But you don’t have to be so depressed.
Maybe you’ll see him again tomorrow?” Yu Xiao Tong was always optimistic.

Chen Qi opened her mouth and was about to speak when a shout suddenly came from the classroom door, “Teacher is coming! Put your phones away!”

The class president nervously looked at the corridor, then turned around and said, “Yu Xiao Tong! Didn’t you hear what I said? The teacher is coming, and you still haven’t returned to your seat?!”

“Alright, I know,” Yu Xiao Tong impatiently responded, and before leaving, she laughed at Chen Qi, “Don’t be so unhappy, baby Chen Qi.
Daddy will treat you to some fried chickens tonight.”

Chen Qi angrily replied, “Get out.”

“Daddy loves you hehe.” Yu Xiao Tong quickly pinched Chen Qi’s face before running away.

Chen Qi quietly took out a notebook and wrote on it:

—Tuesday, September 24th.
Sunny day.

Still haven’t seen you today.—



Heaven really did not want her peacefully chasing her love.
Chen Qi did not expect to encounter obstacles on her way to school again.

When her mother was making breakfast, she accidentally cut her hand with a knife, leaving a very long blood stain on her palm.
Her father was on a business trip, and the domestic helper in her house also happened to ask for leave today.

Fortunately, the wound was not deep.
Chen Qi stayed behind without hesitation, helped her mother bandage the wounds and cleaned the pieces of glass on the ground.

Then, she hurriedly left the house.

“Hey, little girl, why are you in such a hurry today?” The owner of the breakfast shop asked with a smile.

Out of politeness, Chen Qi stopped running and turned around, “Good morning Auntie, and it’s nothing.
I just have something to do.”

Over the past few weeks, Chen Qi often came to this shop to buy food, so she was quite familiar with the shop owner.

“Have you had breakfast yet?”

“I just drank a glass of milk.”

The shop owner handed her the egg tart in her hand, “Haiya, you need to eat something even when in a hurry.
You also have to pay attention to nutrition at your age.”

Chen Qi hesitated for a moment, then received it, “Madame, how much is it? I’ll pay.”

The shop owner waved her hand, “No need, you’ve come to my shop many times these days, so I give you this egg tart in return.”

“Thank you.” Chen Qi did not continue to refuse.

After saying goodbye, Chen Qi continued to run to school.

She glanced at the time.

It’s over, still haven’t made it today.

Chen Qi knew it was hopeless, so she stopped running and walked slowly.

“Wow, this egg tart also has beef, so worth it.
I’ll come and buy more in the future.” Chen Qi looked at the egg tart in her hand as she muttered to herself.

The early morning sunlight was always dazzling.
Fortunately, the densely staggered branches of geranium trees blocked the sunlight.
The breeze blew, and the air blended with the unique fragrance of geraniums, refreshing and soothing.

Chen Qi thought so, and her eyes suddenly stopped.

In the distance, a familiar and eye-catching figure was walking toward her.

Like a god, with light all over his body, he gently descended from the sky.

The young guy’s eyes were clear and bright, the hem of his clothes swayed gentle with the wind, and his eyebrows raised slightly, which was his unique aura.

Fate? Or was this a coincidence? 

Chen Qi desperately suppressed the corners of her lips that were about to rise.
What should she do now?

The smile in her eyes immediately sold her out.

The two of them were gradually getting closer to each other.

Chen Qi tilted her eyes to look at the male student, her heart jumping with joy.

She could not help but laugh out loud. 

The male student seemed to glance at her in confusion.

But Chen Qi did not notice.

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