t it.
It’s not like I’ve read every single book there after all.
So, since saying something about it might catch Carol-san’s interest and all, I asked「So then, how did I do in the test?」and changed the topic.

「I just want to confirm but you’ve been using your barrier the whole time, right?」
「I have.」
「Then I don’t even know how the heck you can fail this test.
Just from how you look, you seem completely defenseless but you’re doing that on purpose, aren’t you?」

As for that, I’m not actually doing this on purpose, so I just vaguely smiled as a reply.

I don’t really understand much about looking defenseless, or rather how being well-prepared would be.
Is it about being always alert of one’s surroundings and being able to act immediately?

「Come to think of it, what happened to those hunters?」
「They came back safely.
Their request was treated as a failure on their part, so they seemed to have had a dispute within the party but I’m not going to take care of that too.」
「Well, as long as they’re alive, then I’m glad.」

Although I said so, I didn’t really mean what I said.
Maybe it’s because it’s not happening in front of me but I’m not really concerned about them for some reason.
I’m sure that it’s because I’m not in a situation where I can care about strangers.

「Are you convinced now?」
「I understand why Carol-san was following me.
What should I do from tomorrow on?」
「In the morning, come to my place.
I’ll teach you the competencies you need to be a hunter.
In the afternoon, complete the requests that Celia assigns to you and you’re free to go after that.
If you acquire all the competencies and complete all those requests, you’ll become a D-rank.」
「Is it fine to tell me that?」

If it’s really fine to say about it, then they could’ve just told me about it much earlier, right?
I glanced at Celia-san and she seemed a bit troubled as well.

「Originally, it’s not something we should tell you.
However, it’s also true that the requests needed to reach D-rank are publicly known.
In Cielmer-san’s case, your requirements for ranking up would be slightly unique but since we’ve judged that you wouldn’t get rash after knowing it, I allowed Carol to share this to you.」

I don’t really know if there’s any meaning to these required requests if everyone knows what it is, but I guess this means that the completion of the requests are more important than the information of what these are.
I can’t be sure about what techniques we’ll be required to have but I can imagine it probably being something like how to set up camp or maybe, like in today’s test, about how to secure oneself outside the town and such.

「I understand.
Thank you very much.」
「So this discussion ends here.
Do you have any plans after this?」
「Not really.
But if there are any pubs around, I’d like to go there.」
「You won’t be able to drink even if you go there, you know?」
「I’ve heard that pubs are places for gathering information, so I thought that I would need to go there sometime.」
「Sure, you can collect information at a pub, but still……」

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The pub being a place to gather information is just a somewhat vague bias of mine, but I know that gathering information would require considerable communication skills.
Considering me in the past, even if I went to a pub, I probably would just order something and go home after finishing my order.

In that regard, the current me might have better communication skills now.
Maybe dying once might have made me somewhat liberated in some weird way.
Or maybe it’s because, while we’re in this country, it won’t be a big issue even if we get misunderstood and can’t communicate well.
Still, there’s going to be a lot of problems if I don’t become social.
So while I feel sorry for Ciel, I’ll need her to cooperate with this.

Back to the topic.

Carol-san is contemplating on whether she’ll give a name of a pub and it seems like there’s also a minimum legal drinking age for drinking alcohol.
Although she might just want to stop us, a 10-year-old girl, from drinking regardless of the legal drinking age.
And most of all, there is a possibility of us getting involved with drunk adults.
I, or rather Ciel, would be able to fight them off if they try to mess with us, but that in of itself would make us stand out.

「You can just take Cielmer-san to the authorized pub, can’t you?」
「True, if it’s that place then there shouldn’t be any immediate trouble.」
「What’s an authorized pub?」
「The authorized pub is, to be exact, a pub authorized by the Hunter’s guild.
To make sure that there are always hunters available in the unlikely event that the towns and villages are attacked by monsters, a number of hunters are asked to be on standby at these towns and villages.
However, since there are many temperamental people among hunters, the ones to host them are these authorized pubs.
It wouldn’t be an issue no matter how much commotion you make there.
However, it’s forbidden to have disputes between hunters.
If this rule is broken, then at worse, you’d lose your qualification to be a hunter.
So even if you go there, Cielmer-san, there shouldn’t be anyone who would try to mess around with you.」
「Then, could you take me to that place?」

So after hearing about what the authorized pub is, I turned to Carol-san and said so.
She then muttered「Fine.」with a clearly reluctant look.



Hiya~! Here we are again back in the guild, and *that room* lol, but it seems like we’re getting out fast this time!

Today our princesses pressed Carol for answers and the certainly got answers.
Not much Ciel in our AinCiel today, but there’s a bit of Carol bullying and more world building~!

We now know how the guild is so formal and office-like even though most of the hunters are rowdy hooligans: they literally have a pub to be rowdy at so the guild itself can look respectable.
Which, if you think of the people making requests, makes sense.
If there are so many scary looking big dudes at the guild always drinking, it’s a bit hard for normal people to feel welcome.
This can be solved having a good building layout, for example in the goblin slayer anime where the counter is right in front of the entrance so you don’t really bump into the scary hooligans when it’s not rush hour, and probably having the second floor or a lower floor as the drinking area.
Some just have a different counter reserved for making requests too.
But yeah, you still need to look respectable, especially if you’re operating an international level organization and this implies a bit about how the Hunter Guild wants to present itself to the public.
It’s really nice to see how different stories portray their guilds.
(But this is just my opinion though, lol

Also, really great to see more about hunter culture(?) and stuff.
I mean, it’s hard to trust newbies to be always, *always* alert.
It’s not a problem in most kinds of work, but a single mistake can literally kill you in this working environment.

Still, imagine Carol: sneaking behind a little girl when she randomly, but precisely, picks out herbs.
*Only herbs.* And then, just after noontime, after hunting some poor poor E-ranked monsters (goblins based on the parts they gave), she suddenly goes to peek at some newbies fighting a losing battle and suddenly cast sorcery.
Right above your head.
*Exactly near where you are **hiding**.* And then, she runs.
It’s not hard to imagine why Carol would think that AinCiel is insane and that everything they do is calculated, even if it isn’t.

So then, next time: to the pub! For what reason? Well, I wonder what~ (Stares at the Sunday Cafe Bossa Nova playing in the other tab) Who knows~?

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this chapter.
Please feel free to comment.
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