tomed to this body, so I feel that my thought process has become androgynous.
Maybe my mind is just being affected by her body.
She’s still a 10-year-old child and it’s not like there are many sexual differences right now; but I think even when she grows up, I don’t think that would matter as much as in my lifetime.

Still, she’s quite beautiful, so they’d probably charmed by her regardless of gender.
Even I, who looks at her all the time, think to myself regularly, ‘She’s adorable’.

Back to topic.

Now, as for why I’m talking about this, it’s because there’s a problem with this child’s living circumstances.
Specifically, it was enough to make me think that a single misstep would’ve resulted in her death before she became aware of herself, no, immediately after she was born.
But now, it all ends today.
Inside a swaying carriage, with the clattering of broken restraints as an accompaniment, I sang a “song” as I thought back on our 10 years together.

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