Only some speculations.」
「I see.
We’ll inform you about it.」

The guildmaster gave his word as he stared at the giant wolf on the floor.
Since we’re already here, we also took out enough monsters to complete the other requests and had the requests processed on the spot.
We brought quite a number of monster carcasess, but the guildmaster wasn’t as surprised as he was with the golden wolf and just silently received them.

「All that’s left is to show your card to the reception counter on your way back and it’ll be completed.」
「By the way, when will the gates open up?」
「After having several investigation requests that would confirm that the safety levels are back to normal.」
「In that case, gate usage permit please.」
「I don’t really mind giving you one but…… why?」
「To see the ocean.」

While the guild master was left perplexed, he didn’t ask any more than that and simply promised that we’d be issued a permit at the reception counter as well.

「Miss Cielmer, in your assessment, how strong was this monster?」
「At least A-rank.
I haven’t fought monsters beyond A-rank, so I can’t say for sure.
Still, it was far stronger than B-rank.」

The guildmaster went completely silent after only replying 「We’ll keep that in mind.」 to Ciel’s words, so we simply left the storage area.
As we finished the document processing at the reception counter, I felt a different hunter approaching the counter, but we ignored them and left the Hunter Guild.

Directly after leaving the guild, Ciel left the town of Norvell.
That’s probably just how much she wanted to see the ocean.

Within the thick forest, we headed far northward and encountered a mountain path.
The mountains it led to seems to be relatively low since even though we did manage to reach the peak without much trouble, the visibility from there was bad and we couldn’t see the ocean.

Around three days after leaving the town, we were now descending the mountains as we continued further northward.
As to be expected, travelling without any stopovers—although we did play with the spirits along the way—significantly increased our travel speed.
There were several B-rank level monsters that attacked us on the way but we defeated them without much trouble.
Considering this, that golden wolf might have actually been S-rank.

What appeared as we descended to the base of the mountain was, what a surprise, more forest covering our field of vision.
While it didn’t seem like anything was any different, compared to what was on the other side of the mountain, things that aren’t visible have changed.

For example, the air.
Perhaps having a lot of moisture, the air feels thick.
Another example, the sounds.
What was once only the sound of leaves swaying in the wind is now replaced with the sound of water crashing into a wall echoing from a distance.

The variety of trees growing might have even changed and such, but I don’t know much in that regard.
Still, the proportion of spirits having a shade of blue seems to be increasing.

As we continued onward, our field of vision that was narrowed by the trees suddenly opened up.
The morning sunshine shone brightly, causing Ciel to make a shade for her eyes with her hand.

While Ciel can’t see it yet, before us is a vast ocean stretching to the horizon.
In my visual field is the color of blue and white.
There’s no sandy shoreline, only a steep cliff, as though the ground was carved out, being thrashed by waves non-stop.
It was the blue sea and sky that I’ve seen many times when I was alive.

But to tell you the truth, I’ve only seen an extensive view like this in pictures and portraits.
After all, the place where I lived in had no cliffs nearby.
There might have been some, but the only places I’ve been to were beaches and harbors.
That’s why it’s nostalgic but somewhat different.
And while I can say the same about the scenery as well, spirits delightedly floating around everywhere is something I’ve never seen before.

Being the ocean, there’s a lot of water-type spirits as expected.

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「Ain! Ain! The water is so blue!」
『Yes, it’s quite blue.』
「And it’s really big!」

『It is, this really takes me back.
This is the first time I’ve seen the sea over here though.』

Ciel spoke in extremely high spirits.
Seeing Ciel acting her age with her eyes sparkling with excitement, I suddenly wondered what went on my mind when I first saw the sea.
Still, no matter how hard I try, I can’t remember at all.
It might have been even before I had consciousness after all, so it can’t be helped.

「Ain, was the ocean that you’ve seen before… also like this?」

Seemingly calmed down, Ciel’s somewhat lonely voice called my attention.

『Let’s see.
The sky and sea are blue, and the clouds and waves are white.
Just as it is in my memory.
However, there is something different now.』
「Really? What is it?」
『I couldn’t see spirits back then.』
「Fufu, they look like they’re enjoying themselves.
Say, Ain.」
『What is it?』
「This isn’t all of the ocean, right?」
『Yes, it should surround the continent, so you can say that the ocean here is only a small part of it.
This ocean faces a cliff, but there should be places where there are harbors built for fishing and I believe that there are sandy beaches where you can be much closer to the ocean.』
「In that case, once we leave this country, let’s go see various other oceans.
Let’s see various other skies.
Let’s visit various other places.
And then……」
『And then what?』
「It’s nothing.
Don’t worry about it.」

Ciel shook her head and glossed over my question.

This is the first place that Ciel has ever seen the ocean.
Perhaps because of that, she might have various things running through her mind.
『Is that so.』As I replied so, I imagined that if we ever visit this place again, Ciel is sure to have made more memories by then.

I’m a bit excited for that day to come.



Hiya~! Finally, our princesses have finally achieved one of their goals!

For the first part, the speculation continues, but Ain seems practically 99% sure that it’s the duke’s doing, lol.
But yeah, it does spell a lot of trouble.
Mostly to the people that’ll have to clean up the duke’s mess.
Which was Ain and Ciel this time.
Still, as Ain says, the duke isn’t going to stop until he has clear results, and he doesn’t seem to be good with disposing his “trash”, especially if we consider our protagonists, lol.

Also, the bit about the Hunter Guild being generally tense because everyone’s locked in the town tho.
A small, but nice detail.
As with the guildmaster going out of his way to make sure that the big little kids behave, lol.

And lastly, the ocean.
Man, it’s really nice to see Ciel just appreciate the world and Ain enjoying the world alongside her.
As Ain said, she probably wouldn’t have connected to this world as she does now if not for Ciel.
Even now she has a hard time opening up, and for a good reason.
Still, it would have been worse for the both of them if this wasn’t so.

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