ning to misuse his Job during this period, at worst, his head will be flying off on the spot.
As for the ten that ambushed us yesterday, they’ll be demoted in rank.」

So far, a lot of people have been demoted after getting involved with Ciel, but with ten more added to the record, I feel like this might end up landing us an alias, which is somehow scary.
Though Ciel, on the other hand, just seemed absolutely uninterested about it.

「And me?」
「For you, you’ll be granted the second largest magic bag in the possession of the Royal Capital Guild as well as safety within the guild.」
「Within the guild…… is it?」

Being somewhat displeased, Ciel repeated Chasse-san’s words.
He then hurriedly continued the conversation.

「But in exchange for that, in the event that the Royal Capital is hit with the stampede, you won’t and can’t be coerced into fighting.
The involvement of nobles was acknowledged, but it’s written in the papers that this is for safety reasons.
After all, there’s no way that the Knight Commander won’t get involved when a stampede occurs.
Not wanting to work with someone that tried to take your life is understandable.
At worst, you might even get assigned to work under his command after all.

That should be why it was approved, if I had to say.」

『I suppose that was unavoidable.
After all, the guild probably can’t guarantee our safety if we get into trouble somewhere they can’t monitor.
Let’s just be glad that they approved of us not needing to work when a stampede happens.』
『If Ain says so, then it can’t be help.
It’s good news as long as we get the magic bag.』

「Then Chasse.
Go shop for me.」

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Immediately as Ciel said that, she took out an unneeded sheet of paper and wrote down the things we need for our trip, such as a sleeping bag and so on.
Upon writing down everything, she took out some coins and handed these to Chasse-san.

「Not a surprise considering that we can’t guarantee her safety.
Give up.」
「I was glared at in a weapon shop earlier too.」

While Chasse-san had a stumped look on his face, Viviana-san patted him on the shoulder and Ciel told them about what happened some time ago.
It’s not as if it had no connection to the conversation, but Ciel definitely omitted too much information.
I’m glad that Viviana-san understood what Ciel meant.
Chasse-san shook his head in resignation, 「Viviana, can you come with me?」 and asked Viviana-san.

「Absolutely not.
I told you that I have business with Cielmer, didn’t I?」

Being rejected by her, Chasse-san looked like an abandoned puppy.

「Then in that case, can I bring along the magic bag we were supposed to give you now? Since I’m shopping for your things anyway.」
「I don’t mind.」
「Well, I’ll be off then.
It’ll be a problem if we miss each other, so stay here until I come back.」

As Chasse-san was leaving by himself, 「Yeah, yeah, see you later.」 Viviana-san casually sent him out.
I can’t tell who’s the leader between them, but it’s insensitive to care too much about others peoples business.
Rather, in the case of the Fools’ Gathering, they might actually see being the leader as being the one to have the most annoying work assigned to them.

「Business with me?」
「I’ve finished writing the letter of introduction.
Also, to thank you for yesterday, I guess.
It’ll be best to keep the letter inside the magic bag.
It has a wax seal, so it’ll lose its validity if opened by accident.」

Ciel received the letter of introduction and put it inside the magic bag we’re using as a purse.
Considering how the sword is also inside, it should be near its maximum capacity, but the letter entered without any issues.

「Once again, thank you for yesterday.
When I tried using sorcery, the result was literally beyond my imagination.
This does change the way I have to handle it, but I should be able to manage somehow.」
「I see.
That’s good.」
「Really, you have my gratitude.
Forgive me for not being able to pay you back adequately.」

Viviana-san lowered her head but as if to say she doesn’t mind it, Ciel shook her head in reply.
After that, Ciel and Viviana-san had an on-and-off chat while waiting for Chasse-san to return.

As Chasse-san returned, Viviana-san checked if he bought everything and we confirmed that the magic bag is authentic.
By the time we arrived at the gate leading northwards, the sun had already started to set.
Timewise, it should be about 3 pm.
There’s still some time before the day ends, but it’s a bit too late for starting something new.

For that reason, Viviana-san and Chasse-san who came to send us off asked Ciel if she could consider leaving tomorrow morning instead.
In reply, Ciel only answered 「It’s fine」 but they didn’t ask any more questions after that.

「I’ll be going then.」
「Yeah, see you again.」
「See you again sometime.」

Hearing Ciel’s short goodbye, Chasse-san and Viviana-san bid their farewell.
In these sorts of situations, it makes me imagine some touching goodbye scene; but in the world of hunters, where the people you know might be dead by tomorrow, having curt farewells aren’t particularly unusual.

Without turning back, Ciel ventures onwards to a new land.



Heya~! What a great gifts for the holiday (not quite the exact date, but still) to have: one magic bag, two adorable princesses, twelve fools punished, and a goodbye to this troublesome little place~

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Once again, Ciel proves to be the heart-throb of the pair, lol.
Meanwhile, Ain is busy hilariously trying to convince herself that she’s not happy for being specifically called “adorable”, but is instead happy because she was complimented by a pretty girl in general regardless of what the compliment was.
She subconsciously cringed from how painful her attempt of self-justification was though, lol.
Still, it’s quite nice to how much Ciel has grown.
Ain worries too much, while Ciel cares too little but as a result, they both complement each other, with Ciel being somewhat more mature in certain occasions.
Also, Ciel was the one talking the whole time in the second half! Yay~! Slightly pissed Ciel tho.

Now on the other hand, poor Chasse, lol.
First, having to clean up the hot dripping mess the guild master made, now being a gofer and also being rejected by his own teammate.
As for Viviana, it seems like the hours of tickle torture really paid off considering that she just had a huge power upgrade from the incident.
A price to pay for salvation indeed.
On to the guild master, well, it seems like he still has his job for now (only it’s not really a job but free labour, and he now has not even a single penny to his name) but only until his replacement arrives, hopefully to smite more judgment upon him.
Have fun working to earn the right to decide whether you’ll be sent back to the lowest position in the guild or just have no job at all in the future~

And so our princesses have finally left the royal capital behind before the troublesome knight commander even had the chance to be a greater nuisance and before the steaming hot mess of a stampede hits the metaphorical fan~! What lies ahead in their journey~?

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