Chapter 2 : DuWo1

Seeing Fu Xuehui’s QQ head grayed out, Ji Pianpian understood: They are all senior high school students, so she knew how hard the weekend is.


Ji Pianpian simply clicked to open the Heaven’s Cry forum and searched for him herself.

Such a famous character, how can she not find his ID2?

——She really hasn’t found it.


There are so many posts about this Du-shen on the forum, and the essence of the post could be turned into several pages.
Ji Pianpian only wants to know the ID of this Du-shen.
Unexpectedly, his “great feats and achievements” were given to her by popular science.


Strong is really strong.
So strong that Ji Pianpian, this game noob3, was really dumbfounded.

It turns out that the highest level of Heaven’s Cry is already 80?

So originally, opening up a wasteland4 dungeon5 gave so many rewards?

It turns out that this game also has a whole region battlefield: The battlefield is a points system, and the top standings has been occupied by a big boss for two full months!

En, this big boss is Du-shen


So…what is the ID of Du-shen?


The more she couldn’t find it, the more curious she became.
Ji Pianpian continued to flip through the posts until she saw a hot post covering more than nine hundred floors—— Are Du-shen and Yu-shen6 together today?

Yu-shen? Who is this again?

Does Du-shen have a girlfriend?


Ji Pianpian clicked into the post and saw the ID of “Yu-shen”, and dropped her glasses.

Yu Shang7.

Isn’t this the game ID of her cold-face demon king!

Has her brother played a game, and played the Ji family to extinction8?


Ji Pianpian hurriedly swept her eyes, and was instantly struck by lightning.
It was not that she didn’t understand, but no matter how big her brain hole is, she also can’t easily reach such a conclusion, that’s her brother!


The post is too long.
After Ji Pianpian quit the forum, she dared not search again.

There is no hurry, when Fu Xuehui goes online, she will know.


Back to the game, a dialog box pops up on the screen.
Ji Pianpian was tired of doing quest, and she just clicked to accept without looking at it carefully.
Anyway, it was nothing but running around to familiarize with the map, these low-level quest are so boring…



The girl in green clothes with the ID “Its you Pianpian9” above her head was pulled into a black teleportation formation, a large scarlet line appeared on the pitch-black screen: “Fearless Hero10, welcome to the Black Rock Devil’s Cavern.”


Black Rock Devil’s Cave?

She just got off from the forum, and accidentally read a whole lot of Du-shen-related posts.
Ji Pianpian is no longer a game noob.
She knows this place——

Legendary wasteland dungeon.
A must-see for the top big bosses, the “back garden” of Du-shen.


Good guy, why would she, a level 20 rookie, come to such a treacherous Black Rock Devil’s Cave?

A large text description pops up on the loading screen, detailing the backstory of the Black Rock Devil’s Cave, and the last bolded text is a tip for players: “This dungeon has no PK restriction and randomly drops equipment or levels upon death.”


The equipment doesn’t matter, Ji Pianpian, who is dressed in broken copper and iron, doesn’t care, but…

Level drop?

She works so hard to rise up to level 20, why does it need to fall.


Ji Pianpian’s first reaction when entering the Black Rock Devil’s Cave was: “Where is the door and how do I get out?”

As if reading her mind, the system popped up a prompt in the dark cave: “Players will automatically return to the city after completing the mission, and will be immediately teleported out if they abandon the mission.”

“Note: This is a hidden mission with a generous reward, and the player cannot take it again after giving up.”


Ji Pianpian: “!”

The courageous and starved to death, Ji Pianpian, who had darted for a second, became brave and fearless in a second.

Isn’t it just a level drop? Not worth mentioning in the face of generous rewards!


Ji Pianpian carefully surveyed her foothold.
The level 20 green clothed girl holding a cheap ebony staff, stood tremblingly in this cave, where the five fingers are not even visible.

There was unknown blood on the surrounding walls, and the floor had a weird greenish-purple color, and the vertical and horizontal lines seemed like a pair of half-open demon eyes, eerie and terrifying.


Ji Pianpian is not brave, and the hand holding the mouse is somewhat tight—— so scary, and they said it was good for all ages. This picture really doesn’t scare elementary school students well!

Suddenly, there was a low roar from the speaker, Ji Pianpian watched as a spiky monster pounced on her poor green clothed little mage.


She die before she became a master, and her level 20 little mage was about to change into level 17 or 18!


Suddenly, a black sharp light flashed.
A sharp spiritual sword pierced the beast throat, blood rose, the sound effect burst, and the monster’s hatred value was transferred.
It abandons the little green clothes mage, and turns around, rushing towards the black-clothed player, who attacked it.


Ji Pianpian was dumbfounded for a while, then she saw the player who suddenly appeared on the screen.

Unlike her tattered little mage, the newcomer’s upper body is covered with a short black cloak, his shoulder are locked by a circle of black lacquer light armor, a half a silver chain dangling from the center, and a white cross shining with holy light on the chess; The lower body is wrapped tightly with a straight trousers along with his long legs, a belt locked around his thin waist, a black cross formed by the light armor on his thighs straight to his boots, the lines are capable and sharp, like a sheathed dagger.


Ji Pianpian had seen the world in the forum, so she saw his profession at a glance—— assassin.

Is the assassin class11 so tough? Isn’t it famous for its crispy skin and thin meat?


She saw the black assassin easily finish a set of combos, and as the monster fell to the ground, the assassin fell from mid-air with a graceful posture like a cheetah after killing its prey.


The screen zoomed in, and Ji Pianpian saw a close look of the black-clothed assassin through her little green clothed mage.


The raised neckline on the cloak covered his chin, exposing the unique cold white pointed ears of the elves.
The night elf’s short black hair hangs down, and the tip of his hair was cold black and red.

From the close up, his pair of scarlet blood pupils, against the snow-white complexion of the elves, looked especially intriguing.


Ji Pianpian took a deep breath, and was shocked by the character model of Heaven’s Cry.

This face creation technology is absolutely amazing, face-con12 would certainly spiral to heavens!


She was stunned for only half a second, then a dialog box floated above the dark night assassin’s head: “Little beauty, don’t run around.”

It took a lot of effort for Ji Pianpian to move her gaze from his face to the dialog box: “?”

Dark Night Assassin13: “To be accidentally caught by a monster, as the wife of the bandit boss14, it’s a pity.” Then there was a (^-^) expression at the end.


Ji Pianpian: “…”

The filters are sparse, the cool assassin became a strange uncle in seconds.


Just then, a QQ message popped up, it was Fu Xuehui.

Ji Pianpian was still thinking about Du-shen, whose name was unknown, and quickly switched out the game and came to the QQ interface.

Fu Xuehui said: [My mother is really good, she unplugged the network cable and cut the power supply.
Why didn’t she get the electrician certificate to be a network administrator, so capable!]


Ji Pianpian quickly copied her previous question and sent it to her.

Fu Xuehui was very excited.
Her typing efficiency was amazing.
Even if it wasn’t face-to-face communication, Miss Fu’s tone of excitement and enthusiasm is permeated between the lines.


[My Du-shen’s ID is called the domineering drag15!]

[Don’t spoil my appetite, what is he called?]




Ji Pianpian was confused.
Why are these two words so arrogant? Is there something wrong with her reading comprehension, or is Fu Xuehui’s language plummeting and failing?


Fu Xuehui typed words to her: [You don’t understand, the word DuWo is taken from “who can size me up17“]

[My Du-shen’s nickname is the Immortal God of War.
He is the only zero death record holder in the thousand-person battle between gods and demons.]

[Do you know what this concept is? Sister, I died seven to forty-nine times in the melee between gods and demons, but he didn’t die even once!]

[The Bright Alliance18 was going crazy, the whole regiment surrounded him to beat him up, but they were completely slaughtered.”


Fu Xuehui sighed: [Size me up, size me up, who can size me up?]

Miss Fu knocked on the keyboard again: [Nobody! Nobody! Whether it’s a single fight or a siege, even a group sneak attack can’t kill my god]


Ji Pianpian got it.

This ID is not a domineering drag, rather it’s full force taunt skill19, provoking the wrath of the gods.


No one mentions the word “DuWo” on the forum: Firstly, this big boss is so famous that the word “Du-shen” covers everything; Secondly, his enemies don’t want to mention these two words—— It’s unlucky, size me up, size me up20, but all the f*cking was done by DuWo!


Oh, his enemies don’t call him Du-shen, they called him—— the cunning Old Du.21


Ji Pianpian suddenly blessed her soul22: [DuWo‘s profession is assassin?]

Fu Xuehui: [Yes, the strongest dark night assassin in history!]

Ji Pianpian’s heart sighed: [His race is a night elf?]

Fu Xuehui: [Yes, the most handsome night elf in history!]


Ji Pianpian fell silent, then she typed: [I seemed to have met DuWo…]

Fu Xuehui replied back in second: [Wake up my treasure, you are only Level 20, don’t land on the moon to touch the porcelain23 of my Du-shen]

Ji Pianpian: [Really, I was just saved by a dark night assassin, and his ID seemed to be DuWo.]


There was a silence in QQ for a while, but the next moment Fu Xuehui sent a lot of screenshots.

Picture one is a dark night assassin wearing a short cloak.
Picture two is a night elf with a silver cross chain on his chest.
Picture three is a player with black hair, pointed ears and white skin with the ID of DuWo….


Fu Xuehui: [Does it look like this?]

Ji Pianpian: [Yes!]

Fu Xuehui: [Congratulations…you have met one of the thousands of high imitations of my Du-shen]

Ji Pianpian: [???]


Fu Xuehui gave her science popularization24 for another half day.

Since DuWo is so famous, there aren’t many people who imitate him.

The so-called high imitation account is the trumpet raised by other players imitating him.


There are two camps of Heaven’s Cry, one is the Bright Alliance, and the other is the Dark Night Ice Territory.

The night elves are just one of the races of the Dark Night Ice Territory, not the only one.


DuWo has top-notch equipment, but except for his unique divine weapons on the battlefield, the rest of the players are trying so hard to get them.


As for the game ID, of course, the system does not allow duplicates.
But there are tens of millions of players, and there are countless masters.
There are always people who can make  very similar IDs through various hidden symbols and blank codes.


Ji Pianpian, a fledgling little rookie, couldn’t tell that it was normal.

Fu Xuehui was so rational and well-founded that Ji Pianpian could not believe it.


Ji Pianpian: [So, ah]

Fu Xuehui: [Don’t be disappointed, when I have time to play,  I will take you to the battlefield to have a good look of Du-shen’s elegant demeanor.]

Ji Pianpian asked her again: [How many levels does it take to go to the battlefield?]

Fu Xuehui didn’t reply, her QQ portrait was grayed out again, it seems that she was unplugged and disconnected from the network cable again.


Ji Pianpian was about to search for a strategy guide, when she suddenly remembered: “This is bad!”

Her little mage is still in the Black Rock Devil’s Cave, and after switching it out for so long, she must have died thoroughly.


Ji Pianpian switched the game back.
She was already mentally prepared to drop levels, but who knew that her little green clothed mage was not only dead, but there’s also a small mountain of beast corpses piled up in front of her.


The angle of her view shifted upwards, and Ji Pianpian saw the dark night assassin squatting halfway on the corpse mountain.


The light was dim, and the ear tips of the night elf seemed transparent.
He easily jumped from the monsters’ corpses, and the silver cross chain on his chest hit his light armor under his cloak, making a crisp sound.


Ji Pianpian was dazzled by his sudden close-range view in front of her eyes, and then “the world is sober” in minutes!


The dialog box floats above the dark night assassin’s head, and there’s a line full of rude words: “…thought I need to kiss you to wake you up.”


The author has something to say:

Du-shen does not treat everyone like this ha, he some difficulties [cross out] hahahahaha


Sunnyshies: I now have time! I’m going to edit ml’s username and some things that needed correction! And by the time I updated again, it means its okay now!

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