t the same time becomes a huge advantage.

It’s obvious that handling multiple magic circles requires good control.
But if it’s just Ciel using it, we could have probably handled 3 more magic circles on top of being in mock battle mode.
And having that much more options would have probably given us a bigger advantage in the last battle.
Still, I don’t think that 3 more magic circles would have done anything to stop that spear of ice.

And as I was about to move on from the sorcery battle to talk about the spear of ice, I felt a light tug on my arm.
As I was wondering what this is about, I see Carol-san shaking her head and her pleading for something with her eyes.
Hmm, so you don’t want me to talk about the ice spear that much, huh.
But since Celia-san already knows about it, I don’t think that there’s any point in hiding it.

Besides, I don’t have any obligation to make the details more favourable for her currently, even by a bit.
So I reply to Carol-san by casting my eyes down and shaking my head.
I see despair written all over her face, but you reap what you sow.

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「During a stalemate, Carol-san used the spear of ice, Glacia Lentso was it? and shot 10 of them.」
「Excuse me.
10 of them?」
「I’m sure there were 10 of them, I think.
I really thought I was going to die, so it should be right.」
「I’m very sorry.
Right now, there’s something I need to ask Carol about, so can I ask for a bit of time?」
「Yes, please don’t mind me.」

After getting my confirmation, she sent a spine chilling gaze to Carol-san.
Carol-san awkwardly averts her eyes but it doesn’t feel like she can run away.

「Say Carol.
What were you fighting against?」
「…… A 10-year-old girl.」

「I know right? You weren’t actually fighting a wyvern, right?
     Then why did you use 10 of them? Even one is overdoing it, right? In the first place, don’t you know that even using just one of them inside the guild’s facilities without permission will land you a fine?」
「I couldn’t help it.
It was so much fun.
This child’s really amazing, you know?
     The more you go at her, the more she hits with something new.
Like, it makes you want to strike her with all your strength, you know?」
「You can get as defensive as you want but a fine is a fine.
10 gold coins per spear.
And since you used 10 of them, 100 gold coins.」
「Haa… It can’t be helped.」

With a big sigh, Carol-san takes out a leather pouch the same way she did with the battle axe and the knife.
It looks quite heavy so I’m likely not mistaken to think that it’s probably filled with gold coins.
Since a night at an inn costs 2 silver coins, 100 gold coins can get you 5000 nights to stay, so I now understand that it’s a really large amount of money.
So a high ranking hunter can earn enough to spend this much without any issues?

Rather, what is 5000 nights even? Based on my past life, I think a cheap hotel is about 3000~5000 yen, so 100 gold coins is probably worth around 1.5M~2.5M yen.
Even if I’m wrong about it, since I now see Carol-san as someone out of reach, the power of money is truly great.

「Thank you for waiting.
Would you mind if we continue?」
「It’s not really much of a continuation, but after that, I destroyed 9 of them with an interception magic circle and blocked the last one with my barrier.」
「I see.

Saying so, after pondering for a while, Celia-san asks Carol-san「Is it all true?」for confirmation.
And as she replied「Yes」Celia-san lowered her head.

「I’m very sorry for this incident.」
「What are you apologizing for?」
「For entrusting this matter to Carol.
This time, I attempted to settle the dispute by entrusting Carol to be the examiner.
     However, Carol herself used a sorcery that shouldn’t be used on a person on you.
     The responsibility lies on the Hunter’s Guild for designating Carol and Carol will be punished by the Hunter’s Guild at a later time.」
「I see.
In this situation, what will happen?」
「Currently, Cielmer-san’s standing quite is ambiguous.
It can be said that you’re a hunter now but at the same time, you’re still not considered to be a hunter.
     The fact that Carol almost killed someone in that situation, and clearly not in self-defense, is a grave situation.
     For that reason, the guild will answer your wishes as much as possible.

     If you want to punish me on top of having me discharged, that is also possible.」
「Celia that’s-」

Seeing Celia-san willingly offering her own dismissal, Carol-san reflexively open’s her mouth.
However, Celia-san only said「Shut up, Carol」and continued.

「However, I’m very sorry about this, but you cannot exile Carol from the Hunter’s Guild.
     Cielmer-san’s is considered half-hunter in standing.
Moreover, since you are on a considerably lower rank compared to Carol, even if you had died, the heaviest punishment she will receive is a temporary decrease in rank.」

So it means that a high ranking hunter gets that much special treatment.
In this world where monsters exist, even only one high ranking hunter can probably protect a small town, so comparing the value of that person and a young rookie hunter is unthinkable.
It’s a world of aristocracy.
The value of one person’s life greatly differs from that back on earth.

I do have a problem about almost being killed.
That’s why I wasn’t going to be satisfied unless Carol-san receives some sort of punishment but she did pay 100 gold coins earlier, so I guess that could be considered a punishment.
Besides, making Celia-san quit would be a downside for us considering that we’ll be working here from now on.
It’s going to be awkward, obviously, but as a member here, having 1 less person that can treat a 10-year-old child with this much sincerity is not good.

In that case, it might be better to make a choice that would give me an upside.
Still, before deciding myself, I should ask for Ceil’s opinion.

『If you’re alright with it, I would like to see if we can use this to ask for a high rank, but how about that?』
『Errrr, um.
You should do as you want to, Ain.』
『Ciel, what do you think about these two?』
『They seem to be considerably much better people than some duke somewhere.
Still, even if you ask me, it’s quite difficult to answer.
     To begin with, it didn’t really feel to like she was going to kill me.』
『I see.
Then for now, allow me to do as I want.』

Hearing Ciel’s absolutely troubled tone, I end our discussion.
Since her life was constantly targeted with ill will, just being almost killed due to over-excitement is probably nothing to Ciel.
Besides, she’s met too few people to be able to pass judgment.
In that case, she probably didn’t fully understand the punishment and quitting part of the conversation.
In that case, the reason she snapped during the fight with Alejo might be because he was a man or because of the insults.

Well, if asked who I wouldn’t forgive between Alejo and Carol-san, it’s definitely Alejo though.

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