And about why I’m so confident about it, all I can say is that I had that kind of experience myself.」
「I won’t ask you what kind of experience it was.
I have a feeling that, if I do, I’d end up having more work to do.
However, I do know that aren’t lying.
At the very least, there’s no need for you to tell such a useless lie.」
「Though, if I really hated you so much, I could probably make up a lie or two.
After all, it would probably steal so much of your time.

「If after telling me this much, what you said actually wasn’t true, I’d be at awe.」

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Saying so, Carol-san’s eyes sparkle with excitement.
From my perspective, since a person can still normally use sorcery even if the magic power comes from the wrong place, I don’t really think that this would have a considerable impact.
Well, sure, I’m aware that it will have a considerable impact, but from where our conversation is right now, it wouldn’t really seem that way.

In spite of experiencing this breakthrough yourself, you don’t really have much of a reaction.」
「Well, from where I left off, it’s not as if anything would particularly change after all.
Is it really something to be that excited about?」
「What are you talking about? As long as you know where magic power comes from, it might be possible to draw out more magic power, you know?
In that sense, it’ll be at least a direct increase in firepower.」

I was overwhelmed by Carol-san’s excitement.
While it’s true that it should lead to an increase in firepower, or rather output, since I already discovered it pretty early, I don’t really feel the effects myself.
Nonetheless, if Carol-san’s happy about it, then great.
Now we can have the magic bag without any weight on my conscience.
Still, I’m a bit worried about Carol-san’s pure excitement.

「I’m glad that you look happy about it but please keep in mind that this information originated from an individual that brought forth a being like me.」
「That’s right.」

Seeing Carol-san turn calm in an instant is a bit scary.
Really, why didn’t she have this composure during our formal match?

「Actually, was it alright to tell me about this?」
「There’s already a noble that knows about this.
Even if I didn’t tell you, someone else might discover and spread this information one day.
While we’re at it, you might even discover it yourself.
So in this case, wouldn’t it be much safer that I taught and warned you about it?」
「That might be true.
At the very least, I’d think of being careful about it.」
「Besides, in the event that we’ll be up against the said noble, the knowledge of the information could affect the tide of battle.」
「So you’re thinking that this might be a possibility.」
「Who knows? I was just being imprisoned after all.
While I’m somewhat aware of what methods he was using to accomplish his objective, I have no idea of what that objective is.
However, it’s an individual that would lock up an infant for 10 years for his objective and sell her when she’s unneeded after all.」

He’s probably done some other nonsense besides what he did to us but judging from the rumors, there’s nothing on him.
At the pub, I’ve only asked about relatively surface-level topics so that people wouldn’t think that I’m investigating the Respelgia household.
Still, people just randomly talk about the really awful nobles without me asking anyway.
Thanks to that, I’ve already decided on which route to use to reach the ocean after leaving this town.

Carol-san said「I’ll bear it in mind.」as she earnestly nodded, so it would probably be bad if I don’t tell her this as well.

「Come to think of it, I’ve been lecturing Perla-san just some time ago but don’t you think that she’s quite an interesting individual?」
「…… Wait, by magic power comes from the soul, that’s what you mean?」

Just by saying Perla-san’s name, Carol-san was shaken up.
She really is quick on her head.
And based on the anxious tone of her voice, she likely felt that the relationship of Jobs and magic power is a dangerous one.

「From my experience, the two of them are different.
However, I can’t say that they have absolutely no influence on each other.」
「I see, you’re right.
A cheap magic bag won’t be enough for this information.
Are there any other things you’d like?」
「In that case, please keep our conversation a secret and the research that you’ll start based on this discussion to yourself.

At least, while I’m still in this country.」
「That goes without saying.
There’s no way I can publish this.」
「Then will you still do a study on this?」
「It’s not like I’m doing sorcery research to particularly stand out after all.
I’m doing it because it’s fun.
I have tons of other private studies besides this one.

「In that case, I don’t mind if it’s after I leave this country, please tell me about the results in the future.
I just turned 10 recently, I don’t have a good grasp on my Job in the first place.」

In regards to our Jobs, Ciel probably has better control over hers compared to me.
But if I can master it, I should be able to power myself up more.
Still, how many years after would that even be?

「Oh, that’s right.
When we discuss things, it really makes me forget about the concept of age.
Once you reach B-rank, call me at the headquarters.
I’ll invite you to my house.
By then, my work in this country should be done as well.」
「When the time comes, please take care of me.
Well then.」

So that I won’t forget it today, I made sure to carry the magic bag before I exited the room.



Hiya~! First of all, Ain! Your age is showing! For the whole chapter! I know you’re not really good at acting but try harder! lol

In this chapter, we had a short time skip and a surprise lesson from Ain.
It’s quite nice to see new people to interact with and considering how the next party is, and their lesson for today, it should be a good sign of what the future holds for our princesses.
Well, we already knew that Terencio and the gang are good peeps, lol.
Also, thanks to a previous comment, I remembered that Perla is a word too, is relevant to the girl’s abilities, and rolls off the tongue better than Pelra, lol, so I changed Pelra to Perla.
Minor change, since it’s both “r” sounds in Japanese, no “L”.

Anyway, while there was just little AinCiel fluff this time (a really nice one though, lol.
Ain, you’re being too easy) there’s a lot of Carol-Ain banter again~! Love it.
Also minor Carol bullying.
And now, we finally have one of what’s practically a prerequisite in Isekai stories lately, magic pouch, item storage, inventory, whatever you call it, the thing that makes the item management part of story writing easy! Also, it was fun to see more of Carol being a scientist, lol.

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I’m neutral in the unlimited, time stopping inventory matter, however, how the character gets their items, abilities, cheats, or whatever really affects the enjoyment of the story sometimes.
For example, many Isekai just has unlimited item storage as a given, which is a bit lazy in my opinion, a lot of interesting stories you could have told are now out of the option as well.
The worst part would be if it’s just a bonus, not even a part of your power, and if it’s just a container that you can’t do anything else with.
Like, it’s an economic threat! And you don’t even use that as an advantage! Start a business or something! Physical magic bags and, for example, Ruti’s shadow storage from Life with a Tail, is a good way to shake things up.

For the physical magic bags, the characters would need to obtain it.
Also, there’s a possibility of it being used as a plot point.
What I like in this chapter is that, even though she was given a magic bag, it’s not immediately the big, rare, unique, time-stopping, one that usually goes with mainstream isekai.
It leaves room for improvement.
As for the other example, Ruti’s shadow storage might be magic, but it has an undisclosed limit (since they couldn’t carry furniture, another story being told because of the limitations given) and it doesn’t stop time inside it (which also makes their shopping interesting, since there’s always a need to buy food, since while it’s easier to carry fresh foodstuff, they don’t stay fresh).

Making things “unlimited” and “overpowered” ironically limits the story you can tell, and takes away a lot of the improvement phases you could have used as plot points.
Still, it’s not a completely bad thing.
While it limits the story somewhat, you can also use it to bulldoze over part that you don’t want the story to be about and focus on what you want to write.
Overpowered heroes can now focus on their daily life, since they instantly murdered their foe, and you can even put limits on the unlimited, such as All Might being only able to fight for a limited time.
What’s important is the creativity and the execution.

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