his voice.

As I thought, it’s the guild’s management head.
After all, this boy is a person of promise to this town; moreover, the man probably knows about Ciel as well.
In short, this boy being crushed here isn’t something the man would find acceptable.

「Miss Cielmer, pardon our Gancia’s discourtesy.」
「So you’ve done research on me? Well, I can understand why.」
「I’m glad to hear that.
I have a grasp of the sequence of events and this matter is completely Gancia’s fault.」
「What are you talking about, guildmaster!」

It sounds like the guildmaster has a soft spot for the boy.
After all, the boy is flaring up to the top of an organization, so something similar to this likely happens on a regular basis.

It might not be wrong to imagine that he’s pampered by this guildmaster.
Still, right now at the very least, there’s no sign of softness coming from the guildmaster at all as the guildmaster responded to the boy in a scolding tone.

「So you think suddenly saying ”Be my woman” is a normal thing to do?」
「That’s-…… I was just drunk earlier……」
「I understand the feeling of wanting to have some fun at the pub now that you’re legally allowed to drink.
I’ve been there before after all.」
「However, that doesn’t mean to say that being drunk excuses everything you do.
Now, if the one you picked a fight with was a different high-ranked hunter, then you might have already gotten seriously injured at this point.
Have you considered that?」

As the two started a conversation on their own, Ciel is now getting bored.
She’s practically emanating a Can we go home now? aura and even let out a light yawn.
『It would have been better if the guildmaster didn’t come.』 She muttered, and I really agree with that.

「But…… She’s just E-rank at best, isn’t she? If she has a high rank, then it’s her fault for looking so misleading.」
「You’re speaking like this wouldn’t be an issue if she was a lower-ranking hunter.
I don’t remember ever permitting the hazing of newcomers…… Rather, if a high-ranked individual is permitted to do as they want, then you have no right to complain about how Miss Cielmer looks.
If, by any chance, she wasn’t even a hunter, then this would have made our relationship with the townsmen go sour.
Can you take responsibility for that?」

The boy’s assertiveness gradually shrank and he even appeared physically smaller now.
He should be taller than I was when I was alive though.
Leaving that aside, with how it seems at this rate, will this end up with a 「Could you let him off this time?」 sort of thing? I have absolutely no intention of allowing that at all though.

『Say, Ain?』
『What is it?』
『In this kind of situation, would it be better to just forgive him?』
『For me, from the moment he went 「Be my woman」 and all, I already had no intention of forgiving him; but if you’d prefer to forgive him, then I think that’s alright as well.
Still, the hunters that are watching us now might make light of us if we forgive him unconditionally, so I suppose it would be best to at least demand some reparation from Gancia-san.』
『I see.
Thank you Ain.』

Now what was Ciel thanking me for, I wonder?
Also, will she forgive him or not? Her reply was pretty vague about that.
Just as that went through my mind, Ciel spoke to the guildmaster.

「So, what now? I don’t plan on forgiving him, just so you know.」
「This is, after all, a dispute between hunters.
As a general rule, the guild won’t intervene.

But, despite how he is, he’s still a hunter of great promise.
Losing him would be a waste.
For that reason, I won’t stop your formal battle but I want to ask for a change of conditions.」
「In other words, you’re siding with him? I thought you already researched about me?」

Hearing Ciel’s words, the guildmaster made a pained expression.
If he did research about Ciel then he should know how much she has contributed and, at the same time, the things that the guild has done against her.
This mediation is for the sake of saving the boy; but from our perspective, this is practically the guild inconveniencing us once again.

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So yeah, I can understand why he’d have that pained expression.
If he doesn’t do this, the guild will end up losing a promising rookie.
And unlike us who constantly wander around here and there, the boy is likely to become a major fighting force for this guild in the future.
Being the head of an organization is pretty complicated, isn’t it?

Unfortunately though, that’s no reason for me to let this slide.
It seems like the Hunter Guild only brings us trouble despite all the things we’ve helped them with.

「If I win, demote him and grant me my remaining requirements to become B-rank.」
「…… Alright.」
「Guildmaster! What are you just agreeing with her for!」
「If you lose Miss Cielmer, then we’ll have you stay here for a year and have Norvelle as your base of activities during that period.」
「Also, the battle will only decided upon surrender or incapacitation.」

As the guildmaster, he probably had no other choice but to swallow those conditions.
After all, the boy would end up having to leave the guild instead.
This is our point of compromise, and if he wanted another change of conditions, then Ciel would likely refuse and fight under the original ones instead.
Perhaps not understanding that, 「Wait a minute!」 the boy continued on making a fuss.



Heya~! As trouble is a brewin’ in the guild once again, a new character has joined the fray!

Man, I know this isn’t anything new, but it must be frustrating to be in Ain’s position.
Anyhow, boy oh boy.
This boy’s got to have the most horrible luck.
Think about it, the boy had enough sanity to *not* just suddenly jump Ciel out of anger and Ciel is pretty much absolutely immune to insults and taunting, except when it’s targeted at Ain or anything related to her.
There was practically only a slim chance of this fight actually happening, since Ciel is pretty much uninterested in him, but to his misfortune, Ciel has new equipment and quite interested in trying it out on *people*.
And he just happened to be *people*.
And Ain is pretty livid.
I pray for his soul.

Luckily for him though, the guildmaster came to the rescue.
Still, the guildmaster is in a pretty tough spot.
Practically a rock and a hard place.
After all, the boy seems to be actually promising, unlike some B-boy in the past, as he’s a D-rank Solo hunter.
Not anything amazing compared to AinCiel, but remember, most newbies get to D-rank at like 3-5 years after joining.
And most of them act in groups.
To put it in perspective, B-boy and his old pals learned their jobs at 10, learned about equipment maintenance and got familiar with their Jobs for 5 years, became hunters at 15 and rose to E-rank a year after, and only got to D-rank about 2 and a half years after that.
Except for B-boy, he was sent to the mines for being a naughty naughty brat.
Anyhow, a regular hunter would probably reach D-rank at about 4-5 years after joining.
So yeah, the boy’s promising and seem to be not that cocky before becoming D-rank.
Unlike some B-boy in the past.
So yeah, a promising regular is important for a town literally next to a monster den, but the guest has already been compromised by another guildmaster in a previous event… really tough spot there, guildmaster.
He seemed to be a caring dad kind of man too.

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