Chapter 17

Along the way to the Royal Capital

[Haa~, it’s so boring in the carriage.]

[It sure isー, it would be nice if there was something to kill time with.]

Several days have passed since we boarded the carriage.
The carriage we are on, is a simple wooden carriage which has something that resembled cloth covering the luggage bearing roof.
There are about 10 other passengers besides us, and there are 2 carriages headed for the Royal Capital Suting.
There are 3 Adventurers who are working as guards too.
Strong monsters don’t appear on the route to Suting.
So just having this number of adventurers as escorts was usually enough.

[Anyway, is she alright?]

I, Noru and Estel were sitted close together.
Noru was slouching and sat quietly in-between me and Estel .

[Uu~ Just what is this… My head hurts, and I feel like throwing up… My head is throbbing so bad, I don’t think I’m in the best of conditions.]

[You’re totally carsick.]

Honestly this carriage isn’t exactly very well built.
The shaking is quite nasty if you compared it to a modern car.
I also felt fairly awful at the start, but I got used to it kind of quickly too.
Most of the vegetation on the road have been properly cleared out, so travelling on it was pretty easy.
But Noru’s carsickness only got worse as the days went by, today she is in a completely groggy state.
I wouldn’t be surprised if she threw up anytime now.

[Is there some kind of magic to help with motion sickness?]

[I’m not a Priest.
Healing magic is out of my expertise.]

Kuu, magicians aren’t almighty huh.
But that also means motion sickness can actually be cured with magic from the Healing category.

Al-Rakie’s abnormal status immunity doesn’t seem to work against motion sickness.

[Okura-dono, weren’t there some panacea from the recent gacha…? Would you be so kind to give me 1 of them.]

[Nn? Rejected.
As if I would use a panacea to cure motion sickness.]

Your cute companion is suffering here, you know? Does Okura-dono not have any sympathy?]

She’s speaking in a meek tone, but it looks like she can still hold on for awhile.
Don’t go calling yourself a cute companion.
Although I have gotten several panacea, using it for motion sickness is more of a waste than anything.

[Oh right, I just thought of something good.]

[Ooh, as expected of Estel.]

She takes Al-Rakie from Noru, after which she waves the staff she’s holding.
A black hazy something is generated from the top of the staff, and it stuck onto Noru’s face.

[W-what… are… you… guu.]

Noru slouches toward me and leans on me in no time at all.
This… did she fall asleep?

[She won’t be a problem if she’s asleep.]

[That’s awfully forceful … Oh well.]

Sure it’s all good if she’s asleep… Is this really alright though.
Having lost her strength and getting her head rocked around even more, she lets out a ‘Uuu, uu’ groan.
Guess I should huddle up closer with her to reduce the shaking somewhat.

[This is going to last for several days more days, thinking about it is depressing.]

[Wellー, it’s not like we can do anything about it.
Want to sleep too?]

[I’ll pass for now.
Sleeping while sitting is going to cause all sorts of body aches.]

There isn’t exactly much space to lie down and sleep, looks tough to get some proper sleep like this.
Noru’s body was still getting rocked around, it’s quite a feat to even sleep normally.

[Uoo… Damn, she’s so heavy.]

[That’s just impolite to call a girl heavy.]

Several hours later, the day was ending and soon it was evening.
Us passengers alight and begin securing spots where we will be sleeping for the night.
The carriage(s) stop right before nightfall, and we prepare for the night.
This trip was alot more easy going than I thought it would be.
When we tried to alight, Noru was still sleeping so I ended up having to carry her.
I carried her on my back, but she was pretty heavy.
Is this because she was wearing her armor?

[Goblin! Goblins have appeared!]

Somebody shouted out.
Several small human-shaped silhouettes can be seen running towards us with a look at our surroundings.
The adventurer guards reacted immediately, they grab their sword and bow and begin to intercept them.

[Ara, looks like some monsters appeared.]

[We are here as passengers though, I’m guessing it’s probably better to not join in the fighting?]

If us passengers do the jobs of the employed guards, it would likely tarnish their reputations.
But I think we can help out a tiny bit in the event that another passenger is about to get attacked.
The adventurer guards are wearing copper plates on their necks which is a sign that they are C-rank.

I don’t think our help will be necessary.

[Ooh, they sure work like how you’d think C-rankers would.]

The 3 man party comprised of a swordsman, an archer, and a tank.
Is this party balance actually good? (EN: saber, archer, shielder! lol)
The tank mainly receive the goblins’ attacks, while the swordsman attacks when he sees the opportunity.
The archer stays slightly behind the frontliners and shoots the enemies.

The goblins fall one after another, dropping their drop items on the ground.
There were easily more than 10 of them, but they stood no chance against these adventurers.

[… O-oi.
There seems to be something nasty mixed in.]

[That’s… a Minotauros.]

The goblins were annihilated, and they were catching a breather.
That was when a large figure was seen running towards us in the distance.
On its head were two lustrous black horns.
In its hand was a large axe that looked to be made of stone.
It was probably about as long as my total height.
(TL Note: It refer to the stone axe)
A creature that can wield something of that size would obviously be pretty big itself.
It’s easily more than double my size.
And that thing, with a red glow in its eyes, was furiously dashing towards us with rough nasal respiration.
It looks pretty darn horrifying.
Anyways let’s have a look at its status.

Race: Minotauros
Level: 40
HP: 25,000
MP: 0
Attack Power: 650
Defense Power: 450
Agility: 30
Magic Resistance: 10
Unique Ability: None
Skill: Charge

Hーmm, it kinda looks weaker than the Cyclops? I don’t think we need to run away from this.
And that charge it is doing is actually a skill?

[Hey you guys! We’ll stay behind to stall for awhile so hurry up and start running away!]

The adventurer guards shouted toward us passengers, urging us to run away.
The driver gets on the carriage, the various passengers who were preparing to camp out frantically got on board the carriage.
One of the adventurer guards also boarded, to serve as the guard following the passengers.

[Hey Estel-san, can you wake Noru up?]

[Fufu, the effect of my sleeping magic is amazing.
She’s not going be woken up so easily.]

As we spoke, I tried waking Noru up who was rolling around on the ground by slapping her cheeks lightly.
Even when I do it enough to cause a ‘pashipashi’ sound, she only reacts slightly with a ‘Uu’.
That’s quite the deep sleep.
Showing this kind of excellence in this type of situation isn’t really needed.

I don’t think it’s possible to fight that Minotauros without Noru, so I reluctantly take out a panacea from my smartphone.
The other passengers are running and the adventurers are still fighting, so nobody would be looking at me.
I can openly take stuff out for the moment.
A panacea is a bottle of transparent liquid.
Do I only need to make her drink this? To make a sleeping person drink something means… mouth-to-mouth feeding!
I thought about it for an instant but I didn’t have the courage to do it, so I jam the opening of the bottle into Noru’s mouth.

[u, gabo, buhe!? Gohho, goho… W-wh-what was that for!?] (EN: these be coughing sounds)

[Ou, hurry up and get up.
A Minotauros has appeared so we’ll be fighting it.]

Though still coughing with some discomfort, she did wake up.
While she was looking around with a ‘what, what?’ look, I returned her sword and shield and forcefully got her to stand.

[I’m telling you guys to run away! The heck are you doing!]

[We’ll be joining the fight.
We’re adventurers too in any case.]

[You say you all are joining the fight but you guys are E and F rank.
The most even us C rankers can do is stall for a short period of time.
We’ll follow up right behind you guys, so hurry up and start running now!]

The swordsman buys time by attacking its legs, as the tank takes the brunt of the attacks.
We move towards the guards, with weapon in hand.
He’s telling us to run away, but that’s what they would typically do.
Simply because our plates are only E-rank.
If we were normal adventurers, we will only get in their way.

[Here’s some supportー]

[To armsー!]

Ignoring the adventurers, Estel swings her staff and casts some body reinforcement magic onto us and the other 2 adventurers.
Noru energetically jumps into the fray and with her sword, she repels the minotauros’ large axe that the other adventurer was blocking with his shield.

[Wh-who is this girl…]

[Now then let us go too.]

Looking at the scene, the 2 adventurers were left speechless with their mouths wide open.
The large axe which took everything the buff and bulky tank had to block, was sent flying away by a slender looking girl.
Of course he would be surprised.
I’ve gotten used to seeing that though.

After we joined in the fight, it quickly became one-sided.
The party buffs from me and Noru and Estel’s support magic added in, made the other adventurers able to move unexpectedly well and we ran all over the Minotauros.
The tank was now able to withstand attacks with no problems, while the swordsman’s attacks now cleave through the minotauros’ hide easily.
Noru’s attacks takes its limbs out of the picture, and finally Estel’s magic makes it unable to move at all, from where the rest of us move in for the finishing blow.

[To think that a Minotauros is taken down this easily…]

[Ah, gotta call back the others who ran away!]

The guards were pretty surprised at the Minotauros’ defeat, but they immediately remembered the people who ran off earlier.
Not much time passed just yet, so it was likely they haven’t gotten all too far away.
This was a single straight road with no vegetation, so if we are to chase after them we will be able to catch up to them without getting lost.

[Then, should I go chase them down on foot?]

[Ahー, let’s do that then.
Here wear this.]

[Ooh! Can I really have them!]

[I did promise to give you a pair before.
I’ll leave this to you then.]

[No problemo!]

I take out a pair of Nike’s Shoes from my bag, and hand them to Noru.
These are white in color which are different from mine.
I thought they would all be the same color but looks like I thought wrong.
I think the white color suited her, so I decided to give this to her.

She happily changes her footwear immediately after receiving the new sneakers, after which she gets some support magic from Estel and sprints off in the direction where the carriage headed.

[She’s way faster than the carriage isn’t she.]

[I’m starting to think it would be better for her to run instead of ride the carriage.]

What are you Noru, a cheetah?… it was fast enough for me to want to say that out loud.
Her figure which became smaller than a grain in no time at all, left us and the adventurers flabbergasted.

Level: 24
HP 2260
MP 310
Attack Power: 530
Defense Power: 355
Agility: 81
Magic Resistance: 30
Cost: 15

Level 15→16
HP 600→610
MP 1500→1520
Attack Power 400→415
Defense Power 120→125
Agility 12
Magic Resistance 40
Cost 22

【Leader】Okura Heihachi
Level 23
HP 890
MP 155
Attack Power 315
Defense Power 255
Agility 47
Magic Reistance 10


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