kaasama is looking at Ciel with a warm gaze, after all.

Central’s town is, based on my impressions, like a quiet residential area…… I think?
The roads are wide enough to accomodate carriages using it and on both sides of the road, there are trees planted by the roadside.
Compared to the other towns, its tidiness leaves a good impression.

The clouds are pretty high up, the sun feels gently warm, and the leaves changing colors makes it feel like autumn, it really lifts the spirits.

Ciel who’s looking around the area restlessly is probably feeling this too.

Taking a good amount of time, we reached the Hunter Guild.
Fii-kaasama, seemingly not particularly bothered, casually opened the door and went inside.
While there were hunters that raised their eyebrows upon seeing a blooming lady —— kaasama —— that by no means looked like a hunter suddenly arriving, the guild personnel were flustered the instant kaasama entered.

「W-what might be the purpose of your visit for today?」
「Is Rhavelt in?」
「Yes, I’ll show the way at once.」

The receptionist said so and led us to a room with fixtures that are pretty high quality for a Hunter Guild.
The receptionist said 「I will call him, so please wait here for a short while.」 before bowing down and leaving.

Left with Fii-kaasama, Ciel muttered 「I wonder why we were led here?」 as she tilted her head.

「Right, right, I wonder why myself.
It would’ve been completely fine for me if we were immediately led to where Rhavelt is.
However, it seems like it’s not good for me to be the one going.
Really, mortal society is such a bother.」
「It really is.
But Fii is always involved in it, right?」
「While I may be involved, I don’t particularly associate myself with it.」
「Is that so?」

Ciel replied as she tilted her head.
She probably doesn’t understand it at all, but, honestly, I don’t feel like I can articulate Fii-kaasama’s sensibilities either.
After that, the harmonious chatting continued until the door was knocked.

「Rhavelt, right? You may enter.」

It was as if Fii-kaasama was the owner of this room, but now that I think of it, it is hers to begin with, huh.
If she so desires, she can drive out everyone in the land of Central.
And if you know that, you can’t really treat her lightly, so kaasama’s behavior isn’t particularly wrong.

While the way kaasama is acting may seem different from person to person, she isn’t mortal to begin with.
So she probably doesn’t care about mortal perceptions.

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Entering the room with kaasama’s permission was an old man.
However, he’s not the weak from age type but rather seems to be one of the martial arts expert types.
He’s like those weirdly strong old men who appear in stories.

「I’m honored to have you here today.」
「Enough of that.
I only came here today to tell you about something.」
「Is it regarding that girl?」
I have decided to have this child —— Cielmer be my daughter.」

Hearing kaasama’s words, Rhavelt’s eyebrows twitched and his gaze shifted to Ciel.
This shift was so natural and it doesn’t feel like he’s staring at all.
However, it does feel like he’s observing us carefully.

「This girl is……」
「Yes, the child that has been repeatedly troubled by the Hunter Guild.」

Fii-kaasama’s smile is blinding.
Quite the smile, indeed.
Which probably just inflicts damage to Rhavelt’s stomach.

「I…… see.
My apologies for the great trouble.」

Rhavelt lowered his head.
Having someone clearly older than me lower their head personally feels somewhat uncomfortable, so I would’ve likely said 「Please raise your head.」 if I was the one negotiating.
Unfortunately, both Ciel and Fii-kaasama don’t seem to be interested in saying the same.

「So, what will the Hunter Guild do about it?」
「As long as these old bones are able to do it, anything.」

Hearing Ciel’s high-handed question, it seems like she’s perfectly tainted by my methods.
Specially-educated indeed.
With Ciel’s current standing, she’ll at least need to be capable of doing this, so I guess this is a good thing.
On the other hand, the Hunter Guild seems surprisingly on board with this.
In reality, it’s possible that they’ll just be evasive about this but, really, I wonder what Ciel is going to ask for?


Hiya~! It’s been a while since we’ve been in the guild again! Any bets on how long they’ll be here?

Joking aside, on the next chapter, it seems like we’ll see how much Ciel has learned from watching Ain negotiate! And from what we have right now, it seems to be promising, lol.
Ciel’s general disinterest + Ain’s high-handed “who cares about my reputation, we’re probably not going back here anyway” methods that Ciel has been exposed to repeatedly to, lol.
I feel bad for the guildmaster, as I tend to.

Back to the earlier half of the chapter, it was cute how Ciel was so happy to learn Ain’s age.
And meanwhile with Ain, I really liked how Ain explained why not to kill (needlessly, at least).
In most isekai stories, the “Don’t Kill” morality is, honestly, badly handled.
Just my opinion.
Really? Just “Well, we don’t kill back in Japan, so I won’t kill here and so should my friends” isn’t a very satisfying answer.
And it’s understandable, the protagonists tend to be so overpowered that not killing is a viable option for survival, since they basically don’t experience the difficulty and desperation that caused by the “Kill or be Killed” internal conflict.
Also, they tend to first encounter monsters, and humans basically don’t do much against them.
Now, with Ain, it’s an objective reason why you don’t kill much.
The most real and grounded reason why you shouldn’t kill.
Kill someone, and their family/friends will possibly retaliate.
And even if they don’t, you are now seen as a threat to normal society.
Now, even in Ciel’s world, you’ll still be feared, which in normal circumstances will be a problem, which is clear even from just what they’ve done so far.
Previously, a guildmaster butt in between Ciel and a promising beginner because of Ciel’s track record on dealing with people.
So yeah, while murder might be first and foremost morally wrong, it’s also an objective mistake *if* you are in situations where this can be avoided.
Actually, it’s a bit more complicated, but the point is, it’s better for the story and the readers when protagonists think more about their morals and beliefs.
Though ironically, Ain seems to be admittedly more open to killing than she was before, lol.
Also, sometimes protagonists are on the “Murder is fine” side of things from the start, but I think in most cases it’s just a countermovement against the badly done “Don’t kill” characters and a bit jarring sometimes.
Just my bad take.
Even soldiers on the battlefield get PTSD from all that’s happened around them after all.
Well, in literature, as long as it works, it works.
Just a nitpick about isekai protags.

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