Chapter 8 : The Iron Tree Blossoms1

Having said that, Ji Pianpian still did not underestimate the enemy.

After all, the b*****d night elf has a maxed god-level outfit, and his skill is also remarkable.
Even if it is a hundred thousand miles worse than the original, he is still many times better than the rookie Pian.

Ji Pianpian has a max level account, but she doesn’t know much about the profession of priest.
Based on the important principle of “hands up and swords down”, Ji Pianpian decided to go to the arena to practice hands first.

Heaven’s Cry PK system is quite complete, not to mention the large-scale battlefields between two camps, there is also private fights of players in the wild, while there are four modes for regular player competition alone: 

Five, three, double and single.

Ji Pianpian chose a single player competition and hid her ID.

Death is a small matter, shame is a big deal.

She doesn’t know whether her family’s big devil is strong online or not, but it’s easy to kill her offline.

The priest is a profession of the Bright Alliance, which is completely different from the painting style of the Dark Ice Territory.
Her brother’s account is known as sacred and inviolable.

His long silver hair spread all over his back, and the ascetic priest uniform pulled the figure into a slender and straight shape.
On his shoulders is the holy symbol that represents glory, and there is a string of golden chains around his waist, and the shape that was hanging down is actually a transparent skull.

The priest of light is holy and noble.

But because of this evil skull chain, it adds a touch of coldness and evil.

Ji Pianpian inexplicably thought of the silver chain cross hanging on the night elf.

“Tsk.” Ji Pianpian realized, “No wonder, there are so many people in the same group2.”

She, who still needed to kotow, could only get more than one star and a half!3

Arena PK is systematically protected.
If you lose, you will not lose experience and equipment, but only lose some competitive points.

Well this thing.

Ji Pianpian glanced at Ji Heyu’s points…

Drop it, drop it, ba. It is estimated that even if she died dozens of times, she wouldn’t shake anything.

Ji Pianpian entered the arena bravely after getting familiar with the skills.

In the first round, she panicked, and she used her skills in a numb way.
She thought she was dead, but…


Is this a win?

The Great Demon King is indeed the Great Demon King!

In the second round, Ji Pianpian became more confident, and also realized some of the priest’s combos, and played quite beautifully.

The third game, the fourth game…

After playing nearly twenty games, she was bursting with confidence: 

 Awesome Ji Pianpian.

With this large account, and this technique, you are simply invincible ah!

Ji Pinapian wished she could give herself ten thumbs up.

For the first time in her life, she felt that she has a brother in the family, as if banbao4 exist!

As long as she takes revenge successfully, she will treat Ji Banbao well when she returns home.

After “cultivating”, Ji Pianpian encountered another problem.

How can she find the high imitation account?

It’s definitely not possible to search for an ID, not to mention how many DuWo will be found, Ji Heyu’s camp also does not allow his character to add any players from the Dark Ice Territory as friends.

Heaven’s Cry two camps have a very strong sense of opposition.
Except in the Peach God Realm, players from these two camps can only meet with each other with the “either you die or I die”5 attitude.

Can not add friends, automatically open red PK6, and even die without any punishment.

Yes, players in Dark Ice Territory can’t lose experience and equipment when killed by Bright Alliance players, and vice versa.

Players who kill enemies from opposing camps not only gain no sin value, but will instead gain glory points.

Glory points are hard currency that can be exchanged for equipment!

Not being able to demote the night elf is a great pity, but Ji Pianpian is not picky, killing him thirty-four times is enough, and the minor details can be tolerated.

While pondering how to find the high imitation account, Ji Pianpian suddenly had a realization——

Ice Territory Novice Zone!7

Ji Pianpian went to the novice area to stand by and wait for the thief.

This is a bit of a gamble, she is not sure if the night elf is still there.
After all, she has been offline for a long time…

When she carefully came to the novice area and saw the night elf, her mood was complicated.

He’s really here, ah.

Could it be that maybe…

Does he really want to take her for an upgrade?


He just wanted to humiliate her!

Thinking of that humiliating little shabby knife, and that big lion that can swallow two little mages in one bite…

Her anger soared, and her hatred was overwhelming.

Ji Pianpian manipulated the light priest and rushed over, widely throwing skills.
A set of operations like a heavenly punishment, quite imposing.

The night elf, who was attacked, reacted very quickly.
A cloak wrapped around his slender figure, and the night assassin hid his figure.

Ji Pianpian’s heart tightened, and she quickly threw out her exploration skill, but it was too late.

It was so fast that she didn’t even get a chance to blink.
The assassin who disappeared out of thin air appeared behind the priest clad in white.
The dagger glowing in black light came out of its sheath.
Ji Pianpian didn’t even have room to operate and saw her blood bar plummet.

Treatment, treatment!

Ji Pianpian casted several blood recovery skills on herself, but the night elf’s combo has brushed up.
The Scarlet numbers were busting all over the screen and made people numb.

Ji Pianpian, who has practiced in the arena for a long time, has never felt such pressure.

It’s just a battle in the game, but she really seemed to be pushed into a desperate situation.
The palms of her hands were tense and sweaty.

Dong dong dong!

Red tremors began to appear around the screen, which was the system prompt given when the character’s blood level was too low.

Ji Pianpian was used to seeing this scene when she was playing the little mage, but it was the first time when she used the light priest.

What to do…

Her finger twitched, and she ran her fingers over the skill keys, and didn’t know what she had randomly clicked.

After three seconds.

System prompt: You were killed by the player “DuWo” in the Dark Ice Territory.

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Who said I’m invincible!

Who said that I could just wave it!

As long as you don’t meet Du-shen, you will be invincible in the world!

Do, not, meet, du, shen…

Looking at the night elf in front of her, Ji Pianpian’s heart skipped a beat.


The dialogue in the bottom left corner of the screen——

DuWo: [?]

DuWo: [Are you drinking too much fake wine?]

Ji Pianpian: “…”

With a snap, Ji Pianpian didn’t even quit the game, and just closed the lid of the laptop.

No, no way!

Is this really DuWo?

A high imitation account can’t possibly be this strong!

Ji Pianpian lay on her back on the bed, and her head was full of question marks.

After lying stiff like a corpse for a full three seconds, the girl sat up, then her thin white fingers pressed on the dark laptop, and she opened the laptop with a sigh of relief.

She didn’t dare to watch the game.
After exiting with her eyes closed, Ji Pianpian opened her penguin8 interface.

After flipping through the chat records a little, Ji Pianpian stared at the high-blurred photo.

She looked at it many times, and her heart was still palpitating.

Under the surrounding mosaic, the handsome black-haired and white-skinned man stared at the camera, full of danger and charm.

Ji Pianpian covered her eyes and sighed, “Does such a good looking person have such a bad personality?”

A face-con’s world view… gradually collapses!

Unwilling in the end, Ji Pianpian couldn’t help but leave a message to Fu Xuehui:

[Huihui, how is DuWo‘s personality?]

[He looks so handsome, is his emotional history unusually rich?]

[He… is he the kind of scumbag who bullies people because of his good looks?]

Fu Xuehui directly called her across the province and said: “You may not love my Du-shen, but why are you insulting him!”

Ji Pianpian: “That…”

Fu Xuehui didn’t give her a chance to speak at all: “Do you know why the amount of Du-shen’s and our brother’s fans are so overwhelming? It’s because they are not close, to, females, or, lustful!”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

For the next five minutes, Fu Xuehui seriously described how DuWo got out of the mud without being stained, and how pure in mind and body the white kaolin flower is.

It is said that, men who are not bad, women do not love.9

If this man is unattainable and unreachable, how could he be bad? His presence is enough to attract attention!

Ji Pianpian was very suspicious, and asked with a huge sense of shame: “En… hypothetical, I mean hypothetical, do you think that he would say something to a female player he just met… such as…”

Too much shame!

In her entire life, Ji Pianpian felt that she had lost her face in this chat box.

“Things like… little beauty, kissing you to wake you up… or something?”

Ji Pianpian at this moment: There’s a ground crack in my home!

For a long time, Fu Xuehui spoke out from the silence: “I didn’t expect you to be this biased.”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Fu Xuehui said shyly: “Aiya, I also dreamed that our brother said something like this to me…”

After the conversation changed, Fu Xuehui raised her voice, “Do you think this is possible!!!”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Impossible, Ji Heyu would not say this even if the sky was torn apart!

After hanging up the phone, Ji Pianpian’s mood became even more complicated.

She is very aware that her own big devil, Ji Heyu, has only one and a half10 women left in his life since he dropped out of school in his college during his junior year: one is their dear mother, and the other is her, Ji Pianpian.

Her elder brother is like this because of Sister Ning, and that Du-shen…

Ji Pinapian has mixed feelings: 

The happy thing is that this high imitation account is really just a high imitation account with good technique, not the original.

Her worry is that although Du-shen got rid of the suspicion of being an old rogue, why does he sound like gaygay11…

If he and she really have the same sexual orientation, then she has no choice but to silently bless QwQ

Outside the door of Room 333 of the Master’s Building.

Li Xingqiao burst into tears, he apologized and knelt down: “Old Du, open the door, you can’t let me sleep in the aisle!”

“It’s so cold in N city this year, if I sleep outside for a night, then you can collect my corpse the next day!”

Outside the room12, Li Xingqiao cried loudly, but there was no sound from inside the room.

Li Xingqiao started to make trouble after crying: “You can’t be jealous of me because my little girlfriend is s**y and charming!”

“I’m going to accompany my girlfriend, how can you be so jealous that you lock me out!”

There was a click.

It was the sound of a swivel chair pushing against the door.

Li Xingqiao hesitated for a second and did not dare to continue, then he sincerely begged: “Spring Moon Pavillion! Next week, next week, I can invite you to eat at Spring Moon Pavillion!”

The average per capita is three hundred and eighty, which will kill him as a poor student.

Ei, how about a date with my little girlfriend?

Mumu also has a little roommate.
When the time comes, can’t the four of us eat on the same table?

Not bad!

Li Xingqiao’s brain hole was wide open, then a calm voice came from the door: “Laozi?”

Li Xingqiao was shocked: “Dad! You are my father!”

The door opened, and Li Xingqiao was about to break into a cussing fit, but was shocked three more times.


Fortunately, he is a straight man of steel, or he will die!

Shen Du just took a shower and wiped his short hair with a towel.

There are water droplets dripping from his ink-dotted hair, down the back of his cold white neck, spreading straight to his shoulder line.
The muscles of his back are just right, his strong thin waist has looming intercostal muscles, sinking into his back bone and extending into his s**y black shorts.

Shen Du turned his back to Li Xingqiao, and suddenly turned around after taking two steps.

Li Xingqiao: “!”

Under his wet black bangs, his cold white complexion is even more fvcking amazing.

Li Xingqiao’s envy didn’t come very sour: “Why!”

Shen Du frowned slightly, his eyes flashed slightly under his black eyelashes, and his voice was neither light nor heavy: “En…”

He seemed to be asking, but also seemed to be talking to himself, “In the end, how can you make a girl happy?”

Li Xingqiao was silent for three seconds, then screamed in horror: “What? Make, make what happy?”

Fvck, fvck, fvck!

Shocking news!

Make a girl happy?

Old beast, is the iron tree blooming???


The author has something to say:

Hahahahaha God, your girl “drank too much fake wine” [Dog’s head saved your life]

This chapter is still giving out red envelopes~~mua!

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