, it’s not any reason for me to be sold at all.
What you’ve done was kidnapping a bystander to sell them for your daughter’s sake, nothing more, nothing less.」

Perhaps left speechless by my words, Anicet could only scowl at me.

『Well then, have you heard everything you wanted Ciel?』
So people can get this selfish for someone’s sake, huh.』
『That might be inevitable.
This is an extreme example but if I were to die if you don’t kill 100 passerbys, what would you do Ciel?』
『I see.
In this case, these people had no luck then.
Also, they didn’t have enough strength, I suppose?』
『That’s true.
They might have been especially unlucky.』

The example of me dying was a bit problematic if I say so myself, but regardless of that, that way of looking at it certainly does make sense as well.
If ever the victim of this incident was someone else that had a weak social standing like us, they would have been successfully drugged and abducted, resulting in the merchant couple likely getting a happy life with their daughter instead.
But to their misfortune, to their disappointment, they attempted to sell us.

「You, if only you weren’t there, we would’ve had enough money!」

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Perhaps because I went silent—I was talking to Ciel—Anicet spat out those words.
Was that the reason that they didn’t have any escorts then? After earning just barely more than enough to pay the debt off, they forced the journey without any escorts.
It’s like I’m the villain for asking for the reward.
Well, so what then?

「T-that’s right.
If you don’t save us, we’re going to spread information about you.
You want us to keep quiet, don’t you?」
「That’s non-negotiable.
After all, I’ve agreed to keep the lady’s promise with everyone in this room.
In addition to your settlements, it looks like we’ll have to educate you two so that you don’t talk about our lady here as well.」
「In that case, I’ll leave the rest to you.」

Since it should be fine to leave things to them, I stood up to exit the room.

「I’ve already informed the inn, so just introduce yourself as Blan at the reception desk.」
Well then, I hope we don’t see each other ever again.」

When did he even have the time to inform them though?
Ignoring the audible voices of spite coming from behind us, I exited the building.
Before I noticed it, it’s already nearly noon.
Still, would it be alright to go through the inn to get back to the public street?
Even if it isn’t, I don’t really know any other way back, so I headed back to the inn using the hidden passage-like area.

『For now, let’s switch once we reach the inn, okay?』
『Right, understood.
By the way, Ain?』
『What is it?』
『What’s going to happen to the couple and their child?』

Ciel asked me so, but I’m not really knowledgeable about the underworld, so I don’t have a definite answer.
If she’s fine with my speculations, then I do have some ideas in mind though.

『First of all, the daughter probably would be sold.』
『So, just as initially planned then.』
『The merchant couple would have their throats broken and fingers severed…… Or maybe not.
To be honest, I don’t actually know.』

As for taking responsibility in the underworld, cutting a finger off is all my shabby imagination can think of.
It’s depressing.
Other than that, I’ve also thought of being packed in concrete and thrown in the ocean, or being sent to a tuna ship and all, but I don’t think that both of those can apply to this world.

『So there are things that Ain doesn’t know about.』
『I’m ignorant about society’s underworld after all.
Despite how I seem, I was just a common civilian, you know?』
『Ain being a civilian feels weird too.』

Using the term commoner might have been fine, but that term wasn’t really used much during my life in Japan.

Anyway, I was just an ordinary person back when I was alive.

『It only seems that way because I was somewhat grown up.
When you reach the same age as when I was still alive, I’m sure that you’d understand how much of a child I am.』
『Then I’ll leave it at that.』

I switched with Ciel, who was in high spirits for some reason, and we headed to the reception desk.
But unlike yesterday, the person in charge today was a tall handsome young man.

I was told I can borrow a room.」
「Blan-sama, right.
We’ve been informed about you.
We would like to apologise for the trouble we have caused earlier.」
「Hurry up and lead me to the room.」
Then please follow me.」

The young man left his reception work and Ciel then followed behind him.
Before long, we were led to a room on the third floor that seemed about three times as large as a normal room, if I’m not wrong.
The spacious room had a large bathroom as well and a bed one size larger than our previous one.

「This room is big.」
「This is our best room after all.」

After that short reply, Ciel received the room key and went inside the expensive looking room.



Heya~! Our princesses just got a room upgrade~! Also, the merchant couple… BTW, the to their disappointment part, touche Ain.
And the term misfortune might seem a bit familiar to some people, hmmmmmmm~

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Ain was absolutely scary mode in this chapter, which is quite nice.
That nonchalant joking about disposing them was good.
And of course, AinCiel flirting~ Just a bit, but it’s nice.
Teacher Ain answering her student’s questions, while in other parts, group presenter Ain asking questions for quiet kid Ciel, both equally cute.
The background noise isn’t cute though, lol.
Also, Ciel’s reaction to Ain saying that she’s not really that out of reach was cute, smug Ciel’s signature “I’ll leave it at that.” lol.
That’s my interpretation of that at least, lol.
Other than that, Ain’s cliched yakuza punishments were funny.

On the other hand, Faneed.
Oh Faneed.
You’re such a great guy.
“Scoundrels we are”, lol.
It’s probably just my limited video game knowledge, but Faneed honestly felt like a Persona 5 Social link in this whole exchange, lol.
Probably just the gallant villain aura I’m sensing from him, though it’s just my opinion.
Also, Ain casually saying she’ll riot was funny, honestly.
And Faneed’s reaction was great, yup, don’t do it girl, my hands are up, the white flag’s a flyin’, you win.
Just shows once again that he has a very good assessment of the situation for what information they have on hand.

Now, on the other third metaphorical hand, our merchant couple.
Naivety man.
That’s all I can say.
Also, ego.
One thing in common with these two and B-boi from before is that they all think of themselves as the protagonists, the center of a story.
Brass really pushed the sick sister card as a heroic backstory but never acted heroic in a true sense, only focusing on the cool part of being the hero, being strong.
Meanwhile, the merchant couple, or more specifically Anicet, really pushed the “we didn’t want to do it, it wasn’t our fault” card, and were on the way to their dramatic happy ending of having just barely enough money to pay and finally paying.

Contrast them with another scoundrel here, Faneed.
Unlike the three peeps, Faneed is first of all, a realist.
He had a lot of bodyguards hidden during the discussion and did as much background check as he could prior to that, resulting to the number of kidnappers being a lot for a supposedly drugged girl.
The merchant couple might have been desperate, but they we’re too naive and were completely unprepared for everything.
The debt might have not needed immediate paying, they could’ve told our princess about their situation and might have gotten off with less payment or even a delayed payment of the reward, Ain might have gotten moved but reluctant to help, while it might have gotten Ciel’s interest in a different way.
B-boi was impulsive and refused to listen.
Big Daddy F here is emotive, yes, but barely impulsive and had a proper talk.
The merchants had shabby clothes but looked like good people, while Faneed here is hella gaudy with his clothes and looked like an intimidating lump of muscle.
But yeah, the guy’s a bad guy, but he’s not a *bad* guy, I guess, lol.

Anyway, using the brain in random things like this is fun and a really nice exercise, lol.
I can’t say I’m absolutely sure of what I’m saying but the brain stretching was fun.

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