e at all.]

He’s saying it as though it was for Estel’s sake but that’s just a facade.
I’m sure he’s doing this to secure a magician for his party.
Is this the trouble that Grin-san said would happen because of our ranks?

[Ara, that does sound attractive.]

[O,oi, Estel?]

Estel stepped out infront of me, and gave a response that sounded favourable to his words.
I was startled when I heard what she said.
I don’t think she would actually be interested in his offer, but what if…

[Doesn’t it? Then, let’s――]

[But I’ll pass.
I’m not the least bit interested in you.
I’m being an adventurer only because I get to be together with Onii-san.]

The youth’s face which was filled with the expectation of getting a positive answer, froze over after hearing her answer.
Come to think of it Estel was this type of person, I believed in you.
That was relieving.
I’m kinda happy but she sure went ahead and said stuff like being together with me.

[In addition, these 2 here are stronger than your party.
Why do I need to purposefully join a weaker party?]

[Wha- hey, why are you purposely provoking him! So-sorry ‘bout that, this girl has a sharp tongue…]

She went ahead and provoked the opposition.
Oi oi, it was more than enough when you rejected him, why are you doing this(facepalm).
The youth took the blow(words) and stepped back a little with his still frozen smile on his face.

[But he was looking down on Onii-san(and Noru) and that was unpleasant.
I don’t like this person at all.]

Gaining momentum, Estel threw in an additional attack on him .

This doesn’t look good, I need to stop her soon.
If this goes on it’s going to blow up sooner or later.

[Haha, you sure say some interesting things.
Then how about this? Let’s have a match, if my side wins I will have you join our party.
If your side wins I’ll listen to whatever request that you have once.]

[Estel, please be silent for a while.]

[Shush, okay?]

I cut in on her before she said anything definitive, I push Estel, who was directly infront of Dhius, behind me.
That was dangerous.
Estel is an important companion.
There’s no way I’m going to let her be the prize in a bet.
His ‘whatever request’ was enticing, but a request from some dude can never outweigh a bishoujo no matter how much he struggled.
I’ll refuse even if he shoved 10 billion G in my face.

[I’m very sorry about this.
But, I would like for you to stop headhunting my companion.]

[Nn~, I can turn a blind eye to her words.
However, there’s my reputation to consider.
So it’s a little hard to just simply pull out, after having said all that.]

I’ll lower my head to this asshole for now, though reluctantly.
Thankfully I managed to avoid having to bet Estel as the prize in a match.
But it’s not like he can just walk away with nothing.
I too want to smack him in the face with Bar, after having to listen to him run his mouth off.
Let’s just check his status for now.


Dhius      Race: Human
Level: 50
Attack Power: 410
Defense Power: 350
Agility: 60
Magic Resistance: 10
Unique Ability: Warrior’s Pride
Skill: Sonic Blade     Cooldown time before reuse: 1 minute


Muu, he’s has the strength to back his words.
I actually lose out to him in terms of base status… If you ignore the appearance, my equipment easily overwhelm his.
His Special Ability, Warrior’s Pride, should be an ability that boosts attack power when HP drops below half.
The Sonic Blade Skill lets the user launch a shock wave when the sword is swung.
Hmm, it shouldn’t be too troublesome even if we do have a match.

[Then how about this.
How does a match where both sides bet 1 million G sound to you?]

[Haha, keep the joke to just your face.
Are you saying you E-rankers actually have 1 million G?]

When I proposed the match with the 1 million G bet, this guy burst out laughing.
This asshole, just how much does he want to make fun of me.
Sure, even I don’t have confidence in my face but…
If it’s money we already have around 3 million G, it’s not like it will be a painless loss but it definitely beats losing Estel.
Not that I intend to lose either.

[Yeah, I got that right here.]

[Hoo… Alright, let’s do it then.
This will be a match where both sides wager 1 million G! I’ll say this beforehand, don’t even think of running away now.
The information network among adventurers is considerably wide.]

I take out 10 gold coins from my bag and show them off to this fellow.
The moment he saw the gold coins, he agreed with a grin on his face.
He said all that out loud so other adventurers can hear it.
If we ran away after this, rumours of us being cowards will spread, he’s probably trying to make us unable to continue adventuring with that.
The fact that he even threatened us with the ‘adventurers information network’, shows that he has the intention to do just that.
As if I’m going to run away.
I’m not gonna forgive this jerk.

It was decided that the match will be held at a later date.
As fighting among Adventurers is forbidden, a ’battle’ that makes use of monsters is used to settle such disputes when they happen.

[Onii-san I’m sorry, I…]

[Don’t worry about it.
He really got on my nerves too so I understand how you feel.
But, please don’t accept terms where you are the prize.
That’s just bad for my heart.]

After that Estel turned very meek.
She just kept looking down as she followed us.
There was none of her usual mischievous antics.
She seems to be feeling responsible for the current situation with the match thing, after getting rash and provoking the opposition.


She ended up getting a hug as she cried about it, so I pat her back to calm her down.
I was honestly really annoyed by that jerk, so it felt good when she dissed him back then.

[Even so, Okura-dono.
I’m surprised that you don’t look all too angry.
I actually got pretty furious when he talked down on you earlier.
So much that I wanted to split him in two.]

[Eh? Not angry? Are you kidding me, that guy’s an asshole.
I want to shove Magic Dynamite up his ass then detonate it there.
Listen up, we’re gonna win in that match against him, no holding back.]

[That’s some dangerous stuff you’re saying there…]

I’m getting angry just from remembering it.
That pretty faced jerk is gonna be in for a treat.



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