Chapter 20 : The Date is Over (2)

Shen Du: “En.”

Ji Pianpian raised his head sharply, thinking she had heard it wrong.

Shen Du finally turned his head and looked into her eyes: “Only until the end of the professional courses.”

Ji Pianpian was dumbfounded, unable to return to her senses.

In the next instant, all the lights in the theater went out, and a new round of round-screen films was about to be broadcast.

Ji Pianpian returned to her senses: “It’s a deal!” Because of her excitement, she couldn’t hide her voice even if she tried to keep it down.

After the darkness, the circular screen suddenly lit up.
The first scene was the starry sky.
Shen Du looked at the girl beside him, and saw countless stars in her bright black eyes, then he heard her soft voice full of tension.

Ji Pianpian was afraid that he would go back on his word: “Keep your word!”

Shen Du’s eyelashes drooped: “Do you still have to pull the hook and hang yourself?”

Ji Pianpian: “!”

The circular screen flashed again, and the light of the stellar explosion lit up the hall.

Ji Pianpian looked at Shen Du’s fingers through the light, and he casually placed it on the armrest.
His five fingers were slender and fair, and knuckles were bulging just right, which made him look thin but strong.

Ji Pianpian’s face blushed, and her mouth was mumbling, as she thought boldly: “It’s also…” It’s not impossible.

Shen Du laughed, then took his hand away and said: “Okay, I won’t lie to you.”

Ji Pianpian: “Oh…”

Shen Du didn’t talk to her anymore, and just stared at the screen.

After watching this film four times, he was no longer surprised, he just needed to be distracted.

That sentence just now was too out of place.

For the child, he needs to be more careful with his words.


Shen Du remembered Ji Pian Pian’s unfinished ‘it’s not impossible’.
Her tone was quite like the little mage in the game.



Shen Du shook his head, not thinking too much: how could it be so coincidental.

After watching it four times, when Shen Du asked Ji Pianpian if she wanted to watch it again, Ji Pianpian shook her head.

In fact, she didn’t mind looking at it all day, but she couldn’t sit still.

As soon as she sits in this dxmn place, she couldn’t hekp remember the stupid things she did, and it’s just…


Ji Pianpian can’t wait to forget it: “Let’s go somewhere else to play, ba.”

Shen Du: “Okay.”

The two walked out of Tianmu Cinema and happened to see a mobile car selling lollipops.

This is a stall that is often used in playgrounds to coax children.
It’s not the ordinary lollipop on the surface, but a delicate and lovely lollipop wrapped in a beautiful candy wrapper and shaped like a mascot.

Ji Pianpian couldn’t help but take a few more glances.

Shen Du glanced at her: “Wait.”

Ji Pianpian: “?”

After a while, Shen Du came back with a lollipop.

Ji Pianpian felt a hundred surprises and a thousand embarrassments in her heart at this time.
She took the lollipop and said shyly, “Thank you.”

Ah ah ah, how could Du-shen be so good!

Before the scream in her heart was over, she heard her Du-shen say: “Little crybaby.”

Ji Pianpian’s heart filled with little pink bubbles burst, and she suddenly realized the truth sadly:

So…this candy was bought to humiliate her!

The little romances in idol dramas are indeed deceiving!

Ji Pianpian said angrily: “I’m not small!”

Shen Du’s eyes end with a smile: “Eighteen years old is still a child.”

Ji Pianpian still wanted to argue, but suddenly she remembered that she was still nine months away from being eighteen years old, and immediately…she wilted.

She is younger than her classmates.

Normally, one would enter the school at the age of seven, and most third year of high school were already adults.
Just that, at that time, the proof of age is not so deadly, and with the idea of early school and early graduation, Father Ji hurriedly signed up the six-year-old Ji Pianpain.

Ji Pianpian suspects that her grades, which have been bad all the time, has a lot to do with this—— she is one year younger, like a premature baby, of course she can’t keep up!

En, okay…


Give her a high school sophomore exam paper, and she won’t be able to get the grade of a top student either.

Shen Du didn’t take Ji Pianpian to meet Li Xingqiao and the others, but went to some projects that children were obviously interested in, such as a slow merry-go-round, such as bumper cars, such as…

Oh, and they didn’t go to the romantic Ferris wheel.

Shen Du has to carry out his persona: “Fear of heights.”

Ji Pianpian was quite sorry about this!

What makes Ji Pianpian happy is feeling small animals.
There is a small pet area in the amusement park, where cute cats and small rabbits are kept.

Ji Pianpian is no longer afraid of the cold.
After she “pampered” all the little babies, only then did she become aware of it, and asked Shen Du: “Are you bored?”

Shen Du stood on the periphery with her down jacket hanging on his arm, and the clothes that Ji Pianpian wrapped into a ball didn’t look too long in his hands.

He stood quietly and attracted a lot of attention.
Hearing Ji Pianpian’s voice, Shen Du looked over and replied: “No.”

The girl was beaming with joy, and it was an undisguised happiness.

Shen Du added another sentence: “I’m used to it.”

Ji Pianpian: “?”

Shen Du said slowly: “I am the oldest in my family, and I have been raising children since I was a child.”

So, he got used to it.

Ji Pianpian:“…………………………”

She, is, not, a child!

Although the girl didn’t say anything, he knew what she was thinking by looking at her puffed up appearance.

Shen Du’s eyes were full of smiles.

The trip to the amusement park ended perfectly.

At the meeting spot, Ji Pian Pian was so guilty that she couldn’t raise her head when she saw Jiang Muxue.

Shen Du’s demeanor remained the same.
He didn’t give Li Xingqiao half a glance, and Li Xingqiao was somewhat uneasy.

They played for a day, and they felt tired after getting in the car.

It was still the same seat as when they came, and the young couple slept soundly shoulder to shoulder.

Ji Pianpian was very tired, but she couldn’t sleep: Her eyes closed and opened, she thought about Shen Du all day long.

Ji Pianpian peeked into the rearview mirror.
The man was leaning on the seat pillow.
Because of his height, the already narrow car seat was even narrower.
Don’t think about it, those long legs must be aggrieved in the back row.

The rearview mirror can only reflect his face.
His sharp sword eyebrows under his black hair, his eyeslashes appeared thicker with closed eyes.
His cold and thin lips under that high nose bridge, and his jawline appeared more flawless because of slightly tilt of his head…

Ah ah ah!

The small person in Ji Pianpian’s heart screamed again and again: So handsome ah ah ah!

Then the small person was woken up by another blow to the head.

So what if he’s handsome.

He completely treated her like a child.

Or the kind of kid that…could be sent off by a lollipop.

Ji Pianpian leaned against the back of the chair weakly, and when she was about to be crushed by a strong sense of frustration, her fingers touched the candy wrappers in the bag.


A burst of sweetness spread from her mouth to her heart.

Regardless, anyway——

Candy, very, sweet!

When the two girls returned to the dormitory, Jiang Muxue came to her without even taking off her clothes: “It’s alright, Xiao Pianpain!”

Ji Pianpian knew that she had misunderstood, and it was a huge misunderstanding.

“No…” Ji Pianpian explained.

Jiang Muxue just thought she was shy: “Let it go, who is your elder sister? I’ve been there! What can I not understand? Both of you have those small meaningful glances, obviously there is a little secret!”

Ji Pianpian:“…………………………”

In terms of sharpness, she was convinced that Jiang Muxue did not know anything.

She and Shen Du really have a little secret.

It’s just that this secret is different from what she thinks!

N University Master’s Building.

Li Xingqiao and his little girlfriend are exactly the same.
When they went back to the dorm, he didn’t even bother to change his clothes, when he asked about important matters first.

Shen Du took off his down jacket and crossed his hands to take off his thin black sweater.
He wears nothing inside, and his cold white chest and abdominal muscles can be directly photographed in magazines without retouching.

Li Xingqiao is worthy of being dead straight as steel: “Hurry up, live or die, give me a knife!” His heart was full of his little girl friend.

Shen Du gave him one word: “Live.”

Li Xingqiao put his hands together, and thanked the heavens and thanked Shen Du ten thousand times!

Shen Du kept his promise and didn’t tell the truth.

The main reason is that Jiang Muxue is already an adult.
If she is a minor, he will definitely wake up Li Xingqiao.


He is an adult and does not bully children.

After thanking the ancestors in heaven and earth, Li Xingqiao sat down in front of the computer, then he muttered something: “What happens after getting married and having a baby, oh oh oh…time to check out the school district!”

Shen Du: “………………” You’re sick.

He ignored Li Xingqiao and took a bath towel to take a bath.
When he came out, Li Xingqiao was nowhere to be seen.
Shen Du sat down at the computer desk and logged into the game.

Coincidentally, when his trumpet account just went online, the system prompts: Your friend “Its you Pianpian” has logged in.

Shen Du raised his eyebrows and typed: “Have you finished your blind date?”

As soon as Ji Pianpian logged in, she saw this line of words, and her beautiful hand typed in delight: “Yes.”

Shen Du: “How is it?”

Ji Pianpian thought for a while, and said euphemistically: “Tall and handsome with an amazing body.
High emotional intelligence, high IQ, gentle, considerate, meticulous and with a  thoughtful personality.
Oh yes, and his voice is so great.
It’s hard to believe that there is such a good man in this world!”


The author has something to say:

Current Du-shen: Oh, it’s really euphemistic.

Later Du Shen: Well, it is indeed euphemistic.

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