ing with sorcery would probably be much easier, this sorcery was made as a result.
While drawing something as elaborate as a magic circle is pretty difficult, it’s surprisingly doable.
With the preparations done, we only have to wait for them to either come out or attack us.
Just to make sure, I want to act only after confirming if the other party intends to harm us.

「You’re the brat that framed Tolt-san, aren’t you?」

The ten people that surrounded us were all men that seemed to be hunters.
Judging from his words, they probably are actually hunters.
The last one seems to be watching from a distance and doesn’t seem to have any intention of coming out.

「I was wrapped up in trouble and nothing more, so it’s someone else.」
「There aren’t any other bratty white-haired girls around other than you here.」
「So, what are you going to do about it?」
「That’s obvious.
We’re gonna get you and make you confess that Tolt-san wasn’t in the wrong.」

If they really just wanted to get me, then they wouldn’t have gone out of their way to show themselves.
Otherwise, maybe these ten are decoys so the last hidden one can capture me.
Even if this is the case, isn’t the distribution of their numbers strange considering that? Well, in reality, the last one is probably an assassin sent by the guildmaster or something.

The ten of them drew out their weapons and steadily began to approach us, so I promptly enveloped them with barriers and captured them.
Even a barrier that could be easily destroyed by a monster of C-class strength, when used on ten people, understandably took a small chunk of my magic power.
A box used to protect oneself, naturally, can also be used as a box to capture one’s foes.
Abruptly bumping into an obstacle, the hunters let out confused mutters.
And as they realised that they’re all surrounded by invisible walls, 「Let me out, brat!」 they began threatening us.
Is this some sort of zoo now?

「Our attacks can hit them from our side, so please take care of these people.」

For some reason, it seems like Viviana-san was taken aback, but this is the quickest solution among the others I’ve come up with, so I hope she can understand.
Now on my side, I switched with Ciel and asked her to handle the last one.

『Would you mind capturing the last one, Ciel?』
『So that’s what this magic circle is for.』
『Since this is a good chance, try to handle the detection by yourself too, okay?
If there’s any chance that the last one might head for Viviana-san, I’ll inform you then.』

The magic circle I drew earlier was, to simply put, one for manipulating plants to capture a target.
If Ciel drew it instead, then there’s a risk of killing the enemy, so I did it just in case.
While they already lost any rights to complain about being killed from the moment they pointed their weapons towards us outside the capital, we might lose the chance to figure out who instigated this if the eleventh one ever dies.

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We have a barrier anyway, so it should be fine even if Ciel fails the capture.
Just as I thought so, the eleventh person began running to our direction.
I can barely hear any footsteps, but the guy is quite fast.
Just as Ciel was about to activate the magic circle, something was thrown at us.
It’s most likely a knife.
Considering its path, if Ciel avoids it, there’s a risk of Viviana-san getting hit.
Without turning to the knife’s direction, Ciel activates the magic circle.
Grass extends from the ground, seizing the knife in the air.
She then promptly activates it again, this time halting the movements of the individual attempting to zero in on us.

As Ciel turned around, what I saw was a girl with a knife frozen mid-attack and the captured knife hanging midair.
The girl seems to be around 15 years old, I think.
She looks slightly older than Ciel.

「Song Princess, disappear!!!」

Since only her movements are sealed, the girl is free to scream and glare as she’s doing right now.
If I reached out even a finger towards her, she’d probably bite it off.
Still, in my opinion, a younger girl showing animosity in this sort of situation is really nothing short of comical to see.

「Don’t just silently stand there.
You’re the lowest of all, not us.
Act more miserable like how you are.」

Perhaps because Ciel seemed absolutely uninterested in talking, the girl is running her mouth off as she pleases.
Her actions seemed as if she was partially brainwashed into believing that Song Princesses are evil.
These types of people don’t really seem to listen to what you say to them, so Ciel’s handling of the situation shouldn’t be wrong.
Rather, she’s already annoying as is, so it would probably be better to just shut her up.

『Let’s knock her out.』

It’s a bit harsh, but Ciel hits her with enough non-lethal force to knock her out.
One mistake might have killed her and even doing this might cause some permanent after-effects later on, but that’s really none of our concern.

As Ciel completed her role, she gave me control of the body and 「It seems like you’re done there.」 Viviana-san called for my attention.

「As you can see.」
「I saw that you knocked her out, but are you going to carry her back?」
「I should be able to manage.
She seems light after all.」
「You seem lighter than her, you know?」

Viviana-san is probably right, but estimating your own weight is hard.

「Anyways, I’d like to do something about these guys, so I suppose we’ll have to haul them to the Hunter Guild then.」
「Then in that case, I only need to carry this girl on my back.」

Concerning the hunters I’ve entrusted to Viviana-san, on top of tying their hands, they were also gagged with ropes to keep them silent.
It seems like all of them are tied with the same rope as when Viviana-san pulled on the end that she’s holding, all of them got pulled along.

「That girl doesn’t seem to be a hunter.」
「Right, she likely isn’t.
I already have a rough speculation of this situation, and I have some connections too, so I’ll try to get in touch with them.」
「Which means I’m in charge of handling these other ten then.」
「How much time do you think that could take?」
「I only need to explain the course of events, so it should end quick.」
「In that case, let’s regroup after having lunch.
Our conversation got interrupted after all.
I might take more time on my side though, so please feel free to take your time eating.」
「I honestly shouldn’t agree to this…… but I also can’t just leave these guys here.」

Viviana-san was reluctant about this but still agreed, and I’m really grateful about that.
After all, if I had to explain about the underground stuff, it’ll just needlessly waste our time.

「I’d prefer to continue our conversation in my room, so please come to the inn again later.」

Viviana-san nodded and left with the men in tow.



Heya~! As expected, trouble came but as it did, it was immediately smacked to the floor~!

First of all, more teacher Ain shenanigans, yay~! Well not really teacher Ain this time, but I digress.
One thing I loved in the first part is how Viviana is characterized in general.
Just the part where Ain explains her current situation combined with the characterization of the Fools’ Gathering really implies a lot of what she’s went through.
She’s a stubborn fool who never gave up on sorcery, considering how Ain specifically says what she’s doing is dangerous but necessary for her to even use sorcery.
There’s also her momentarily cringing upon the thought of using a magic circle instead, as she probably didn’t want to show herself being weak but did it anyway without question.
This is just my opinion anyway.

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Next, more world building~! Particularly about the Central and also another reason to get out of the kingdom ASAP.
Not only is there a strong discrimination in Jobs and the Song Princess in particular, there’s also just plain racism as well.
Imagine being reincarnated in a fantasy world, wondering why there aren’t any of the staple fantasy races around, not knowing that it’s just that it’s actually just an issue with the country you’re in.
Anyway, we’ve previously confirmed the existence of an elven and dwarven kingdoms, and now we have one new character, Fiyanamia, to look forward to~!

Lastly, more trouble from a guy that’s not even anywhere near… And a random hysterical assassin girl.
Still, the exchange between Viviana and Ain was pretty hilarious.
Viviana: “Say, how many can you fight?” *sweats internally as she realises how many people there are*
Ain: “I’ll take one of them, but I’ll also capture all of them, so have fun~”
Her cold sweat is understandable when you consider that she’s probably a C-rank on her own and specializes on party play.
Poor Viviana, she was only there to monitor them and guard them from random attackers in the streets, not from a whole mob.
Though it’s partially her fault for giving in to the temptation of learning from a high level sorcerer and agreeing to exit the capital, lol.
Also, Ain’s making her move it seems, as she’s going to try to contact her… *Connections*… *dun dun dunnn*

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