e have time, I want to us to talk about ourselves but… can we?」
Being impatient right now does seem to be more dangerous.
But what should we start with?』
「First, there’s something I really wanted to ask you.
Ain, you’re a god aren’t you?」
『No, but what makes you think that?』
「That man’s first goal was to have a god inhabit a baby, me, and make a god.
     But if you aren’t a god, then he really did fail.」

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As the scale of our discussion suddenly increased in magnitude, I instantly froze.
With Ceil saying it so casually, the gap it resulted only made me speechless.
In Japan, I haven’t really thought much about gods; but in this world where the gods are close enough to grant the people jobs, you can definitely feel their presence.
Perhaps that’s also why crazy ideas like creating a god are thought of.
Still, that doesn’t explain why anyone would use their daughter as test subject.
At worst, Ciel’s consciousness might have been taken over and might even disappear.
No, he’s exactly the kind of man that would be fine with his “daughter” dying.

『So that means that when I saw that man taking care of you and rejoicing your safety when we were at that cell, it was because he thought there was a god inside you.
     The many attacks too, were to confirm a god’s existence.
He probably thought that a god wouldn’t die from that much.
If you died, it would’ve been likely that he would only conclude that the experiment was a failure and there was no god in the first place.
     Considering all of this, I can understand that man’s joy at that time.』
「He didn’t actually say it, but that was probably so.
     The reason he didn’t give us food too might have been because he was afraid that giving human food would make me stop being a god.
Although he didn’t actually have any basis for that one.」
『That means that his goal wasn’t actually Ciel’s virgin blood, it was a god’s virgin blood.』

I gaze at Ciel nodding in agreement with mixed feelings.
With a god’s blood, it’s obvious that there would be some tremendous power within.
More so if it’s blood that could be only shed once, it won’t be strange for it to be capable of miracles like reviving the dead.
That man might have had wanted something enough to push him this far.
It might even be something like exchanging some last words with a beloved.
Still, it absolutely doesn’t pardon him for how he had treated Ciel.

If asked if learning enough about the situation to imagine this much quelled my anger, it doesn’t.
Up until now, I was distracted by an indescribable disgust at the eeriness of this unknown situation.
But now that the mystery is cleared, my anger only boils even more instead.

「So then on that day, he noticed that I wasn’t a god and took me to this room.
     That time, he told me to read all the books here until I become 10 years old.
After that, you already know, right Ain?」

Ciel said nothing about this, but the reason that she was wrapped in bandages is probably due to that man venting out his frustration on her after realizing that she wasn’t a god.
Really, in a world where gods are so close, I’m amazed that he could think of doing that.
Now if only he’d get hit by divine judgment right now.
「It looks like I’m already done with my story」Ciel mutters to herself.
We’ve been together practically from the day she was born, so although she still wants to talk, she likely doesn’t have anything more she can tell.

「Next, I want to know about you, Ain.」
『Well then.
First of all, I myself don’t know why I’m with you.
     I suspect that I might have been caught by something that was used to have a god inhabit you.
It’s absolutely unrelated to me, but it’s quite convincing.』
「Then it means that Ain isn’t the lightly shining person, right?」
『Hmm, let’s see.
I think that it’s probably my soul.
     It’s strange to me that I can exist only as a soul, so perhaps it’s best to think that your body houses both of our souls.
     Since it does seem that I’m bound to your body.』
「If that’s the case, then it means that my body is yours too, right? I’m sorry, for getting you injured a lot.」

It was somewhat for me hard to explain, so I ended up being quite vague.
Still, Ciel roughly understood what I said and apologized with a downcast gaze.
If Ciel dies, I think it’s likely that I’ll die too, so it’s not wrong to say that it’s my body as well.
Still, I’ve already died once and Ciel’s body is hers, so I’ll be happy if she lives her own life.
How do I describe it? It’s only like I borrow it sometimes.

『Please don’t mind, I’m really just borrowing your body.
     After all, I’m someone that’s already dead.』
「Ain is dead?」
『I don’t know how best to explain it, but I’ve definitely died once.
     I clearly remember how I’ve died as well, so I’m certain about it.
     My guess is that after dying and becoming just a soul, I was pulled into your body by the said experiment.
In other words, the body is yours, Ciel, and I’m just someone that came afterwards.』
「Alright, I’ll just leave it at that.
     You said that you’re just borrowing my body, so does that mean that you can also move my body?」
『I’ve borrowed it while you were asleep before.
I’ve also assisted a bit when taking the medicine.
     However, I don’t know if I can move while you’re awake.
Would you like to test it?』
「Fufu, I’ll leave my body to you.」

No longer feeling down, Ciel energetically flashes me a smile.
It looks like she found a compromise for herself, which really helps since it’s difficult for me to explain.
Besides, she’s probably also interested in experiencing the bizarre feeling of her body moving outside her control.
It might be necessary for us in the future as well, so there’s really no harm in trying it.

First, I call out to her and try to move like I usually do when she’s asleep.
The whole body feels weirdly tensed up, it doesn’t seem to budge.

『Ciel, could you try closing your eyes and relaxing?』

Following my instructions, Ciel closed her eyes and relaxed her body.
This time there isn’t as much resistance as before and I now can move Ciel’s body to my will.
However, the body feels heavy and I can’t move it very smoothly.
At present it’s not completely useless, but it might be better to test it out more.
After testing with some light movement, I return the body to Ciel.

「It felt really bizarre.
But it felt pleasant to feel your existence, Ain.」
『Did anything feel uncomfortable?』
「Nope, it was fun.
So you always protected me like this, right?
     Thank you, Ain.」
『It was only natural to do.』

Specifically, I only used sorcery, but the fact that I borrowed her body doesn’t change.
It was embarrassing to hear her thank me so frankly, so I ended up replying a bit curtly.
But the fact that I can now accept her thanks might be a sign that we’ve gotten a bit closer.
Up until now I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but as long as Ciel doesn’t reject me, I want to keep protecting her.
For that, until Ciel reaches the age of 10, we need to do everything we can, one by one.
So for now, we’ll start with learning about jobs.

『For our plans, I think we should first study about jobs.
     Learning what kind of jobs there are, which one of them are valued the most and the least and, if possible, finding a way to get a specific job should raise our chances of escaping this mansion.』
「So we should prioritize reading books about jobs, right?
     Still, I do plan to finish reading all the books in here in the first place.」
『That’s true.
Then shall we continue on as usual?』
「Are you perhaps going to sing?」
『Do you dislike it?』
「Nope, I’m looking forward to it.」

With her face filled with anticipation, Ciel began searching for books about jobs.

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