Chapter 1: First Encounter

The subway on Friday was always full of people, mostly people who just got off work and boarding students who only went home once a week for the weekend.

It was rush hour, so it was very crowded on the train.

Chen Qi did not expect that one day she would encounter a pervert.

Currently, she was leaning against the deepest part of the train.
Right behind her was a middle-aged man who was very close to her, as if about to lean on her.

To avoid misunderstandings, she naturally moved to the side, opening the distance between the two of them.

However, she did not expect that the man also moved to the side, with his hand gently touching her back, as if trying to see her reaction.

Because of the hot weather today, she wore a slightly short skirt, not expecting to be targeted by the pervert.

Chen Qi had never experienced such a thing, so she had no choice but to stay silent.
She would rather endure it a little than make a big deal out of it.

Mainly because of embarrassment.

The man behind her seemed to realize she was holding back, so he became more reckless and began touching Chen Qi’s body.

Chen Qi’s endurance was almost running out.
Just when she was about to turn around to curse at that pervert, a hand from the side suddenly pulled her over.
The warm yet sudden feeling made Chen Qi stunned.

Chen Qi was pulled into a warm and safe embrace, and the male student stood between her and the middle-aged man, separating the two.

The male student gave the man a cold look.

Chen Qi slowly raised her eyes.
The guy in front of her was fair-skinned and much taller than her.
He was wearing a cap, and the hat brim was so low that it almost covered his eyes.
Under the shade, Chen Qi could not see his face clearly, but she could see that his nose bridge was very high and his lips were pale pink.

The male student had a tall and straight figure.
He was outstanding even when wearing a simple black hoodie, making people unable to take their eyes off.

While Chen Qi was still in a daze, the guy in front of her suddenly took out his phone.
His fingers moved quickly on the screen, and then he brought his phone in front of her face.

Chen Qi was surprised, hesitated for a moment, then looked at the note on the screen.
There were only a few words: [It’s okay, don’t be scared.]

Chen Qi was dumbfounded, her heart beating as fast as the waves of the sea crashing against the rocks.

It was not until the male student shook the phone that Chen Qi was back to her senses.
She then nodded rapidly.

Her face was hot.
Even though the air conditioner on the train was on, she felt as hot as walking in the middle of the desert.

“Thank you.” Chen Qi gathered all her courage and spoke softly.

However, the other party seemed cold and did not respond.

There were a lot of noises in her ears.
Some people were calling, some were watching movies, and there was even an alarm at the next subway station.

Did he not hear what I said? Do I need to repeat it?

Chen Qi awkwardly scratched her neck.

Suddenly, a deep voice came from above her head, “Hm.”

Chen Qi raised her head and directly looked straight into his eyes.

His eyes were slightly curved, with a slight blush around his eyes, very long eyelashes, and the ends of his eyes were slightly upward.
His eyes were as dark as the night sky, deep and bottomless, quite mysterious.

Her heart skipped a beat.

Time seemed to stop at this moment.
Chen Qi opened her mouth but could not say anything.

The subway station announcement sounded again.

The male student lowered his head and glanced at her, frowning slightly.

He took out a thin coat from the paper bag he was holding, then handed it to Chen Qi.

Chen Qi stared bewilderedly at the tag on the coat.

This was the coat he just bought, why give it to her?

“Tie it around your waist.
No need to return it.” The male student only left this sentence, lowered his hat with his hand, and walked away.

His legs were very long, and walking out of the carriage within a few steps.

Chen Qi silently held back the two unspoken words ‘Thank you’.


Since that day, every Friday, Chen Qi deliberately took the subway while carrying the washed coat.

But she never saw that male student again.

There was an indescribable feeling of regret and sadness inside her, although they only met once.

The only good news was that Chen Qi got accepted into Su Cheng No.
1 High School.
Everyone in her family was happy and invited all relatives to the hotel for dinner.

On the first day of high school, because Chen Qi had never been to Su Cheng High School, she purposely left the house early to familiarize herself with this road first.

Su Cheng High School was not far or near.
It took about 20 minutes to walk.

On the way to school, she passed some breakfast shops.

“Freshly baked burgers are here! If you don’t eat fast, it will run out!”

“Little girl, do you want to eat it?” The shop owner in one of the stalls smiled and asked Chen Qi.

The shop owner was a bit fat and gave a friendly vibe.

Chen Qi glanced at the shop, freshly baked cakes and burgers.
She was immediately captivated by the aroma.
Chen Qi could not hold back and bought a burger, eating while walking.

Past the breakfast shop was a long Cornfield Road.

As its name, the two sides of the road were full of French cornfields.
The leaves blocked the bright sunlight, and only a few sunbeams fell on the road like diamonds scattered on the ground.

Chen Qi stopped walking and took a photo of the scene in front of her.

So beautiful.

After crossing Cornfield Road, she only needed to cross another road to get to Su Cheng High School.

Red light.

Chen Qi threw away the plastic bag after eating the burger, pulled the strap of her backpack, and waited for the traffic light to turn green.

The traffic on the road was endless.
Chen Qi looked at the busy line of people in front of the school gate.

Looking from left to right.

Finally, her gaze fell on a male student on the opposite side of the road and abruptly stopped.

Chen Qi thought she was hallucinating and rubbed her eyes with her hand.

The guy’s figure was still there.

Chen Qi recognized him.
He was the guy she met on the train.

The guy was wearing the school uniform, which was white and blue.
With the zipper of his jacket pulled up high, his neck looked long and slender.
Even wearing a baggy uniform, he was like a catwalk, especially eye-catching.

Green light.

Chen Qi still froze in place.
Not knowing whether it was because of the heat or that male student, her cheeks were quite red.

She even forgot to cross the street.

The sound of her heart beating seemed to drown out the bustle around her.

The sounds of people and car horns were drowned out, without exception.

In her mind, she thought to herself, Chen Qi, you’re so done.

The male student walked towards her as he was backlit, so dazzling that Chen Qi could not move.

One step, two steps, three steps.

He walked passed her without glancing at her.

But there seemed to be a momentary pause.

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