Wind Bracelet.
The Additional Wind Attribute in Attack effect, I wonder if it lets me release Blades of Wind similar to what Estel does?
So I unsheath Bar, and swung it with everything I had while facing a tree that was some distance away.
From which a mark appeared on the tree, if I used Bar to poke the tree it would probably produce something similar.
Ooh, I can use a ranged attack that is kind of like wind magic with this.
But I notice that this causes some fatigue.
Does this consume MP because this is counted as using magic?

After that I tried swinging towards the tree several more times.
Nothing happens if I swing without thinking about anything, but if I consciously think ‘Imma use it this time!’, the wind magic activates.
Looks like you need to consciously use it if you want to invoke it.

[I wonder if I would count as a magician with this?]

[Fufu, good for you.
If it’s related with magic, I’ll gladly teach you everything about the subject.]

She smacked her lips when she said “everything”.
Just what are you intending to teach me.
I move on so I don’t distract myself, and I pick up the SR Prominence Rod.
This is a staff that has a red gemstone attached at the top.
This is fire elemental as the name implies.

● Prominence Rod
Attack Power+350
Fire Magic Attack+40%

However this is mostly unnecessary.
Estel already has her Sage’s Wand.
Right when I was thinking that, a small flame suddenly appeared on the gemstone part of the staff when I lightly waved it.

[Ooh, so anybody can use this.
But we already have Estel for this kinda stuff so this isn’t very necessary.]

[I think it’s a convenient item, as you don’t need to be a magician to be able to use it.]

Certainly, it’s convenient.
But it’s not like there’s going to be an opportunity to use it anytime soon, though I felt a weird stare when I was thinking of putting it away.
When I turned to where the gaze was coming from, I see Noru looking at the staff while restlessly fidgeting her arms and legs.

[Noru, what is it?]

[Magic, I want to try using it too.]

Aah, so that’s it.
That yearning for someone of a non-magic job to want to use magic, she looks cute doing that.

[Sure, go ahead.]

[She looks so happy.]

[Mufufu, I always wanted to try using magic.
Now then, ei!]

She looked so happy when I handed the Prominence Rod to her.
Estel and I watched her tenderly.
Noru did an exaggerated swing with the staff in her attempt to use magic.
And before the magic ‘came out’ from the top of the staff ―― the staff slipped out from her hand and flew off with great momentum.
The staff flew toward the target which was a large rock, and when the staff made contact with the rock, it pierced into the rock and activated the magic there, which caused an explosion from the inside and the rock crumbled.

[….Noru, that staff is not a throwing weapon.]

[That was flashy.]

[M-my hand was slippery, that’s all! Wuh… my strength, I feel so weak….]

[You probably used all your MP in one go.
I wonder if Noru is bad at controlling magic.]

Noru slumped down onto the ground after she was done “throwing” the staff.
So this is what would happen if you use up all your MP.
She probably dumped all her MP in because of how excited she was…

Because of the unexpected explosion, there is now a possibility that someone might come and check what happened, so I decided to stop experimenting for now.
Let’s stop Noru from casting magic from now on.

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