alk about this time is just as hard to say but how long I muse about it isn’t going to change anything.
For now, I’ll look for a good opportunity while talking about things.

『Ciel, you know where I was during the past three days, right?』
「Fii said that Ain was probably in the divine realm.」
『That’s correct.
I was summoned by the Creator God to the divine realm.』
「The divine realm, what kind of place was it?」
『It was a pretty place.
I suppose I’d say that it’s similar to the garden here.
But there were a lot of flowers that I’ve never seen before and the sunlight there was very gentle.
There, I had a seat with the Creator God and we talked about things.
She was a really beautiful person…… Or I guess god?』

During these sorts of times, I get a bit stumped on expressions.

With the current flow of the conversation, I was thinking of talking about what the Creator God told me about when suddenly 「What did you say just now?」 Ciel asked me a question, so I paused the topic there.

『Which do you mean by that?』
「You said you had a seat with the Creator God, right Ain?」
『That’s right.
I sat on a beautiful chair while we conversed.』

Seeing her weird interest in that part, I wondered if Ciel is the type to pay attention to furniture.
Though she’s probably curious about other things as well, it just seems like she’s starting from this topic.
However, Ciel’s response was different from what I expected.

「You said sat, right? In other words, Ain has a body in the divine realm? Is that the case?」
『Umm, rather than having a body, I think that it was just my soul taking human shape.』
「Then that means that this shape would be how Ain would look like if you had a human body?」
『That would be the case.』

I expected Ciel to be interested about it, but I’m amazed that she noticed with just the fact that I sat down.
I didn’t even notice it.
Even though I was the one sitting down.

「So then what did you look like Ain? What did you!」
『I had an appearance similar to you, Ciel.
Since I’m using your body, it seems like my soul was influenced by it.
But the colour palette I had was the same from when I was still alive.
My hair and eyes were black, my skin was…… light orange, I think?』

The skin color of Asian people, how do I actually describe it?
If I just say flesh-coloured, then that would refer to the typical skin colour of the people in this world, but I don’t actually have any idea of what the typical skin colour is.
Or rather, I’ve seen quite a lot of different skin tones so far.
Typical skin colour probably also varies depending on race, so as a former Japanese that had flesh coloured skin, I’m really stumped here.

「That’s so nice, so nice, I want to see it too!」
『I see…..
What I want to talk about is somewhat related to that as well, so why don’t we go to the main topic.』

If I become a god, Ciel will probably have the opportunity to see my body.
Outside of that however, I don’t think there will be other opportunities.

That’s why I’ll have to tell her.

But before that, I’ll discuss my situation up until now.
Ah, this part might be something that I should have explained to Fiiyanamia-sama as well.
There’s no point worrying about it now, so I suppose I’ll just tell Fiiyanamia-sama when she asks me about it in a later time.

For now, I explained to Ciel the details of how I got to her side and how I obtained divine power.
This time I didn’t touch on anything about my past life.
While I was talking, Ciel listened with a serious look on her face.

「So in other words, that man’s experiment partially succeeded?」
『That would be the case.
However, making it completely succeed should be impossible.』
「That’s true.
Besides, that man doesn’t even seem to know just how well his experiment went too.
Nonetheless, us being able to see spirits is probably all thanks to that man, right? It’s giving me really complicated feelings.」
『I feel the same way.』
「More importantly, Ain really is amazing! You used magic after all!」
『Although because of that, I won’t ever have the ability to use combat sorcery at all but…..
I’ll leave this to you, Ciel.』
「Yes! Of course, of course!」

That ends the preface.
Now it’s time to go to the real main topic: What will happen to us from now on.

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Hiya~! In today’s chapter, we finally have more bonding moments with Ciel~! However, Ain’s still not quite ready to enjoy the Central and their safety here in the mansion… What more will Ain have for us to see?

Before anything else, there’s a portion I honestly cut out because I had no idea how I could translate it without it being too explanatory.
It’s one of those kinds of things that really really get lost in translation.
I lament not being capable enough to keep it in without it reading too unnaturally, but as I usually do, I’ll explain that part here.

Right after Ain changed “-beautiful person…..
or I guess god?” this part follows:

*In these sorts of times, I get a bit stumped on the use of expressions.
Like when describing a cat’s life, do I say 人生 (the usual word for “Life” being the combination of the kanji “Human” and “Live/Raw/Alive/Fresh”) or 猫生 (“Cat” + “Live/Raw/Alive/Fresh”) or something of that effect.
Although since the language is different, making words like 猫生 is pretty difficult.
(How meta of you, Ain)*

And the most hilariously meta part of this is…… I feel the same way, Ain.
I’d extremely stumped on how to express this due to language difference… Now, if you’re not interested in me excessively elaborating this part, you may skip the paragraph from here on……… Okay then.
In this case, the word person uses the kanji “human”, which the creator god isn’t, but it’s not “human” in the sense of specifically **** sapiens or human race in fantasy novels, the closest would probably be “mortal” or “person/people”.
Now, it wouldn’t be natural for regular people to say “She’s such a beautiful human/mortal” when describing other people, so the choice there is obvious.
So yeah, it’s complicated.
Also, a lot of Japanese puns operate like this, where the reading means one thing while the kanji forming the word is actually some kanjis that aren’t usually put together.
You can see that in Kill la Kill’s “Stripped of the will to fight” endings after the enemies are defeated, it can be heard as “fighting will lost” while it’s actually spelled out as “fight(battle) fiber(thread) lost”.
Honestly, Kill la Kill just has a lot of these, they like the puns and stuff.
But yeah, it’s not really common in English unless as puns, dad jokes, or whacky stuff like superhero/villain names, so it’s hard to translate especially since English isn’t my mother tongue.

Now, back to the actual story.
Ain once again fell asleep, but this time it’s actually her having a rest, which is a good thing.
A really good thing.
Immediately after, our adorable princess finally have the opportunity to enjoy each other’s presence, finally after a long while (especially since I only translate once a week and I’ve been late recently…).
Still, it’s cute how Ain feels absolutely awkward with Fiiyanamia, while Fiiyanamia being no mere mortal, isn’t really bothered at all.
Also, I haven’t really elaborated on this, but how Fiiyanamia acts really highlights her having a different morality from other people, or rather regular people.
Which is pretty fitting for her since she’s not really mortal.

Anyhow, it was also pretty nice that we get to see more of Ciel opening up to other people, hopefully a continuing trend from here on out.
Still, I think I already said this before, but it’s funny how Ciel and Fii share not only physical features (hair colour and general shortness) but also verbal tics.
Fii tends to repeat herself, while Ciel only does so when excited or emotional but that might be because she generally doesn’t speak too much.
More on Ciel, it was really cute how she was really excited about just knowing that Ain *has* a body, regardless of it being a spiritual body.

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