Unwanted Marriage: Honey, No More Divorce!

Wendy Stewart, Let\'s Get A Divorce!

”Wendy Stewart, lets get a divorce! ”

These words were not unfamiliar to Wendy Stewart.

Yet, no matter how many times she heard those words, they still made her heart ache painfully.

Without hesitation, she rose and walked over to support the drunken man. But before her hands could touch Michael Lucas, he pushed her away cruelly.

”Don touch me! ” Michaels cold voice was filled with contemptuous rejection.

Wendy stumbled backward. Her collision with the edge of the table halted her momentum.

Michael approached her. He reached out, wrapping his hand around Wendys neck. With a dark smile, he asked, ”Do you agree to this divorce? ”

Wendy found it difficult to talk when she was being strangled. She managed to choke out, ”I… do not. ”

”You do not? ” Michaels smile grew even colder as he tightened his grip around her neck.

Following that action, he pushed Wendy onto the table and informed her coldly, ”In that case, you have to fulfill your obligation to me as my wife … ”

Wendy gripped the edges of the table forcefully and could only passively put up with everything that was happening.

After some time, Michael finally decided to spare her.

He walked over to the edge of the bed, pulled open the bedside drawer, and took out a pill. Tossing it onto Wendys body, he instructed her in his usual icy cold tone, ”Swallow it. ”

The pill first landed on Wendys body before falling onto the ground.

She gazed at the pill lying on the floor. Lowering her head, Wendy squatted down and picked it up slowly.

Picking up the pill, Wendy hesitated for a moment before putting it in her mouth.

Michael left after watching Wendy consume the pill.

Wendy waited until Michael had completely disappeared from her vision before she spat out the pill in her mouth.

Staring at the tiny pill, Wendy laughed bitterly, and then she started to cry quietly.

She had never dared to cry in front of Michael.

After all, Michael had once told her that he hated it when she cried, that he hated looking at her sad face.

The following day, Wendy went to work at MC Enterprise on time as if nothing happened.

MC Enterprise was the biggest company in Lake City and Michael Lucas was the president there. Wendy happened to be his personal assistant.

Michaels cold voice drifted to her ears the moment she entered the presidents office.

He said, ”This is the third time that you are late this month. Your bonus salary has been completely deducted. ”

Wendy bowed her head slightly and replied, ”In that case, you can dock my pay. ”

The truth was that Wendy had not arrived late at all. This was just Michael looking for an excuse to deduct her pay.

Without raising his head, Michael said, ”You can quit if you have any opinions about it. ”

”I don have any opinions, ” replied Wendy as she blinked. ”Let me prepare some coffee for you. ”

After preparing the coffee, Wendy served it to Michael.

She had just reached his office door when she heard Yvonnes voice.

Yvonne Taylor was the woman that Michael had loved for four years. Because of Yvonne, Wendy had been reduced to a cunning and unscrupulous woman in Michaels eyes.

Michael had once warned Wendy that the only thing he could give her was a marriage certificate. The only reason she was able to join his company was because of pressure from his grandmother.

She was instructed to avoid Yvonne whenever that woman appeared at the company. The consequence for not adhering to that was Wendys departure from MC Enterprise.

Wendy was afraid to disobey.

Just as Wendy was about to head to the lounge to avoid Yvonne, she heard the latter say, ”Michael, youve finally agreed to let me join the company as your assistant. Im overjoyed. ”

Wendy heard Michael acknowledge those words.

This made Wendy instantly stop in her tracks. Her hands, which were wrapped around the cup of coffee, started trembling.

Wendy entered the office and grew agitated before Michael, which was a rare occurrence. ”I don approve of that! ” she said.

Michael shot Wendy a disgruntled look, replying in a cold voice, ”What right do you have to disagree? ”

Wendy said, ”Michael, you promised me. ”

”I did promise you, but its been three years. Some things should have changed a long time ago, ” replied Michael coldly. ”You don get any say in the companys affairs. ”

”Grandmother would never agree to it. Aren you afraid of angering her? ” For Wendy, Michaels grandmother was the only bargaining chip she possessed.

When Michael heard those words, his face instantly darkened. ”Wendy Stewart, you keep dragging my grandmother into the picture. Haven you had enough? Let me warn you, don try to use my grandmother to pressure me. If you feel as though you can stay in this company, the HR department is on the fifth story. ”

This was Michaels ultimate weapon. No matter what happened, if Michael thr

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