don’t mind answering…」as a preface, Celia-san asked me a question.

「Why are you rushing to rank up?」
「Because I want to get out of this country?」
「Get out, is it?」
「Are you against me leaving this town?」

I asked a slightly involving question and carefully looked up to Celia-san.
Since I was answering a question with another question, I was worried that Celia-san would find it offensive but it seems like it’s not a problem.
After shaking her head, she looks directly into my eyes and answered「I agree with that.」

「Cielmer-san, in my opinion, you’re an individual that shouldn’t be held back in a town like this.
     So regarding that, may I ask you why you want to get out of the country?」
「Celia-san, do you still remember how old you were, the first time you ate something?」
「Let’s see.
I don’t really remember but I believe that children can generally start eating oatmeal half a year after their birth.」
「The first time I ate something, was when I was 5 years old.」

As I kept in mind to say it as casually as possible, Celia-san was left speechless and was unable to find anything to reply with.
I’m not really trying to brag about our misfortunes but since it looks like she might support us, I decided to talk a bit more about us.

「Celia-san, have you seen my hair?」

「…… Yes.
I have.
Since it seems that you want to keep it hidden, I did try not to stare too much.」
「At first, my hair was golden blond.
Ever since it became white, I hide it like this but it looks like I don’t really need to hide it.」
「While it’s true that having white hair isn’t common to see, it’s not a color that you can’t find.
A particular portion of sorcerers will even hold admiration simply because of having white hair.」
「Then it looks like I can let my hair out starting tomorrow.」
「That’s right.
Doing so would also help quite a bit on our side.
     With that, even if I’m not there, it’ll make the reception much easier.」

This means that she can tell her co-workers to watch out for a white-haired 10-year-oldish girl.
In this sense, standing out isn’t always bad.
Since the mood got somewhat lighter, I asked her something that I was a bit curious about.

「By the way, about my match with Carol-san, is it really okay to see it as my win?
     We’ve already talked about it earlier, but I don’t really think that we finished the fight.」
「I would like to confirm, you can still fight right, Cielmer-san?」
「I can still probably take one more ice spear.」
「Since Carol doesn’t have enough energy left to use any proper sorcery, you would have most likely won if the fight continued on.
     That’s just how much magic power Glacia Lentso consumes.」
「After all, it doesn’t only pierce through, it also freezes the place it hits.」
「So you’ve notice that as well.」

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It seems like the ice spear is something that’s extraordinary compared to other spells.
Maybe that’s also why it had a proper name.
As I vaguely nodded, Celia-san stops in front of a certain building.
Seemingly familiar with the place, she enters the building with a brightly lit interior.

And as I followed her, it looks like Celia-san brought me to a place much prettier than I imagined.
Having a calming light color as the main tone of the inn, I’m probably not mistaken to think that it’s a female-oriented inn.
At the counter there is a lady as well, that’s about old enough to have a child of my age.
Her gentle smile and her height, slightly tall for a female, leaves a strong impression.
So she seems to be an indulgent person in a lot of ways.

Since they seem to be close by how they’re talking, Celia-san might know her in private.
After talking for some time, Celia-san suddenly faces me.

「So with that, Nilda-san, please take care of Cielmer-san.」
「Sure sure.
Cielmer-san, nice meeting you today.」
Please take care of me.」

Nilda-san is looking at me with a friendly smile but I wonder what she sees me as.
Does she think of me as a country bumpkin that came from a declining village? I should’ve listened to their conversation.
Nilda-san takes out a key and gives it to me while saying「You’re probably tired for today, so I’ll have dinner brought to your room.
Your room is in the innermost area of the 2nd floor.
It’s a bit far but do your best.」
After receiving the key and thanking her, I did as she said and went up to the 2nd floor.
I enter the room that fits my key and decide to rest while waiting for the food to arrive.

Today was somehow awfully tiring.

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