ght! That fella is said to have 3 times the power of a normal orc.
It’s dangerous to approach it.]

What’s up with the 3 times thing for red stuff in this world? Anyway I should have a look with the status app.

● Red Orc Race: Orc
Level: 30
HP: 10,000
MP: 0
Attack Power: 1,500
Defense Power: 300
Agility: 10
Magic Resistance: 0
Unique Ability: None
Skill: None

Sure the numbers are high, but it’s not a big problem for the current us.
But, it might be dangerous for the still low-level Estel.
Here I was thinking―― I should take it out together with Noru.

Me and Noru took our stances with our weapons, facing the orcs running towards us.
But a tornado suddenly appeared and swallowed up the orcs, surrounding rocks were sucked up by the wind and flew into the tornado too.
The tornado dissipates after a short while, leaving behind a Red Orc which had its limbs all twisted in bad directions, and with injuries all over its body.
And so without moving, it turned into drop items.

[…Oi, what was that for.]

[Ara? What’s the matter Onii-san? Seems like something strange got mixed in, I wonder what that was.]

[Please be careful and not hit me too, when I am taking point as the vanguard…]

The Red Orc was dealt with by Estel unknowingly.
She just looks at us with a curious face, when she notices our dumbfounded looks.
She seems to be a different kind of problem child compared to Noru, and I somehow get a headache thinking about this.

[Fufufu, with this I am now F-rank too.
Let’s go get that request for E-rank next.]

Reporting in with the proof of subjugation, Estel receives her green plate as proof of being F-rank and returns to where we are.

[Well hold on a sec, that can wait til next time.
Instead, would you mind listening to a suggestion of mine?]

[Muu~ What is it?]

[What do you have in mind?]

[Actually, I’m thinking to heading over to Suting.
We can just do Estel’s E-rank request in the Royal Capital.
I’m sure there are more requests over there compared to here.]

Subjugation requests that have a client, are usually at remote villages a fair distance away.
There aren’t that many of such requests either, so having to wait for a request feels kinda weird.
So instead, I want to take this opportunity to head to the Royal Capital.
Surely there is a wider variety of requests over there, more importantly I’m interested in the labyrinth.

[I’m fine with it.
I want to go to that Labyrinth place too.]

[I’m okay with it too!]

[Is that so, then let’s make use of the rest of the day to find out how to get to Suting.]

Firstly we don’t know which direction Suting is in.
If we intend to go there we should start by gathering relevant information.
The map app has no record of a location if we haven’t been there before, you can only see where enemies are coming from the 1st time using the app so it kind of doesn’t help.

[I wonder if there are carriages going to Suting? I don’t really want to go there on foot.]

It’s likely going to be a long distance, it’ll take a considerable amount of time to travel there on foot.]

Carriages huh, wonder if there are any.
Heck I’m sure there are some.
I was thinking of going by ourselves, but relying on others can work too.

[Nー, I guess I agree too.
Let’s search for a carriage for the time being.]


[‘Scuse me, are there any carriages heading to Suting?]

As we asked the townsfolk about it, we finally reach the shop where the carriages heading to Suting are.
We were received by a young lady inside the shop.
Looks like many shops in the town employ young women as their receptionists.

[Yes there are.
But if the destination is Suting, the carriage heading there is leaving in 5 days time, will that be alright?]

5 days later huh.
Here I was thinking that we will be able to leave tomorrow if we hired one today, looks like this doesn’t work that way.
Looks like they have a predetermined schedule, do they have multiple carriages going to other destinations too?

[Yes, we’ll take that one then.]

[Then please confirm the details here.
After you have done so, please sign on this document here.]

The receptionist lady handed me the documents.
There’s one where we write our names etc, and another which shows the terms and conditions.
The fee is 50,000G per person.
Oi that’s pretty expensive.
It is written that food is to be brought and or prepared by the passengers themselves.
Looks like you can load your luggage onto the carriage.
Travel time to Suting is about 10 days, so you should prepare what’s necessary beforehand.

Doesn’t look like there will be problems.
I hand my signed document to the lady.
After that I receive a reservation certificate.
You won’t be able to board if you do not have it with you on the day of departure.
Now then, I’m looking forward to 5 days later.



TL Note: Yeah, I hope everyone can enjoy and looking forward 5 days later too.

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