far away to notice us, ignored.
By chance, the three presences are also going towards us, so we should meet up with them soon.

「We will encounter monsters any moment now, so please stand back.」

As I gave them instructions and waited for the monsters to appear, the monsters’ movements suddenly gained speed.
I guess they simply noticed us, but they seem to be much faster than Ciel in her normal state.
Ilda might be able to outrun them considering her light-looking gear, but it’ll be tough for Terencio-kun with his heavy equipment and Perla-san since she’s not really the physical type.
With the monsters near enough to be visible, I see three orcs that have lowered their bodies as they run towards us.
I guess they’re wearing leather armor since they seem to be wearing something brown from here.

I already switched with Ciel, so the moment they entered our vision, two of them were instantly disposed of by whirlwind blades.
The remaining orc stopped running and began observing us.
If our target were animals or people, then they might just run away at this point, but since monsters are different, in a sense, it’s easier.

「Now then, please proceed as planned.」
Ilda, let’s go.」

Seeing Terencio-kun running towards it, the orc stopped observing and readied his weapon.
The weapon it has is a spear.
I’m not entirely sure what the two that were just defeated had, but they probably had a sword and a spear as well.
Moving swiftly, Terencio-kun swung down his sword but the orc directed it to its armor and swung its spear.
Although it fortunately only hit Terecio-kun’s armor, he still lost his balance and fell on his backside.
Before the orc could follow up with an attack, Ilda-san shot an arrow to keep the monster in check.

『Use only simple water spells, was it?』
『And please try to keep the magic power consumption as little as possible.』
『That’s a quite difficult request.』
『Should we switch? It’s not really combat sorcery, so I should be able to handle it as well.』
『Even Ain isn’t allowed to take my role away, you know?』

Terencio-kun stood back up and this time, he’s blocking the orc’s spear while flourishing his sword at every spare moment he has.
Unlike his thoughtless first swing, he’s now targeting spots unprotected by armor.
Still, he’s not landing any fatal blows.
Ilda-san is shooting at the orc as well, but it doesn’t look like she’s doing any significant damage either.
However, I guess the orc has gotten sick of Ilda-san’s attacks, as it started ignoring Terencio-kun and is currently staring at Ilda-san.
Just when the orc stomped his foot and was about to charge towards Ilda-san,「Wotro (Water), Jilara (gather) Grahoul (to the ground).」Ciel’s voice resounded.

In an instant, the soil under the orc’s feet turned into mud, tripping its feet and making it slam its body to the ground.
Terencio-kun froze for a moment, probably startled, but immediately restarted his assault.
Although he couldn’t finish the monster off, he heavily wounded the orc.
It then angrily stomped its feet on the ground and rushed to Terencio-kun with nothing but rage, so this time, a fist-sized ball of water was shot towards the orc’s eye.

The water got into the orc’s eye, so it shook its head as if to shake off the water, but the party didn’t let this opportunity go to waste.
The two immediately resumed their attack.
After seeing that we can disrupt the monster pretty well, we decided to mostly leave the fighting to them and only disrupt the orc’s lethal attacks.
Looking at them now, I see.
It shouldn’t take them long to reach D-rank.
Though Ciel is disrupting the orc’s movements, they are pretty stable during combat.
If they can just up their overall firepower, they should be able to win even against multiple enemies.

While I was deep in my thoughts, the final blow was struck.
As the orc blocked Terencio-kun’s slash with its spear, Terencio-kun’s sword instead broke the spear in half and landed a strike on the monster’s body.

「We did it…… We did it!」

After winning a fierce battle, Terencio-kun shouted out loud, seemingly unable to hide his excitement.
It’s not quite a good thing to do in this situation, but he probably just couldn’t help himself from doing so.
More importantly, I’m curious about his final blow.

『In that last slash, magic power was flowing into his sword, right?』
『As I thought, it was his Job’s power.』
『From what I see, it seems like he was only able to do it just now.
That’s quite a rare thing to see, is it?』
『I guess it is.』

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「Good work.
Perla-san, did that help?」

Since there’s no point in staying silent, I said so and turned my eyes up towards Perla-san, who was staring at me while blinking in wide-eyed surprise.
No sooner, she replied「Yes!」with a delighted expression.

「If it’s just that, then I should be able to do it too.」
「While that might be the case, it’s not really something you can master immediately, so please don’t be in a hurry and do your best.」
「Of course!」

Thus, their D-rank trial run has now ended.
After this, we encountered a spider and immediately turned everything but its magic stone into dust.
It felt like the others were taken back by that, but I decided not to think about it too much.



Hiya~! Party adventure time for our princesses today it seems! New interactions with new characters and Ain once again showing her age, lol.
Which isn’t much of a problem.

First of all, just a small notice.
Monsters are now ranked in ‘class’ rather than rank.
Hunters are D-rank while monsters of the same rank are D-‘class’.
Just a small change, since rank and class are from the same kanji and the author just used ‘Class’ for the orcs in this chapter.
The hunter ranks are called by the kanji for rank *and* the English word ‘rank’ so I translated the Japanese word for rank/class as Rank for all of them.
Until the author used Class, which is now!

Anyway, today’s chapter was once again more tutor Ain and the Brass victims association’s orc hunting adventure.
It was a nice tidbit that Ain and Ciel just went early out of habit, but the others were already there.
Also the little traces of Brass’ legacy… I was just kidding about that, but it’s just impressionable of him, lol.
Ilda just having an exasperated sigh after having a flashback from what Ain said, lol.
Also, it’s pretty nice how the party has acquired what’s basically the only thing Brass has contributed to them, extra firepower.
While I can’t be sure how consistently Terencio can use his new power compared to the thoughtless yet strong Brass, just the part that they can properly plan is already a big thing, now they have a lethal finisher to make things easier.

Ain was pretty funny today too.
I imagine that Ain and Ciel instantly sync and just fuse together every time they encounter a spider.
Unanimously burned to ashes.
And since Ain was talking in the last part, they actually switched instantly just to burn it to the ground.
Definitely on sync.
Also, you can just imagine how serious Ain was about hating spiders, like Terencio and the others was probably like, “Uhhhhhhhh”.
Also, just a few AinCiel moments today, but definitely still fluffy as usual.
Ciel just asking Ain “It’s a rare thing right?” and Ain just “I think?”, lol.

Also, I didn’t realise how small Ciel is compared to Perla.
I mean, Ain needed to look up to Perla… Smol…

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