Unwanted Marriage: Honey, No More Divorce!

Wake Up! Michael Doesn\'t Love You

me? ”

Yvonnes tone quickly turned indignant. She continued, ”I know that you detest me, but I just want to do my job well. ”

Wendy thought, she wants to do her job well?

She wanted to laugh.

Has Yvonne even done anything at all over the past few days?

Yvonne schemed endlessly to enter the company, all because she wanted to always remain at Michaels side.

Just like … Wendy herself.

Wendy did not have a good reputation in the company. She did not care and could not be bothered to explain herself.

Lowering her head, Wendy continued eating the rice in her bowl.

Zen could not continue watching this. He stood up. But before he could say anything, he was held back by Wendy. ”Its not necessary, ” she said.

Wendy knew that Zen was doing this for her good.

However, she worked at MC Enterprise where Michael was the president of the company. On top of that, Yvonne had gotten a job as his assistant. If Zen tried to stand up for Wendy right now, even if he did not get fired immediately, he would have a hard time in the company.

As Michael observed Wendys indifference, anger rose in his chest.

He thought that this woman really did not know any better.

Michael stepped forward. He took the bracelet on the table and turned around, pulling Yvonne with him. In a cold voice, he said, ”Shes not worthy of such an expensive gift. ”

Yvonne turned her head to glance at Wendy and made sure she was loud enough to be overheard by the latter when she spoke, ”I know I shouldn give away the bracelet that you bought for me, Michael, but I really had nothing but good intentions. I just want to remain in the company and be able to stay by your side. ”

Hold on …

Wendy thought, hat bracelet was a gift from Michael?

Wendy inhaled deeply.

In the past three years of their marriage, Michael had never given her anything-not even a flower petal, much less a bracelet.

Today, however, Yvonne was about to give her a bracelet that Michael had bought for her.

She knew Yvonne did it on purpose.

Wendy did not hear a single word of Michaels subsequent response.

”Wendy, your palms are bleeding! ” Zen called Wendys name several times but he failed to get her to return to her senses.

Seeing that she was injured, Zen quickly unfurled her fists and saw blood dripping from her palms.

The wounds were a result of Wendys nails digging deep into her flesh.

Wendy came to her senses and immediately retracted her hands. ”Lets get back to work now that weve finished our meal. ” With that, Wendy stood up and left.

Feeling worried about Wendy, Zen quickly trailed after her. ”Wendy, please don scare me. You
e bleeding so much. Let me go back to the office with you and bandage your wounds, ” he said.

”Im fine, just ignore me, ” said Wendy. She had long grown numb to the pain.

”How can you possibly be fine? ” asked Zen. ”I know that you
e upset, you can cry or talk to me, but please don suppress your emotions. ”

”Im really fine, ” Wendy repeated.

Looking at Wendys soulless appearance, Zen felt worried and angry at the same time.

Sensing no intention on Wendys part to stop walking, Zen shouted loudly, ”Wendy Stewart! ”

The sudden loudness of his voice made Wendy stop in her tracks momentarily. Zen sneered at her from behind. ”Can you take a look at what youve turned into? … In the past three years, you have grown submissive and relenting. ”

”You used to be high-spirited, proud, and confident. You were the most attractive girl in our school. Half of the male student population wanted to woo you. You were also the most outstanding student in our school-you was praised by the teachers and were a role model for the other students. Back then, you said that you wanted to become the brightest star in the design industry. You wanted to stand on the international stage and shine radiantly … You were clearly the bright moon, but for a man like this, you turned into a grain of dust. ”

”You gave up on design, gave up on your dreams, and instead chose to stay beside Michael, making coffee for him every day! ”

”Wendy Stewart, when will you wake up? Michael doesn love you, why do you devalue yourself like this? ”

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