y as an accent, only my left side was braided and now it’s complete.

「It suits you very well!」
「Thank you very much.」

The maid excitedly praised me, so I gave her my thanks.
As for me, it’s been a good learning experience.
Leaving the dress aside, learning the use of accessories and the effects of a change in hairstyle was quite fruitful.

Completing my look, I was brought back to where Ciel and the others were and Ciel immediately approached me.
She then held both of my hands and excitedly spoke to me.

「Adorable, adorable! Ain looks really good in a white dress.」
「It would look well on you too in my opinion, you know?」
「Is that so? As for me, it doesn’t really matter as long as Ain’s adorable.」
「If something looks good on me, it would definitely look good on you too, Ciel.
We have the same build after all.
Besides, I also want to see you wearing cute clothes too, Ciel.

It would be nice if this gets Ciel to be interested in being fashionable but from how it looks, it seems like getting me dressed up is more important here.
Being called adorable by Ciel is, well…… isn’t bad at all, but even so, I want Ciel to look cute myself.

After being a spectacle for a short while, I once again left for the next change of clothes.

After that was a black dress.
It had sleeves that covered upto my upper arm but it was see-through around the shoulder part.
I was thinking that the black dress would overlap with my own natural colors, but after being worn a large pearl—I think—necklace, it balanced things out pretty well.
After that, a bright-colored hair accessory and now, complete.
I think I know the reason why girls like accessories now.

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While I was being dressed up like a doll in this situation, it was a lot different from what I expected and I found it just normally enjoyable.
From my point of view, it was practically like we’re dressing up Ciel after all.
We have different colors so the same clothes would probably give a different impression on her, but the fashion itself is understandable.
The issue is that all the clothes here are expensive.

If I try to prepare a similar outfit, there’s no telling how much it would cost us.
While we do have a large amount of money, it’s a personal problem…… or maybe not.
Actually, how much money do we have?

Putting aside the practical talk, I look to my side as I’m being dressed up.
As our eyes met, Ciel smiled at me.

After several changes of clothes, Ciel joined the dress up doll side of things.
I heard that after being told that she can be together with me, she immediately switched sides.
Will Ciel be alright? Isn’t she a bit too easy to handle?
Or so I say, but I do understand that it’s probably only because it’s related to me.
This makes me feel somewhat ticklish.
I can’t help but feel embarrassed.

If I didn’t have a body, I could hide how I feel but right now, I probably can’t hide it at all.

After being dressed up, the two of us stand before the mirror side by side.

Ciel is wearing a black one-piece dress while I’m wearing a similar dress in white.
Our hair is styled in a way that we’re mirroring each other.
I have an earring on my left ear, while Ciel has one on her right.
All of the small details on us are horizontally reversed and inverted colour.
The meticulousness of the maids is on full display.
Though, if I had to say, my eyes being black in contrast to Ciel’s blue is probably the only thing that couldn’t fit the theme.

It can’t be helped.
After all, we don’t have colored contact lenses here.

Reflected in the mirror, Ciel stares happily as she compares her appearance to mine.
And then she snuggles close to me.

「We’re matching Ain, we’re matching clothes!」
「That’s right, we’re matching clothes.
Also, it looks good on you, Ciel.」
「Is that so? You’re adorable too, Ain.」

Seeing Ciel cheerfully frolicing around, it really warms the heart.
Besides, seeing Ciel wearing something pretty makes me somewhat want to dress her up myself.
As expected, being of Japanese color, Ciel’s white skin looks really pretty.

I’m really glad that I protected Ciel from the sunlight.
Ciel’s white hair is a result of it turning into circuits, so it probably wouldn’t change even with exposure to sunlight.
With that in mind, black hair that functions as a circuit might actually be unique.
Fiiyanamia-sama’s hair is white too after all.

「It’s the same for Ainsel-sama but, Cielmer-sama, your skin is so fair, it’s hard to believe that you’re a hunter.」
「Ain protected me after all.」
「How enviable.」

Seeing Ciel talking normally to the maid is… quite moving.
Though, it might be that she just couldn’t change her way of talking very well since I’m next to her.
Naturally, I won’t get jealous anymore.
I don’t find it just a bit irking, not at all.

Despite this, Ciel looked at me.
And then giggled.
Somehow it feels like Ciel is the mature one, it’s frustrating.
And as I got a bit displeased, Ciel gently patted my head.

I really can’t win against her.
I lightened up a bit.

I’ve called Ciel easy to please before but I’m not much different myself.


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I think it’s due to Ain being already “female” for a long time, with her being in Ciel’s body and whatnot, but also due to Ain basically seeing Ciel in the mirror in most cases, lol.
Most of the time, it’s once again Ain thinking of what would work on Ciel rather than how she looks, and I think this is one more thing that makes it different.
A lot of the “dress up doll” chapters in other series don’t do much to progress the story or to, well, *tell* something.
Rather, it sometimes ruins some of the characters for me, particularly the pushy one that wanted to dress the protag up in the first place.
It sometimes gets uncomfortably pushy and rarely gets referenced to again.
It’s somewhat disengaging to the story when done wrong and there’s usually a new character introduced to avoid existing characters being forced to be the uncomfortably pushy one.
Here, we get more information not only about Ain and Ciel, but also the maids and the mansion.
For example, Ciel getting dressed up with Ain after being convinced by someone (likely Fii) is in-character, and we get to know more about how the maids are somewhat lacking in excitement due to the infrequency of guests.
Ain being Ain and thinking about what would be nice for Ciel and so forth.

And then of course, more bonding time with Ciel and Ain.
Ain being extra adorable due to being unable to hide absolutely anything now with her having manifested a physical body, meanwhile Ciel just keeps on winning, lol.
Ciel could already read Ain like an open book but now it’s like Ain was adapted into a movie, there’s not much left to the imagination (that’s another issue for another topic, lol).
We get our new character Martha and the whole day still left for our princesses spend.

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