o be courteous to his future King.

Michael was loyal but he was also old-fashioned. He was about to lecture his monarch when his mind shook for a moment.

He looked at his master and said, ”My Prince, did I hear you properly? A strategy you say? ”

Danny stood up and patted himself down. He put on the strap that had his sword as he had removed it to meditate. As he fastened it on his person he said, ”Take me to the war council tent. Call all the relevant officers. I have a plan. I just need to make some adjustments. ”

Michael was stunned. Unlike his father Myca, Danny, or rather Ulysses, was not much of a tactical person. He was a brutish man who loved to do everything by force. He wasn much of a warrior of the battlefield either and usually took the back seat, having his vassals do everything for him. Not that he lacked the intelligence of physical capability. He just preferred to act his own way.

He had a good education in the art of war and had won many battles. He possessed superb martial arts and medical skills, but he had also lost quite a few wars, usually with horrible casualties.

Michael was horrified that Ulysses wanted to take complete charge, but he could say nothing. Ulysses was known for beheading any soldiers that refused to obey orders. He did not mess around when it came to discipline. He was brutish, but he was no fool and a control freak. He understood the hearts of men well.

”Understood my Prince. Please follow me. ”


In a large tent in the middle of the sample, multiple armoured individuals were seated, waiting for the meeting to truly commence.

”This is ridiculous. We are going to get slaughtered. ”

”Keep your voice down! Do you want us to die outside the battlefield? ”

”We listen to him, we die, we disobey, we die. Why should I care? ”

”Because you have a family at home. ”

This was just one of the many conversations happening under hushed tones within the tent. A large table with a 3 dimensional model of the environment was displayed, with figurines to represent different aspects of the upcoming battle.

Danny, as Ulysses, was walking around the table observing the target and circumstances with an analytical eye.

If there is one thing I know, its war with cold weapons.

Danny did not have many talents, but war has always been his passion. He taught war at school, watched movies about war, played online war simulation games and played different types of chess every chance he could get.

He wasn extremely talented, but he worked hard to improve his understanding of orthodox and unorthodox warfare. How many cultures and wars had he studied and analysed?

The advantage historians had, the advantage of hindsight, also sharpened ones foresight as well under the right circumstances.

For any civilization to reach the peak, historians are a must.

Danny firmly believed that there was no better teacher than history. Especially when it came to war.

Danny looked at the map and frowned, ”Michael, earlier on, you advised me to recall the troops and head home. Despite the fact that we lost my father and we have lost thousands of lives.

I know you are not one to speak without consideration. So please tell me, logically, why we run with our tails between our legs. ”

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