Chapter 13

Summoning Estel

“Nom… Mm~, this is delicious.”

“Is that so, good for you then.”

“Is it really okay to be eating this food today?”

“Ah, this is my thanks to you.
You can have more too if you want.
You should eat as much as you have worked for.”

“Can I really? Yaayz!”

This girl wearing a platinum helmet, is happily stuffing herself with hamburger steaks.
The day after all that whiffing, I decided to get Noru her lunch.
After asking her what she wanted as a ‘reward’, she says she is content with the food rolled from the gacha.
And here I thought she would prefer more clothes, or accessories, over something like food.
Though she did say she is sick of orc meat at the moment, she’s okay with the meat from the food item.
I’m thinking of properly organizing the items that were obtained from the gacha on another day.
There’s just way too many things, it’s going to be quite the hassle if I don’t set aside some time for it.

“Nom… So, when are you going to call out the girl that you got yesterday?”

“Hmm, what to do.”

I’m uncertain, I’m actually quite concerned about whether I should summon her or not.
In terms of performance, she is on the higher end among the URs.
She also has fairly good looks.
But, when I thought about her personality… I’m uneasy at whether I can communicate with her properly.

“She is a magician, right? It will be reassuring, to fight alongside with her.”

“Nn-, there’s this too…”

Estel’s job is Magician.
She will be an amazing addition who can use fire, water, wind, earth, dark, light and support magic too.
She is the kind of member you’d definitely want in your party.

“Alright, for now let’s just summon her and see what happens.”

We are in the inn right now.
We will attract attention if I summon her here.
If I do summon her in our room, it’s possible it will rouse weird suspicions from the other people at the inn with thoughts like ‘When did this person arrive at the inn?’.
With that in mind, it was decided that we head outside to summon her.

“Ooh, so this is how I was summoned huh.
Being summoned on proper ‘ground’, I’m kinda envious.”

“I’m really sorry about what happened that time.”

We moved to the outskirts of town, a deserted spot where people don’t pass by.
I take out my smartphone, and select Estel’s summon stone from the relevant item column.
The Summoning Cost was shown as 22.
I barely have enough to do it.
The ‘Use item now?’ confirmation appeared and I tapped it which caused the screen of the smartphone to shine, and the bright light overflows out.


The light takes the shape of a person and a girl appeared before us.
She looks physically younger than Noru.
With ash grey hair reaching her shoulders, she has her hair set in a ‘Two Side Up’ appearance, which was adorable.
She wears a gray shawl over her shoulders, and wears a second longer skirt which the front is open, over her mini skirt.
She is shorter in height when compared to Noru, and she wields a large staff with a red gemstone on it which is disproportionate to her stature.


“Is Onii-san my master-san?”

“That’s right.
I’m Okura Heihachi.”

“I am Noru Fagna, a knight.”

After opening her eyes a little, her red eyes met mine.
She gave off a headstrong-ish feel from her posture.
She then narrowed her eyes and with a smile, asks if I am her master.
What is this feeling, it is supposed to be a very cutesy smile, but it gave me the chills for a moment.

“Fufu, I see.”

Estel mutters that with a smile.
Now for her to introduce herself but―― it didn’t happen.
She just smiled and kept looking at the two of us.
The mood of the situation froze.

“You know, can you introduce yourself already!?”

“But you already know about me don’t you? So I don’t think there’s a need for one.”

She tilts her neck and raise her eyebrows to ‘show’ a troubled face.
I blurbed out my real thoughts in the heat of the moment.
And yes I do already know her.
I know her, but let’s at least do the basic pleasantries alright? Noru who was beside me was also not much help in this conversation, and was simply muttering “Oooh…”.

With the looks of a child, but having a mature form of speech, and that hard to grasp personality; those were her selling points as a popular character back in GC.
I really liked her because of those points.
(TL Note: Her way of talking is like a oneesan.
It’s hard to put it in English, so I leave it on your own imagination)
But it’s kinda harsh to talk to her as a person.
My usual pace feels broken somehow.

“Well, you know, there’s the ‘usual social norm’ stuff right?”

“But that’s a pain to do.
Anyway, what did Onii-san call me out for? Also can you stop that way of speaking? It’s creeps me out.”

She puffs her cheeks to ‘show’ her ‘anger’.
My way of speaking… creeps her out!? Even though I’m trying to be polite because this is our first meeting, why does every other person say that it creeps them out.

“C-creeps you out… guh…”

“I agree with her on tha―― wuht are yuu dooin―!”

Noru nods and agrees about this.
It was very annoying to hear that coming from Noru, so I stretched her cheeks out for a little.

“Well whatever.
Estel, I want you to join our party.”


My head goes blank for a moment, from her unexpected reply.
Eh, why you say.
I certainly didn’t think that I would be asked why at this point.
The usual flow would be her agreeing to help us.

“Errm… Would you be so kind to hunt monsters together with us…”

“Why are you getting even more polite all of a sudden?”

Damn, laugh at me if you want to.
I reflexively spoke to her politely again.

“Uu-m, lemme see.
Honestly I don’t want become an adventurer, but Onii-san seems to be an interesting person so I’ll do it.”

She turns her face away slightly, and does a ‘poking her cheek with her finger’-esque thing to ‘show’ she is considering it.
She seems to really like doing this ‘performance’ type actions.
She did agree to cooperate with us, but what does me being interesting have anything to do with that.

“That settles that then.
For now let’s work togeth-… why do you know you are going to be an adventurer?”

“Wasn’t it said at the beginning? The summoner’s knowledge and memories are shared to a certain extent.
That’s why she had prior knowledge to begin with.
Also, it is impossible for us to refuse to accompany Okura-dono…”

Noru explains in a ‘given up’ tone.
I seem to vaguely remember hearing something like this.
So, that means Estel did all of her reactions when she already knew everything? Just how much of that was planned… Gosh, this is scary to think about.
So it is impossible to refuse me huh.
Is it because I’m the summoner?

“Fufu, I wonder about that.
Anyway, please treat me well, Onii-san.”

She greets me with a smile that seems to hide her motives.
Nuuu, what is with this girl.
She’s scary.

“Welcome back.
Oh… Who do we have here?”

After completing the summoning, we head back to the inn.
As I am still tired from the hunting because of the latest Gacha, I have no plans to go hunting for a while.
When we enter the inn, the usual innkeeper lady greets us.

“She has joined our party as of today.
I’m thinking of renting two rooms, are there any vacancies available?”

I push Estel out and introduced her.
Just as I was thinking ‘Is this alright?’, she does a proper bow and gave a greeting.
I’m glad, she seems to be unexpectedly honest.
Now that we are done with the greetings, I’m thinking of renting the room(s) now.
I have always only rented one room because it was only me and Noru, there’s two girls now.
It’s probably going to be one room for the girls and one room for me.
1 guy and 2 girls in the same room is going to be rough, especially for me.

“Oh, in that case――”

The innkeeper lady attempts to reply and pick the room right after.
But, she was cut off before she could finish speaking.

“Ara, I don’t mind being in the same room.”

“I’m also okay with it as it is now.”

… Just what are these two thinking about? We have the money to rent more rooms, so there is no need to cram everyone in one room.

“Hey, you 2 girls should stay together in one room.
I can stay in another room.”

“No way, that’s unfair.
Staying in one room alone!”

“Mm, that’s right.
I think it is unfair too.”

What are they saying, really.
What do you mean by unfair, can someone explain.
Estel seems to be grinning and agreeing because it is interesting.
It’s better for men and women to not stay in the same room.
I don’t mind Noru because of her ‘sad personality’, she doesn’t show her face anyway, but Estel is no good.
She is one of my favorite characters in terms of looks… I have managed my libido up til now by fapping in the bath, but if something were to happen, I might become unable to control myself.

“If that’s the problem… Then how about we rent 3 rooms―― ”

“Hey onee-san.
Are there any rooms for 3 in this inn?”

Since they said it was unfair we can just rent 3 rooms.
I tried to talk about renting 3 rooms, with that train of thought.
But, I get cut off by Estel.

“There will only be two beds, but there are rooms where one of them will be a larger bed.”

“Oh, then can we get that one?”

The lady gave the explanation, and Estel accepts.
I need to voice out now if I want this changed.

But, should I really miss this ‘Chance’? I could hear the devil whispering to me, ‘You are getting to be in the same room with 2 bishoujo you know?’.
There will be a big bed, so Noru and Estel will be sleeping in the same bed.
I wanna to see this scene, maybe more than a little.
I’m also curious about what the two of them are going to talk about… No, I shouldn’t do this.
This is where I should speak out to Estel and correct her.

“Hey!? Just what are you――”

“Ara, this much is alright isn’t it.
Additionally, Onii-san doesn’t really mind, no? Or… Are you really against this so much?”

“Err, no, I’m not against it…”

This short girl, looked up to me with her pleading eyes.
This is bad, this is really bad(for my lower body).
What destructive power.
Please stop it, it’s super effective against me.
In the end I couldn’t refute her, and I ended up accepting the arrangements.

“Fufu, this looks about right… I was contemplating whether I’d need to use this―― I’ll make sure you regret your choice.”

After getting the room key, we headed for the room.
On the way, I heard Estel muttering something, but I couldn’t hear the second half of what she said.
But, is this chill down my back I’m feeling really just my imagination.

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