se of her helm but I’m just going to assume that anyway.
The pressure is overwhelming, don’t they feel anything at all? My stomach is getting upset.

[On the other hand Ookura Heihachi-san’s party consists of 2 warriors and a magician.
It’s a party composition that gives a slightly biased impression.
Is this the typical offense over defense thing? They are still E-rank beginners who have just come from Brunne, but just how capable are they? There is much to look forward to.]

Like she said, our party balance isn’t ideal.
Fact is, we *are* dependant on pushing with our firepower.
But really, what’s up with the sudden silence when it was announced that we have just came from Brunne.
Some people even started laughing.
They probably think we are fools, E-rankers challenging B-rankers the moment they arrive in the Royal Capital..

As the venue settles down, it is now shook by the sudden large ‘dosun dosun’ sounds of something walking.
With a large club in its hand, there are chains on all 4 of its limbs and its neck.
Though it looks 1 ‘size’ smaller than the Cyclops, it still stands at an imposing 3m tall.
Is that the Lissa person who’s pulling it along? The person is wearing a hood covering the face, but looks to be female from her physique.
Her attire is a hooded shawl with short pants.
She certainly looks the part of a monster tamer.
I thought of having a look at her status, but she was too far away and didn’t register on the camera.

[Looks like the preparations are complete, let’s get this show on the road.
Dhius-san, is your party ready? Now then, let the match begin!]

When the person who brought in the Ogre left the battle area, the bell signaling the start of the match rang out.

The Ogre began running towards Dhius’ party.
The armored man proceeds to intercept with his shield.
The club that was raised up, was swung down with good momentum and it makes contact with the shield.
But he wasn’t knocked away by the attack, he took the attack from the club without flinching whatsoever.
Dhius jumps out from behind him, and slashes at the Ogre which has now stopped moving after just finishing an attack.
The bow wielding girl then follows up with some arrows from the rear line.
As that was happening, the body of the tank person who took the attack gets wrapped in light, and his body absorbs the light.
Looks like the priest casted recovery magic on him.

[Receive with the shield, heal with the priest, and attacking with the archer and warrior.
An ever reliable strategy for party battles.]

Cheers roar out again after the initial exchange.
So that’s what battling in a party looks like.
The movement of the party is really smooth, they are B rank after all.
They are leagues apart when compared to the carriage guards.
Noru does good work as a tank too, but I still want a proper tank or priest for the party though.
It really isn’t ideal for Estel to get flanked if me and Noru aren’t around to be the vanguard for her.

[Wooahh! There it is! It’s the shock wave from Dhius’ killer Sonic Blade!]

The Ogre looks to be retreating from the damage, noticing that Dhius swings his sword at the Ogre.
Here I was thinking ‘The heck is he doing swinging his sword from a spot that won’t reach the ogre’, no sooner after he did that blood spurt forth from the Ogre’s leg.
He simply used a ranged attack skill.

After that, the exchanges continued.

[Mmー, they sure are taking awhile.]

[I’m getting tired of watching them go at it.]

[Their movement is good, but they are lacking the decisive firepower.
Fufufu, high firepower is justice as expected!]

Estel is leaning against me and looking sleepy, Noru is excitedly watching the battle while she shakes her hands up and down.
When I compare their overall firepower with Noru’s, I can’t help myself from feeling slightly sorry for them.

Another five minutes or so have passed, and the Ogre is still alive.
Their orthodox party attacks have been steadily chipping away at the Ogre’s HP.

Dhius does have the Warrior’s Pride skill, but he isn’t purposely taking damage to activate the skill so he can shorten the time his party is taking.
Does he not know he has the skill? But he *is* using his Sonic Blade, so there may be some way that lets them know of such details in their status.

[Dhius’ party have finished the subjugation! 2 and a half candles remain! Such speed, you can say this much was to be expected of B-rankers!]

The Ogre falls to the ground with a great thud.
After which the body shines and turns into drop items.
Seeing that, the excited audience roared out once again.
The emcee was speaking kinda fast, she must be excited too.
It seems 1 candle burns out in about 10 minutes, that means Dhius’ party defeated the Ogre in roughly 25 minutes.
That’s actually considered fast.

[They’re finally done.]

[Fuwa~ so they’re done.]

[At last our turn has come.
My Knight’s Blood is getting riled up!]

[You better not overdo it.
And don’t even think about using your skill.]

Estel raised her arms and stretched.
After which she covers her mouth with one of her hands and yawned.
Did she really sleep through all that?
Noru was doing Noru things, and she shakes her hands more intensely, excitedly saying ‘They’re (ED note: my hands) gonna come off!’.
This girl, she needs to calm down.

After considering Dhius’ status, the Ogre’s status isn’t exactly very high(in comparison).
It doesn’t look like there’ll be a need for her to use her skill.
It’s not like she wants to go through that muscle ache hell again.

[Haha, how’s that? This is the ability of us B-rankers.
Can you lot do it as fast as we did? It’s doubtful whether you lot can defeat it or not in the first place, but that’s just needless worrying from me as you lot are stronger than us aren’t you.
Well, do try your best, hahahaha.]

Dhius’ party returned to the waiting area after finishing the subjugation.
There was nothing but satisfaction on the his face.
He even threw in some sarcasm as a bonus.
Alright then, time to kick you and your annoying face into the pit of despair.

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