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“Somehow, I feel strangely tired even though we didn’t go hunting today…”

“Onii-san, you seem to have low stamina.”

“Uuu, can you stop that~ ”

Estel was fiddling with Noru’s hair, while she replied to my gripes.
She began playing around with her hair, after saying ‘Isn’t it kind of a waste, when you have such beautiful long hair’.
Noru’s hair which has always simply been let down, has now become twintails.


Dang, it really suits her.
If I imagine her real face and put them together, my lower half might react to this.

“Ara, as I thought you look cute in this getup.
Can’t you take off your eye mask too?”

“Definitely not! Absolutely!”

She desperately protects her eye mask, preventing it from being removed.
I wanted her to remove it though if possible.

“So stubborn.
Does Onii-san have any requests?”

“A ponytail then.
Ah, but I want to see a two side up too.”

It’s fresh to see something different from her usual hairstyle.
This is something happy for me, as you cannot see any other hairstyles back in the game.
Something like this wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t summon Estel, so I’m really glad that she is now with us.
There’s also my desire with the camera app.
Why, why did I not get her during my full whiff festival!

“Fufu, I’ll do both then.”

“I am not a toy~”

The twintails were undone, and she starts fiddling the hair into another hairstyle.
Noru makes a bothered welp.
Yep, they seem to be getting along just fine.

Now then, guess I should confirm Estel’s stats while she is busy playing with Noru.
I sat up on the bed and activate the status app, and captured Estel on camera.


Level 15

HP 600
MP 1500 + 1000
Attack Power 400 + 1500
Defense Power 120 + 300
Agility 12
Magic Resistance 40 + 40
Cost 22

Unique Ability
[Magician’s Authority] When deployed in main party, increase magic resistance of all allied units by 10.

[Increase Magic Power ] Increases the damage caused by magic by 50%, reduces the target’s magic resistance by 50.
Cooldown time before reuse: 1 day
B: 62 W: 48 H 63 Estimated to be: AAA cup

Ah… Let’s pretend to not have seen this.
It’s the same as her appearance, yeah.
It’s what some call ‘scarcity value’.

Putting that aside, she really has a boatload of MP.
As expected of a magician.
In return, her defense is on the lower end.

Having 10 in magic resistance means a damage reduction of 10% from magic attacks.
Magic ignores defense power, so it is prized and oft used against enemies that have very high defense and the heavy armor types back in GC.
And Estel is an amazing unit that has high firepower and magic resistance.
Although she is weak against physical attacks, she has undeniable firepower when you pair her up with a tank.


Sage’s Wand
MP +1000
Attack Power +1500
Targets Magic Resistance -50%

Aeolus’ Robes
Defense Power +300
Magic Resistance +40
Delay Time -50%


I scrolled down to check her equipment too, she came equipped with her personal UR gear as expected.
These obviously have really good performance… I want UR gear of my own someday.

“Onii-san, what are you watching at?”


Before I knew it Estel was right infront of me.
On the other bed where she was playing around until a while ago, lies the exhausted Noru who now has a ponytail.

“Ee, ah… Item.
Right, I was looking at the gacha items.”

This is bad, gotta cover this up somehow.
I’m still on the status screen currently.
Who knows what they’ll do to me if they find out their 3 sizes are shown here.

I wonder if that’s true? Oh well, hup.”

“Ah, wai-, wuh?!”

She glared at me with suspicious eyes, I break out in cold sweat.
Then, she jumped onto my lap the moment she stopped her staring.

“Nn~, Onii-san has a surprisingly well built body.”

She puts her head on my lap and rubs her cheeks on them.
As though a cat marking its smell on.
It didn’t end with that, she’s touching me all over too which is ticklish.

“Muu, that looks comfortable.
I’m kinda envious.”

Noru recovered without me noticing and came over to my bed.
I stuff the smartphone into the futon to hide it from view during the slight chaos.
Phew, looks like nobody found out.
Mmm, I didn’t hear it properly, but I think someone said something about being envious?

“Ara, Noru you wanna do it too?”

“Can I!”

“Not even going to ask for my opinion huh…”

With Estel’s invitation, Noru dropped by to my other vacant lap.
Really, what is this.
Why am I giving lap pillows to 2 girls.
Frankly this doesn’t feel bad at all, but I’d really like you two to stop cause blood’s gonna flow to my lower body.
But that wasn’t meant to be, as I get rubbed on by the two of them for a while.

(TL Note: I’m so jealous)

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