Unbound Battlefield The Ulysses Touch

Winninng The Hearts of Men

”Michael, earlier on, you advised me to recall the troops and head home. Despite the fact that we lost my father and we have lost thousands of lives.

I know you are not one to speak without consideration. So please tell me, logically, why we run with our tails between our legs. ”

Michael, who had been standing respectfully to the side like a butler, stifle stepped forth and bowed, ”Yes my Prince. ”

He walked to the table and pointed at the figurine of a city within a square-shaped wall.

”There are no benefits to continuing this war as it has changed into siege warfare, and that we are not prepared for. ”

Danny frowned but he understood clearly what he meant. Not only did they lack the equipment and manpower necessary for siege warfare, but they also did not have the time.

Siege warfare was different from war in other places. The defending side was almost always in an advantageous position. Only the best of the best could claim to be able to win even 2 out of every 5 sieges. It was that much easier to defend when one has a massive wall to help them.

Of course, it didn mean that one was safe. Walls could be climbed and overcome, gates could be forced open. There had been many practising the art of war who had pondered on ways to overcome these impediments.

This map has given me an idea, I need to take a page out of Cyrus The Greats book.

Danny was looking at the city from above while running multiple numbers in his head. The deadline, troops, logistics, weapons, how many were injured etc.

In the last battle, many troops had been injured and they were running out of supplies. The initial battles had taken a large toll on both armies. Batur was deep in enemy territory and ran the risk of being surrounded. This was an area that had many city-states that warred with each other. Although no nations were near enough to have an immediate impact, Danny was still weary of being caught by surprise.

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That is how one gets ready for war.

As Danny mulled over his next course of action, Michael took in a deep breath and decided to take a gamble. He rigidly stepped toward Danny and spoke.

”My Prince, if I may be forthright with you. This kind of battle is not your…strongsuit. It would be best if we went home and regrouped. We can train up some forces, arm themand deal with this pathetic city at our own pace. You are already aware of the situation inside. They won last long as a nation even if we leave.

All the countries around us are eyeing Moldamir like vicious wolves eyeing a lamb. Even if we are somehow victorious, I fear it will be a pyrrhic victory. ”

”Hhmm, very well, you have some good points. Ive heard you. I need to think about this. Before I make my final decision, give me a rundown of the enemy troops and city one more time. ” Said Danny, or rather, Ulysses, after some pondering.

”The city is under lockdown, but some of our mages have been able to contact spies in the city. Discontent and public security are horrendous. Hygiene is at an all-time low. People are even defecting in public and fighting over rotten food. This is mostly due to the overbearing nature of the unhappy mercenaries.

The wall is 30 meters high and 5 meters thick. The city has 4 gates, each facing a cardinal direction. The population of the city is about 50 thousand give or take. According to our spies within the city walls, the enemy troops number about 10000 infantry, 2000 Calvary and 1500 archers. The southern walls entrance faces the mountain and is impossible to enter.

The eastern wall faces the wide and deep Kariva river that runs parallel to the eastern wall, making it almost impossible to cross. Their troops would easily pick us off one by one the moment we exited the deep waters with large numbers. . Its the rainy season and the water levels are absurdly high. Hence attacking that is also impossible.

The soldiers in there are tired, hungry and injured while the city has been starved. We have isolated it for a while now and have prevented them from receiving any supplies. They do not have the food to sustain so many troops for long, not to mention that half their army is made up of mercenaries so their unity can be put into question.

As you know the Queen of Moldamir is not a fighter and knows nothing of war. Her children are too young to take control, hence the leader of the mercenaries Allen Pierce and the leader of Moldamirs Defence Forces Gavin Barry are stuck in a deadlock for power.

The western and northern walls are well protected with ballistae on the walls ready to fire. I fear that our only option is to wait. We have intercepted most of the scouts who sent word asking for reinforcements from neighbouring countries. Masepi and Tramere have responded and are sending troops. We estimate that they will arrive in at least 10 days.

It is the humble opinion of this general that we leave this war, my Prince. Our men are tired and they miss their families. Not to mention we have killed Moldamir the Third. So we have already achieved a lot. ”

Michaels last words drew forth many grunts of agreement.

Danny walked one more round around the table and started to formulate his plan. He coughed to clear his throat and started to speak whilst walking.

”My brave soldiers. Thank you for leading the armies of our great nation into battle. Your courage and sacrifice shall forever be remembered by your nation. I have also lost a father to this battle. One who I looked up to a lot. So I feel your pain. ”

A myriad of expressions appeared amongst the soldiers. Some were ashamed that they had allowed their King to die in battle. Others were worried that Danny wanted revenge and was blinded by hatred. Some brave and younger warriors wanted a chance at redemption and an opportunity to make a name for themselves on the battlefield.

”I will now present a strategy to you. Im confident that this will allow us to take that city, with less than a thousand casualties. ”

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