Chapter 1.

Invitation to Another World.

“Haa… The girl this time is cute too”

I sighed while looking at the smartphone in my hand.
What was reflected on the screen was a beautiful girl from a social game application program called 『Girls Corps』, which has now become a topic among the Otakus.
The game is called GC for short.

It started half a year ago and it has been downloaded more than 500,000 times, thus it’s very popular right now.
The contents are simple, we just need collect the beautiful girls and establish the army corps.

You can make the army corps to fight against the demon’s army corps in events, or to battle against other user’s army corps.
There is a main story too.
The background of the world is of a European style in the Middle Ages.
All of the corps members are girls.
However, they are not an ordinary girls because they know how to fight, such as the knights and the cavalry, etc.

“Muuu, but this month will be tough ……”

And, I am severely worried about this game.
What to worry about is to say the gacha.
There are two ways to acquire characters in this game.
One way is to participate in events, the other is to pay for the gacha.

It is cost 500 yen for 1 roll, 5,000 yen for 11 rolls.
To be honest, this is a ridiculous price.

Moreover, the roll is not only given a chance to get a character, but it is also mixed in with weapons and items.
(TN: Consider GBF and FGO as examples)
However, there is an endless amount of people who unable to escape from this gacha hell.
The charm of this game is coming from the combo of popular illustrators and popular voice actor/actress.
As for me, my 30,000 yen has already gone to another dimension.

The new releases this time are Leila-chan and Luna-chan.
Vampire loli-type girls which possess long hair.
As soon as they were released, everyone exploded in hype.
A certain bulletin board was filled with the voice of anger and resentment.
Some people grieving to kill someone, some other voices protested to the low probability of the gacha rate, and some others were complaining to fail at getting characters beside the two vampires.

“Why the hell do you spend so much for these girls anyway…”

The current time is 23:58.
I believe that the probability of getting Rainbow at 0 o’clock will rise.
As I am someone who is a believer of the 0 o’clock, I kept waiting for that time.
I am following this Occult Theory, which it is said the success rate is 0 times out of 10 so far.
Well, it’s merely superstition.

But on this month, I can not help but rely on this occult.
I can’t stop rolling the gacha.
I’ve finished restarting the game application, I put the smartphone on the desk near the PC and I am ready to pray.

“Uh yeah, even with a certain probability,”

While waiting, I am watching a certain bulletin board with PC.
The response of the thread keeps increasing as I watched it.

With more than 100.000 people rolling, there is also someone who made a breaking record of 1,100 rolls but failed to roll them, etc….
The posts keep on increasing….
I, watching this kind of hell, cannot help myself to turn away from the same poison.

“Woops!, It is dangerous… so dangerous… ”

While I read the grudge voices, the time was 23:59:50.
In panic, I went to switch the screen and go onward to gacha screen.

“…… 3, 2, 1! My desire! Deliver it to Luna-chan!”

The clock pointed right at 0 o’clock.
I tap on the smartphone screen while raising my voic, thinking that it kinda feels bad to be shouting at midnight.

A brightly shining treasure box was projected on the screen.
Of course, I chose the 11 rolls gacha.

The feeling when I blew away my 5,000 yen was gone after I pushed the screen and am now trembling in excitement.
The treasure box changes to silver, gold, white, and rainbow color.

“Oh, ooooooooo! UR is coming! I did it!”

The rainbow-colored treasure box is a proof of UR.
And my aim is also the highest of the rares, Luna-chan.
The probability of getting UR is about 1%, so this is very lucky.

Even though if it is not ended-up as Luna, I can’t help myself to not to push twice.
If I’m thinking about it, the item will be released from the opening treasure box.

[R Iron Sword, R Iron Dagger, Recovery potions, R Iron Armor, SR Excalibur, R Copper hoof, R Knuckle, SR Lid of Pot, R Boots, Food, UR An Invitation to The Another World]

Well, as you can see, the gacha of this game is very rigged chance for rolling a character.
Food is an item for recovering the degree of fatigue of an unit.
…… Cruel, this is too cruel.
Although there is UR, the others are mostly R!
In this game, the rarity degrees are divided into: R, SR, SSR, UR.
So, with the exception of the [one] UR, this time we hit rock bottom with only SR and lower… well, it’s better than all Rs at least

(TN: R= Rare, SR= Super Rare, SSR= Super Super Rare, UR= Ultra Rare)

“Well, there is also things like this … … Well, let’s roll again once more …… I still have some money left.”

It seems I was too captivated by Luna-chan and carelessly spent too much money on 11rolls.
When I was about to take out my magical card to pay, suddenly I remembered something.
The UR that came out a moment ago, I’ve never seen something like that before.

“There should be explanation in the item column? …… Oh, there was -”


UR Invitation to Another World
A proof of being invited to a different world.
If you use it, you can leave to another world.

… What is this? What on earth is this ‘Invitation to Another World’ talking about?
Even if I look at the details column, there is no more detailed explanation.

Perhaps only I have won this item? Thinking like that made me feel alot better after spending that money.
There is also no information on this item even if I check around on the internet.
In other words, there is a possibility that only I have got this item in this world!

I feel very good.
Before I tap to use the item, I took a screenshot.
I’m gonna leave an evidence for other people who gonna get it too in the future.
Let’s just use it and brag about it later.

When I’m finished saving it, I almost forget about the Gacha and then I tap the invitation card.
Do you really want to use it?
YES and NO is displayed, and then there is final selection confirmation appears.

This excitement seems to remind me of my childhood which I forgotten for a long time.
When I pressed Yes without hesitation, the screen began to shine white.

“Oh, what’s with this special effect….

While looking at the amazing light, gradually the smartphone began to shine brightly and shake with force.
I tried to let go of the smartphone, but before I do it, my entire sight went white.

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