Chapter 6: Get To Know Each Other A Little?

At the end of August, summer had arrived.
The scorching sun was like fire.
The summer heat swept through every corner of the school, and the clouds in the sky seemed to melt by the blazing sun, slowly disappearing.

Su Cheng High School was a bit nice, it did not start a month earlier like other schools, but only let the grade 11s start school a week earlier this year, saying that they were afraid that everyone had forgotten all knowledge during the long summer break.
On the other hand, returning to school a little early could help students get used to the learning environment again.

In the second year of high school, the classes would be divided, and Su Cheng High School was also divided according to grades.
Originally, Chen Qi and Yu Xiao Tong’s grades were not much different.
However, in the last semester of 10th grade, Chen Qi studied immensely hard, and on days without homework, she would memorize words instead.

[T/N: In China, the second year of high school is in grade 11.]

As a result, her percentage of scores on the final exams increased remarkably, and her ranking immediately boosted, from 91st to 44th place, which surprised many teachers.

Even Chen Qi’s mother wondered if something was wrong with her, suddenly becoming so hard-working.

Subsequently, Chen Qi naturally entered class A.

Yu Xiao Tong was not in the same class as her, but the two still kept in touch, and their relationship remained as close as ever.

On the first day of school, the school had not fully started teaching, but let the teachers get to know the students first.

The learning atmosphere of Class A was not as serious as Chen Qi imagined.
Everyone was chilling when they relaxed, and serious when they worked.

Breaking Chen Qi’s imagination that Class A was all nerds.

“Chen Qi, Mr.
Chen asked you to come to see him for a bit.” A tall and slim male student with glasses walked up to Chen Qi’s desk.

Chen who the guy mentioned was the homeroom teacher of class A, and also the class’s Language teacher.

At first glance, Mr.
Chen seemed to be over 50 years old, his hair was relatively thin, and he liked to wear a plaid shirt, looking a lot like Tang Seng with no desires.

[T/N: Tang San Zang, also known as Tang Seng, is a central character in the 16th-century novel ‘Journey To The West’ by Wu Cheng En.
Tang San Zang is based on the historical Buddhist monk Xuan Zang.]

In the first lesson, Mr.
Chen said he wanted to choose a representative for the Literature class, but unlike other teachers who would first ask if anyone wanted to volunteer to be the class representative, he directly looked around the classroom and fixed his eyes on Chen Qi.

Chen decisively declared, “The Literature class representative is you, Chen Qi.”

At that time, Chen Qi was dumbfounded.
Stunned for a few seconds, she boldly asked, “Why me?”

Chen was silent for a few seconds, and with an unfathomable expression on his face, he said, “Because your surname is also Chen, we were considered a family hundreds of years ago, in short, we are relatively close.
Hence, I would be more relieved with you as the class representative.”

Chen Qi, “…”

The class was silent for a moment, and the next second, everyone burst into laughter.

Non-stop laughter.

Chen Qi also complained to Yu Xiao Tong for a while, but Yu Xiao Tong did not comfort her, because she was laughing so hard that she could not even speak.

Hearing these words from the male student, Chen Qi asked cautiously, “What is he looking for me for?”

The male student wearing glasses thought for a moment, “Mr.
Chen said he had some homework to hand out, so he asked you to come to get them.”

Chen Qi put down her guard and nodded as she stood up, “Okay.”

As soon as she went out, she ran into Yu Xiao Tong.

Yu Xiao Tong looked very excited, and when seeing Chen Qi, she quickly ran over.

Yu Xiao Tong clutched her chest and breathed fast, her ears a little red.

Chen Qi confusedly asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yu Xiao Tong grabbed Chen Qi’s arm and screamed in a suppressed voice, “Qi Qi, didn’t expect that our school has a male god!!!”

“Oh, what grade is he in?” Chen Qi casually asked.

“He seems to be in grade 12,” Yu Xiao Tong thought for a few seconds before saying, “But he’s a transfer student.
He just came this year.”

Chen Qi suspected that she heard it wrong, and her eyes widened slightly, “Grade 12?”


“Isn’t it too late to transfer schools in the third year of high school? How brave.” Chen Qi said with admiration.

Yu Xiao Tong said, “It doesn’t matter if he’s a handsome guy.”

“Have you seen him?”

“Yeah, but only from afar,” Yu Xiao Tong covered her chest again, saying passionately, “He’s absolutely handsome!”

Chen Qi mercilessly killed the mood, “What if he already has a girlfriend? You better calm down and throw those thoughts of yours away.”

“…” Yu Xiao Tong instantly woke up from the sweet dreams, “…You’re right.”

“By the way, where are you going?”

When asked by Yu Xiao Tong, Chen Qi suddenly remembered her job and hurriedly left, “Mr.
Chen told me to go get the homework.
Not chatting anymore, I’m going now.”



After going to Mr.
Chen’s place to get the paper, Chen Qi slowly walked back to the classroom.

The teaching area where Mr.
Chen stayed was particularly old.
There were no students in the classrooms on this floor, but occasionally some students would pass by to go to the cafeteria.

Looking out from here, she could see a corner of green trees lined up in shade with slightly bent green leaves.
On the other side were densely packed students, some playing football, some chatting together, and some reading books.

The air was filled with sweltering heat until a gust of wind blew, cool and fresh as if there was a magic power that made people feel relaxed and peaceful for a moment.

Deep blue sky.

It was currently 11 o’clock at noon.
A few drops of golden sunlight fell on this floor, as if covered in a layer of hazy with light and sparkles, indescribably beautiful.

It was like… The scene where the male and female leads met each other in the movie.
Fascinating and pleasant.

Chen Qi was in a good mood.
She took a pair of Bluetooth earphones from her pocket and put them on.
Next, she skillfully opened the playlist and arbitrarily selected a song without paying much attention to the title of the song.

But when the intro sounded, Chen Qi was stunned.

She looked at the song title — ‘Until You Come’.

It was the song she was most familiar with.

Chen Qi froze for a moment, then acted as if nothing had happened, and slowly withdrew her gaze.

She should have skipped to the next song, but for some reason, she did not.

Chen Qi took a deep breath, adjusted her mood, and continued to walk forward, but suddenly heard someone calling her from behind.

The volume in Chen Qi’s earphones was turned up very high, but the vague voice could still be heard clearly.

She somehow felt this voice was a bit familiar.

Chen Qi stopped walking and turned around.

The next moment, she was caught off guard by a pair of exceptionally gorgeous eyes, clear and bright.

…It’s him?

Chen Qi stared blankly at the person in front of her, almost forgetting to breathe.

She heard her heart pounding wildly in her chest.

The two stood face to face, slowly looking at each other.

At the moment their eyes met, the lyrics inside her earphones just sung,

“I have never believed so, so sure, who will be my destiny

Until your light falls into my dark night.”

In that brief moment, Chen Qi suddenly felt like returning to the midsummer of 10th grade.

That breakfast shop, Cornfield Road, that song, and… Him.

Chen Qi felt that this familiar scene had happened a long, long time ago.
However, she had forgotten how many days had passed and when it happened.

She only vaguely remembered walking on Cornfield Road that day.
There were no clouds, the sun was so bright, the trees lined up in shade, and the wind blended with the summer heat.
The young man was full of energy with his clear and bright eyes.

Her earphones also happened to play this song.

Before today, Chen Qi thought she had long forgotten Jiang Yan Yi.

When hearing Nan Li High School, she would not think of him.

When hearing someone surnamed Jiang, she would not think of him either.

When writing the diary, she gradually stopped writing down things related to Jiang Yan Yi.

Those memories had fallen into the desert of oblivion.
Those unforgettable encounters seemed to have never happened, and all the feelings gradually became vague over time.

Even Yu Xiao Tong thought that she had completely let go of him. 

But only Chen Qi knew she had not.

She would subconsciously write his name more than once on the foggy car window.

She still kept that coat and never threw it away.

Every time she passed Cornfield Road, she would always subconsciously search for that familiar figure.

Chen Qi thought a person like herself who often got momentarily emotional would one day let go of that person, and her life would return to normal.

But that day Chen Qi figured it out, and the next day she could not, over and over again, followed by endless sadness.

245 days.

Chen Qi was also surprised that she could remember the numbers of days the two had not met so clearly.

When they met again after 245 days, Chen Qi suddenly understood this song lyric,

“It turns out that all these pasts are only used as backgrounds to set off the dawn.”

245 days apart was to make their reunion more romantic and unforgettable. 

She suddenly believed in an old saying, 

“If you don’t forget it, there will be a reply.”

With the scorching heat in the midsummer and under the warm winter sun on Cornfield Road that year, everything seemed so romantic.

The two figures on the corridor floor were dragged into long lines by the light.

Because it was too quiet, the faint and noisy sounds from downstairs echoed in the hallway.

Jiang Yan Yi suddenly spoke.
His voice was still the same as that night, cold and deep, “Jiang Yan Yi.”

Her heart skipped a beat.

Chen Qi raised her eyes, clenched her hands slightly, and suppressed her frantic heartbeat as she said, “Chen Qi.”

The next second, she heard the other person say, 

“Get to know each other a little?”

「Author’s words — The main story ends here, and the male lead’s perspective will be in the following side story~」

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