Unwanted Marriage: Honey, No More Divorce!

Wendy Stewart, Let\'s Get A Divorce!

eatened her with divorce or resignation, Wendy found herself unable to do anything except grit her teeth and put up with it all.


News of Yvonne Taylors new position of assistant to the president of MC Enterprise spread like wildfire throughout the company that very afternoon.

It was well known within the company that Yvonne was Michaels girlfriend.

Initially, Michael wanted to arrange for Yvonne to have a separate office. However, Yvonne claimed that she was coming here to work and said that it was best if they followed the companys rules.

Consequently, it was only natural that Yvonne and Wendy started sharing the same office space.

Yvonne approached Wendy with a smile. She said, ”Wendy Stewart, you resorted to despicable means to steal Michael from me three years ago and plotted to get married to him. ”

”But how are things going for you now? ”

”The entire company, no, in fact, everyone in Lake City knows that I am his real girlfriend. ”

”If you
e smart, you should leave Michael of your own accord. ”

”Otherwise, don blame me for being nasty. ”

”This is the presidents work schedule for this week. Ive already flagged out the important clients for you. Since you
e now his assistant, you should do what you need to do. ” Wendy handed Yvonne a document and continued, ”The first thing you should do upon arriving at the company every morning is to make a cup of coffee for the president. President Lucas likes his coffee without sugar, and you have to personally grind the coffee beans … ”

Wendy had not finished speaking when Yvonne slapped away the document she was holding. Yvonne retracted her smile.

Her voice filled with hatred as she said, ”Why are you so shameless? Michael does not love you at all, but you insist on clinging to him. Do you know that Michael always tells me how disgusted he feels when he sees you? I really don know how your parents raised you. You are just a vixen who specializes in stealing other peoples boyfriends! ”

”Yvonne Taylor! ” Wendy stood up abruptly, slamming her hand heavily against the table. ”We both know very well exactly what happened three years ago. ”

”So what if we know very well? ” Yvonne sneered. ”Im sure youve tried to explain yourself to Michael many times over the past three years. If he wanted to believe you, it would have worked long ago. ”

”Stop daydreaming! I am the person Michael loves. In his heart, you are just a vicious woman. See, I wanted to join the company and all had to do was tell him about it. He let me come to work the following day. You should know better than anyone where I stand in his heart. If you are smart, you should leave before its too late. Otherwise, Ill make sure you meet with a horrible end! ”

”Is that so? In that case, lets just wait and see what happens, ” replied Wendy. She had endured everything for the past three years without getting divorced, there was no way that she would just back off just because Yvonne joined the company.

Suddenly, Yvonne shrieked and fell to the ground. Her tone immediately grew indignant as she said, ”Miss Stewart, I know you don like me and you never wanted me to join the company. However, all I wanted to do was stay by Michaels side and help him alleviate some of his work problems … I know you guys are married and I should not be doing this. But your marriage was a mistake in the first place, it was you who … who … ” Yvonne burst into tears.

Wendy did not have to turn back to guess that Michael had probably stepped into the room.

Indeed, Michael took big strides forward. He squatted to help Yvonne up. His face was filled with anger as he gazed at Wendy. ”You should know that there is a limit to my tolerance. ”

”Michael, please don blame Miss Stewart. She just wanted to chase me away. She doesn want me here, ” said Yvonne as she leaned heavily on Michael as if she had no backbone and was incapable of standing on her own.

Wendy clenched her fists hidden beneath her sleeves.

”There is a CCTV in this office. You can look at the footage to see for yourself what really happened earlier. ”

Wendy knew Michael would never believe her words. The CCTV footage was the only way to let Michael learn about the truth.

Upon hearing those words, Yvonnes eyes flashed, and she started crying harder.

”Michael, I just wanted to work peacefully with Miss Stewart. After all, we are both your assistants. All I did was ask her about some work-related questions and requested for her guidance … However, instead of helping me, she slapped my face with a document, and even pushed me … ”

Yvonnes crying had reached its peak.

Michael comforted her while lecturing Wendy, ”If you dare bully Yvonne again, Ill sure to teach you a lesson that even grandmother cannot interfere in. ”

”Haha … ” Wendy chuckled bitterly.

Indeed, Michael did not even want to check the CCTV footage.

He believed everything Yvonne said.

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