I woke up from unconsciousness.
There was no time for me to enjoy the absentminded yet comfortable drowsiness, my mind was immediately awake.
It feels as if what happened yesterday was all just a dream, I can still remember the feeling of Ciel’s warmth.
That undeniable warmth is a reminder to me that what occured yesterday was real.

And because of that, my current state feels somewhat lacking now.
Even if I caress Ciel’s cheek as she’s asleep, I only pass through.
No matter how many times I try to move my hand to touch Ciel’s cheek, it only goes through.
It can’t be helped, it’s only natural but still, an indescribable sadness envelops my heart.

Fortunately, I suppose, my senses are linked with Ciel’s.
If not for that, this sadness might just drive me crazy.
I can’t help but wish to have my own body asap.
Since when did I get this greedy, I wonder?

As this ran through my mind, 「Uhh…… Mnh……」 Ciel woke up.
The way she rubs her eyes as she stretches her body is a familiar scene by now and it fills my heart with warmth.

『Good morning, Ciel.』

As I greeted her, Ciel moved her arm, as if in search of something.
And perhaps realizing that it’s nowhere to be found, she dejectedly moved her hand back to her side.

「Yes, good morning, Ain.」

Her voice sounded somewhat dispirited.
I guess Ciel is also feeling the same sense of lacking that I’m feeling.
Knowing that Ciel feels the same way as I do, I can’t help but be happy.

『Ciel…… let’s become gods as soon we can, alright?』
「Right, of course! I don’t want yesterday’s to remain a one-day-only dream, after all!」
『Then for that cause, let’s do our best for today as well.』
「Of course.」

Now that Ciel’s lively again, I urged her to have breakfast.

「Fii, thank you for yesterday.」
『Thank you so much.』
「No, no, don’t mind it.
Regardless if it was a day or two, or even a few years, it wouldn’t have bothered me anyhow.」

At the dining table, Ciel lowered her head and thanked Fiiyanamia-sama who was waiting for us there.
How do I say it, seeing Ciel naturally displaying gratitude, seeing her growth, it makes me happy.
Rather, I need to pay attention and honestly show gratitude myself.
In the past, it was pretty common for them to feel so awkward and embarrassed that I couldn’t honestly say thanks.

Still, even a few years wouldn’t bother her?

「Now, now, what will you two be doing today?」

Like an adult asking a child what they want to do, Fiiyanamia-sama asked Ciel but we probably don’t have any plans for today.

At least I can’t think of anything to do.
Because of yesterday, I’m losing the motivation to do anything at all.
I just want to bask even a second longer in yesterday’s memories.
If I do, I’m probably going to overdo it, which is why I urged Ciel to come here and get breakfast.

「Nothing particular in mind.
I do have a few things I want to ask Ain but it shouldn’t take much time, I think?」
『Things to ask me?』
『Yes, like, now that we’re out of Estoque, how do I interact with people? And what kind of place was your world?
Concerning the latter, I won’t ask if you don’t want to talk about it, Ain.
Other than that, well, what about you current state?』

True, now that we’ve exited Estoque, there shouldn’t be any problems with connecting with people.
Rather, even while we were at Estoque, we did interact and connect with people from the Central, so I suppose doing an extension of that should work for now?
And regarding Earth, if I were to talk about it, then it would be best to properly take the time to talk about it.

『I’ll answer the first one after putting some thought on it first.
And regarding the world I came from, I’ll explain it gradually.
For today, if there’s something Fiiyanamia-sama wants us to help with, then that might be good too.
Also, my current state?』
『If you haven’t realized it, then let’s talk about it later.』

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Is there something strange with me?
I’m curious but as Ciel said, the current conversation with Fiiyanamia-sama should be prioritized.

「With that said, we also don’t have anything that needs doing.
Fii, do you have anything you want me to do?」

After Ciel relayed my words, 「Right, right then.」 Fiiyanamia-sama tilted her head.

「In that case, shall we discuss about the future then?」
「But before that, breakfast.
I will call Mohsa and Saueluna to be present in the discussion, will that be alright?」
「Ain, is that okay?」
『Umm, yes.
It should be alright.』
「It’s alright, Ain said.」

While I don’t actually know who this Saueluna-san is, she’s probably a maid assigned to Ciel, just like how Mohsa-san was to me.
Ciel didn’t show any negative reaction, so they might have already met.

「Well then, let’s continue this later.
Let us eat.」

Urged by Fiiyanamia-sama, Ciel delightedly began to eat breakfast.

Since Fiiyanamia-sama said we were going to discuss the future, I expected this to be a somewhat serious discussion but after breakfast, we were brought to the usual garden overlook balcony.
There’s tea prepared too, it’s a completely “have a fun chat” atmosphere.
The view of the garden from here is pleasing to the eyes as usual, while the spirits playing in the garden occasionally stealing glances is adorable to see.

And Liessyl-san is sitting on Fiiyanamiya-sama’s lap today.
Does she like sitting on people?
Rather, Fiiyanamia-sama should be somewhat like “associate of my boss” in relation to her, does that just not matter much to Liessyl-san?
Wait, in that sense, I’m probably also equal to Fiiyanamiya-sama, right? I don’t really get it.

「Now, now, Ciel, Ainsel-chan, can you remember what your current position is right now?」
『Fiiyanamia-sama’s guest, right?』
「Fii’s guest, right?」
「That’s right.
Currently, you two are the only guests I have here at Central.
Not many people greet me before they enter, you see?」

How troublesome, it was as if this was written on her face but I don’t think anyone would notice normally.
Even Ciel couldn’t notice it, so wouldn’t there be less than several people in the world who can greet Fiiyanamia-sama?
Or maybe Fiiyanamia-sama just has no intentions of meeting with anyone unless they’re at that level? Yeah, that seems more plausible.

It’s not like she’s a divine messenger that would guide the people after all, her purpose is to maintain the world.
So to begin with, she doesn’t need to interact with people.

「Because of that, in essence, you two are the number 2 here in the capital.」
「Umm, so does that make us important people?」
「Yes, that’s right.
You two are distinguished people here.
Though, it’s not that I’m in my position because I wanted to be particularly distinguished.
If someone here at Central bothers you, I don’t mind if you get rid of them.」

Fiiyanamia-sama is surprisingly extreme but I just told myself that she’s not here to guide people, haven’t I?

「Though, with that said, limit it to people you can handle.」
「That makes sense.
It’s not good to push yourself, after all.」
「There’s unlikely anyone here that you could lose to though.」
「Is that so? No, that’s right.
I don’t think that there’s anyone capable of breaking Ain’s barrier, after all.
Even Fii can’t do it.」

Ciel said so puffed up with pride, how can she be so confident about that? Actually, please don’t compete with Fiiyanamia-sama.
While it’s probably just how much Ciel trusts me, Fiiyanamia-sama did also say that the ground would give in first or so.

How do I react in these situations? I really don’t know.

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「Fufu, true, even I would need to break a sweat.
In a few years, it even might grow too strong for me to contend with.」
「Ain is amazing, you know?」
「Yes, yes, she’s amazing.」
『Umm…… Could we perhaps move forward with the conversation……』

I’m feeling déjà vu.
Still, it’ll be a problem if they only keep talking about me.
Hearing my words, Ciel giggled happily.

Is this what Ciel meant when she said she likes seeing me stumped?
If that’s the case, then I feel like I might just forgive her with nothing more than a wry smile.

「So, what are we actually talking about? It’s not only that, right?」
「Oh, that’s right.
Ciel, Ainsel-chan, if you two are alright with it, would you two be my child?」
「Fii’s child?」
「In my eyes, I already see you as family, you see? Being siblings as my little sister is fine too but there is quite the difference in age after all.」

Fiiyanamia-sama said so with a broad smile, it really surprised me.
While she did say that we were like family, I didn’t expect it to actually be the case.
Still, I don’t think it’s a bad offer.
After all, we would get the protection of the Central’s top figure.
In fact, even if some incident were to happen, she might just leave it for us to handle.

I wonder what Ciel’s answer would be? As I waited for her reply, Ciel called me in a way only I could hear.

『Ain, Ain.
What does she mean by “be her child”?』
『Let’s see.
Perhaps she means that she’ll adopt us.』

Right, Ciel might not understand it too well.
To begin with, she also doesn’t have much understanding about families.
If I had to say, Ciel’s family is me…… probably.
Our relationship has been a bit confusing lately.
I intended to act as Ciel’s guardian but since Ciel is so level-headed and mature, it’s really hard to tell who’s the adult between the two of us sometimes.

『Adoption is when one takes in another family’s child as their own child, I guess.
You can think of it as a parent-child relationship with no direct blood relation.』
『…… I see.
It would be a problem for nobles if they can’t have children after all.』
『That’s right.
The public will recognize this as well, so you could say that it’s a firmer position compared to being Fiiyanamia-sama’s guest.』
『What do you think of Fii’s offer, Ain?』
『It’s by no means a bad offer but may I talk with Fiiyanamia-sama for a moment?』
『Sure, I don’t mind.』

With Ciel’s permission, we switched.
Seemingly noticing this, Fiiyanamia-sama blinked a few times before smiling at me.

「I don’t think it’s a bad offer.
However, may I ask a few questions?」
「Yes, feel free.
As expected, Ainsel-chan would be better for these sorts of things, right?」
「I wonder? Ciel should be able to make these sorts of judgments in the near future.
Now for the questions, Fiiyanamia-sama, you’re not particularly worried about a successor, no?」
「No, I’m not.
My role is mine alone to play, after all.
That’s why even if you do become my child, that wouldn’t particularly change anything.
Just as I said earlier, I already see you two as family.
For me, this would only make introductions much easier.
This will cause some annoyances to flock about, but you two should be able to deal with these, yes? 」
「Fiiyanamia-sama, If what you’ve said before is true, then Central would break before anything were to happen to me.」

In that case, it should be alright to accept.
There’s no catch behind it as well.
If there was, then it’s probably something that we aren’t equipped to deal with in the first place.
I suppose that’s a relief, as I gave an innocuous reply, Fiiyanamia-sama was staring at me disgruntled for some reason.

And as though she thought of something good, her expression did a complete turn around.

「Right, right.
I don’t mind taking you two in as my children but under one condition.

「And that condition is?」
「I want you to call me by Fii.
At the very least, you can’t directly use sama when referring to me, we’re family after all.
Also, I would like to call you Ain too.」

Fiiyanamia-sama looks at me with a broad smile.
What she said is by no means wrong, I think.
I don’t actually know what’s common sense in this world, so I can’t comment on it too much but at the very least, you don’t directly use sama with your parents.
It’s a bargain of an offer but I can’t help feeling hesitant to call Fiiyanamia-sama by just Fii.
I’m reluctant to call someone of higher position by their nickname.

「If you don’t like that, then perhaps I should call you Ainsel-sama from now on.」
「Please don’t.
Also, please give me time to discuss with Ciel.」
I’m looking forward to it.」

『Ain, what’s bothering you so much? Fii can be trusted, in my opinion.』
『It’s not that I don’t trust Fiiyanamia-sama.
It’s just, I feel reluctant in calling her by just Fii.』
『Is that so? If you don’t feel like it, then I don’t mind staying the way we are right now.』
『…… No, it’s just a matter of me getting used to it, so I’m thinking of accepting it.
Do you have any objections, Ciel?』
『Since it’s Fii, it’s alright.』

In that case, I’ll have to resolve myself.
Also, Ciel is calling her by a nickname, so it would be lame of me not to do that as well.
But, well, family, huh.

「We’ve decided, we accept the offer.」
「Well then, why don’t you try calling me by name now?」
「I understand.
「Well, well, that wasn’t quite what I expected.」

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Fiiyanamia-sama —— Fii-kaasama showed a very surprised expression.
Seeing Fii-kaasama, who seemed to know nearly everything, make this sort of expression was quite refreshing, it feels as if I managed to outdo her somewhat.

「But we are family after all, so it shouldn’t be a problem, right?」
「That is true.
Besides, being called that is quite interesting and refreshing.」

It looks like Fii-kaasama really liked it.
So Ciel doesn’t notice, I let out a breath of relief in my mind.


Hiya~! Once again, Happy New Year~! It’s been a while, and I’m back far later than initially planned, but the show must go on regardless! Today we continue on the main story, which left off with Ain interacting with the maid Mohsa and the forest spirit Liessyl.

This chapter starts with a really good bittersweet tone, a sad but hopeful beginning.
I admit, I’m a sucker for these sorts of emotional moments, which what drove me to translate to begin with (despite my first project Succubus being more action-adventure than… romance? drama? Really hard to explain, but intimate and emotional).
Moving on, there seems to be something strange about Ain that Ciel is hinting at but… well, Ain can be absentminded sometimes, lol

I really liked how Ain subtly admits that she wasn’t really a good parent figure, despite her trying to be one.
It’s a difficult thing to do and Ain wasn’t “physically” present for a huge part of Ciel’s life until that terrible time, Ciel mostly didn’t think of Ain as a different being until she was wailing powerlessly that time, and they only began to have proper communication a few years more after that.
With context, Ciel was somewhat alone the first few years, though Ain’s presence and songs certainly gave her reprieve from her situation, which made her mature fast.
Ciel even learned the language despite her situation, likely from conversations since the people there did treat her like she’s possessed by a god and informs her of what they are doing for the day.
Now the point is, Ciel became really mature.
And by the time Ain became “physically present” she was already who she was.
Adding to that how Ain can’t physically interact that much and she also doesn’t like borrowing Ciel’s body too much, at that point, they can be only be step-sisters after a remarriage at most.
You’re right Ain, it’s really vague and complicated, lol.
Personally, I like comparing Ain to Shishou (Master/Teacher) from Reincarnated as a Sword.
Being embodied really makes a big difference.
Still, this is all my personal opinion and thoughts on this, feel free to ignore it.

More importantly, a thing that actually happened: Fii is adopting them, lol.
Which is perfect, since they are practically siblings with no guardians.
Also, this certainly smells like more Ain teasing in the future, certainly something to look forward to.

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