ue was mentally balanced, so she led the topic back to just now: “Seriously if I were you, I’d go and get him.”

Ji Pianpian is not interested: “My mother will kill me.” Besides, how could someone be more handsome than Du-shen.

Jiang Muxue nodded her head: “The sky is high and the emperor is far away6, so how could your mother know? Little wimp!” Just as the words left her mouth, her phone rang.

Jiang Muxue took a look at the name on the screen, and she instantly forgot about her friend.
She threw down Ji Pianpian and answered the phone: “Xingqiao ge~” Then she went to call her boyfriend.

Ji Pianpian was agitated by her sweet and greasy voice: Senior Li can really endure it!

After a while, Jiang Muxue who hung up the phone said, “I’m going on a date!”

Ji Pianpian: “Didn’t you just come back?”

Jiang Muxue: “No way, my treasure7 misses me again!”

Ji Pianpian: “…” Toothache, toothache, goosebumps!

When Jiang Muxue was gone, Ji Pianpian checked the time and cheered up.

It’s five o’clock.

It’s time for her big devil to go home!

Ji Pianpian dialed Ji Heyu’s phone, and after six or seven beeps as usual, he answered the phone lazily: “If you lose your card, the money is gone, and I will immediately shut the phone down.”

Ji Pianpian remembered her skill book, and she confidently justified it: “I have money!”

Ji Heyu sneered: “It’s either money or death, who let you bully?”

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Big devil, she isn’t a human parasite, alright!

Having died thirty-three times, Ji Pianpina didn’t want to say it.
It was too shameful, and Ji Heyu will laugh at her for half a lifetime!

So Ji Pianpian first spoke about her great achievements, and especially emphasized: ” A game skill book is actually worth 20,000 yuan!”

Ji Heyu: “Oh.”

Ji Pianpian: “Your sister made 20,000 yuan, how do you react?”

Ji Heyu: “Giving it to me?”

Ji Pianpian: “Dreaming!”

Ji Heyu: “Oh.”

Ji Pianpian knows the tone of her brother very well, so she did not continue to talk nonsense with him, and straightforwardly asked: “Then this skill book, can I dispose of it myself?”

Although the old Ji family doesn’t have a problem with money, 20,000 yuan is not a small sum.
Ji father and Ji mother have started from scratch and they have been poor.
They are not extravagant and indulgent in their children’s education, and both brother and sister know that making money is not easy.

Ji Heyu: “This round of dog|s**t luck, you still have to let me handle it for you?”

Ji Pianpian: “…goodbye!”

Ji Heyu hung up the phone ruthlessly.

Ji Pianpian’s character, he also understands.

This thing is like winning the lottery ticket, and he doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously.

After a while, Ji Pianpian remembered something again.
This time she didn’t call, but directly sent a message to Ji Heyu.

Ji Pianpian: [Brother, is your Heaven’s Cry account powerful?]

Ji Heyu: [?]

Ji Pianpian: [Can I borrow it to play.]

Ji Heyu: [No]

It’s so cruel that there isn’t even a punctuation mark!

Ji Pianpian just threw caution to the wind8: [I will give you the skill book.]

Ji Heyu: [I don’t want a dog|s**t.]

Ji Pianpian was almost choked to death by her brother.

Twenty thousand yuan.

And that’s the only one in the region.

So many people dream of it!

Why is it a dog|s**t!

From childhood to adulthood, Ji Pianpian knew very well that going around a circle with Ji Heyu was self-defeating.

She pondered for a long time, and talked about her miserable experience.

[Brother, I have been killed many times…]

[You lend me your account, and I’ll take revenge?]

[I don’t need to bother you to do it, I’ll do it myself.]

After a while, Ji Heyu called her back: “Our family doesn’t have any problems with bullying.
We use our own account to kill.”

Ji Pianpian confessed truthfully: “He is level 80!”

Ji Heyu’s voice was cold: “So, you are being bullied?”

Ji Pianpian feels even more ashamed: “Hai9…my level is too low to be bullied.”

Ji Heyu sneered: “Our family doesn’t have such worthless losers either.”

Seeing that the situation is not good, Ji Pianpian quickly acted like a baby: “Brother!”


A busy tone sounded.

Ji Heyu hung up the phone.

Ji Pianpian: “…”

Everyday, she suspects that Ji Heyu is not her biological brother.
How could such a thing be her own brother?

After a while, Ji Pianpian received a text message, she clicked on it, and she instantly smiled.

With the account and password sent by Ji Heyu, she now has a fully leveled, and invincible big account!

Night elf.

You are done!

She, Ji Pianpian, must let this high imitation account know how it feels to die thirty-three times, oh no, in her peak experience, she died thirty-four times!

Ji Pianpian was about to log in to Ji Heyu’s account, but Fu Xuehui went on Q again in a hurry.

Its rotten won’t pay (Fu Xuehui) : [Bao10~~~~]

Ji Pianpian was afraid of affecting her study, so she decided not to mention the bad things in the game, including the 20,000 yuan skill book.

This thing is still something that could mess with people’s minds, and the fragile seniors can not withstand any wind.


Ji Pianpian also wanted to ask Fu Xuehui.

[Which skill of the priest is strong in PK?]

Fu Xuehui: [Aren’t you a mage, how did you change to priest?]

Fu Xuehui: [Pianpian, you can do it, ah.
After playing a few days, you want to experience the fun of PK?]

Ji Pianpian said frankly: [I will take my brother’s account and experience it.]

After Fu Xuehui sent a lot of WTF11, she excitedly said: [You brother’s account? Aiya, I go.
Then you can wave around at will, don’t think too much, you can throw away your skills.
As long as you don’t run into my Du-shen, our brother is invincible in the world!]

Ji Pianpian listened to Fu Xuehui’s words, and felt relieved.

The priest of Heaven’s Cry is not a simple nanny, rather, it was a father with a strong ability to fight alone, it’s famous for: You can not kill me and you will always be grinded to death by me.

In short, it is especially suitable for PK.

Ji Pianpian geared up, ready to take revenge.

It’s just a high imitation account anyway.

She kills him, and he will surely drop a knife!


The author has something to say:

Unfortunately, Niu Hulu Goose12 is back! Hahahahahahahahaha

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