result, oi, look.”

“T-there’s still one last roll remaining! You have my support Okura-dono!”

Noru puts her hand on my shoulder and cheers me up.
But this… this is just harsh.
I have worked hard for 10 days just for this gacha.
Noru also helped and this is the kind of result we get.
This looks so miserable, how can I face her when she helped out so much.

“Come on RNGesus… Come on!!”

I use up the last of the magic stones, and tap the 11 consecutive gacha.
A treasure box is displayed.
The treasure chest turns silver, gold, white, aaaaaand―― no rainbow.
The result was white.

【R Food, R Transceiver, R Beacon, SR Excali-bar, SR Pot Lid, R Stuffed Toy, SSR Invisible Mantle, R Lamp, R Supplement, SR Nike’s Shoes, R Magic Potion x10】


Something snapped inside of me.
I lose the strength in my legs, and my whole body started trembling.
My hands trembled so much I dropped the smartphone, losing blood pressure in my eyes, Noru started to look all flabby through my eyes.

Why, what went wrong? Did I not have enough faith? Was it bad that I didn’t divide the manastones more?

“Oh, that work, all our hard work, in an instant… This is just too much, why RNGesus y u do dis…”

Large droplets of tears fall from my eyes.
Frustrating, this is so frustrating.
If this was back in my original world, my smartphone would have been eradicated from the face of this earth right about now.
That was how frustrated, and miserable I felt.
What were those ten days for? Just….
what was the point in rolling this gacha.
Give me my money back.




On my head which was rolling about on the floor, Noru puts her hand on and pats it.

“Okura-dono, it’s alright.
Though it is regrettable for this time, we can just work hard for the next time.
I’ll help out too… But I don’t want to hunt that way again…”

So this is what a person’s warmth(kindness) feels like.
It feels like my heart scarred by the gacha is being healed.
I couldn’t really tell what she was saying for the second half, but I totally agree with what she said in the first half.
That’s right, we can just work hard again.
Time to save up again, we can roll again after we save up some more.

“By the way Okura-dono, are you not going to roll with the 6 Manastones remaining?”

“I doubt we’ll get anything worthwhile in a single roll…”

I got up now that I recovered.
Noru picks up the smartphone that I dropped on the floor and hands it to me.
500 manastones have been whiffed.
And 6 remain.
A single gacha roll needs 5 stones.
Doing a single roll now is like pouring water on a heated rock.

“Then-then, would you mind if I have a go at it?”

“Ah, go ahead.
Noru worked hard this time, I should have let you to do some of the 11 rolls earlier.

She says she wants to roll the gacha, as she flings my arms up and down.
Well, it’s alright I guess.
She is the one who worked the hardest.
I’m feeling sorry, for getting all depressed after whiffing all of it.

“Oh no, I’m satisfied with just rolling once.
Now then!”

Noru taps the smartphone, and stares at the screen.
Haha, she looks so adorable doing this.
Even I had such a moment in the past… Doing a single gacha roll, then getting all excited and what not at what’s going to appear.
Over time, I got fueled by target firing and became someone who spent cash without second thoughts…

“O, Okura-dono! Rainbow! A rainbow appeared!”

“Wai- wuh!?”

Noru shouts out dramatically, while she smacked my shoulders.
Are you kidding me!? A UR on a single roll! This is way beyond simple beginner’s luck!?

The treasure box displayed on the screen gave off a rainbow shine.
And, the treasure box opens to reveal its contents.

【UR Estel】


“Pya!? Okura-dono!?”

I embraced Noru, due to how overjoyed I was.
As we are not wearing any armor now, our bodies totally made contact with each other.
However, there are no underlying motives.
I was just so happy that she is around, and hugged her with those thoughts only.

“You went and did it! You have my love for this, I love you!”

“Eh, ah, w-what are you saying!? C-can you let go of me already! Ow-ouch, it hurts~”

I kept rubbing my cheeks against hers, over her eye mask.
I hugged Noru like a koala for the time being, until my elation settled down.

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