give me a choice, you know?』

When I tried asking Ciel, she replied with a reasonable answer.
So now, I asked her how she would react and she answered confidently『No reaction.』

『I do understand that he’s different from the people we’ve encountered so far.
『But, I don’t know how I should talk to him, after all.
So for that reason, I think I won’t react, so that I can avoid talking as much as possible.
     So, what you’re doing really helps, Ain.』
『Just hypothetically speaking, being locked up here is still a possibility, so I don’t really know if I’m doing this right.』
『When that happens, let’s just run away with all our strength.』

Ciel gleefully suggests so, but I think I’ll do my best to prevent that from happening.
If that does happen, there might be some casualties, and causing a ruckus could cause them to call for someone stronger than us.
And most of all, there’s a possibility that mister gatekeeper might be even stronger than us.

After a while, he returned and brought a lady with him.
I assume that she’s an office worker type, she’s a neatly dressed lady about 20 years old and seems to be a strong-willed type.
Her gaze seems to be probing me, I can’t calm down.
She has a pen-like thing on one hand and a board-like thing on the other, so she might be a secretary.

「For now, take a seat.」

As the mister said that, I sat on the chair facing his seat.
The mister sits in between me and the exit, and the lady is standing diagonally behind him.
The reason the lady was brought is probably in consideration for me, since I am, well, a girl.
There wasn’t really any introductions from them and the inquiry begins.

「Little miss, what’s your name?」
「Little miss, where have you been up until now?」
「Inside the forest.
Deep in the forest, I lived with mom and dad.
     And then…… Ummm……」
「Stop, you don’t need to say any more than that.」

Seeing the mister shake his head, I think on how being a girl is extremely convenient in these kinds of situations, for real.
If I was an adult male, it likely wouldn’t go this smoothly.
Still, if I was an adult male, I probably wouldn’t be brought here in the first place; I would just be asked to pay the toll fee and be allowed to pass through.

The reason I introduced myself as Cielmer is also because this is Ciel’s body, but is connected to what we will do once we enter the town.

「But still…… Except for rare cases, it’s not allowed to let kids with no Job yet enter town, you see……」
「I’m already 10 years old, you know?」

It seems like they misjudged my age, so I honestly told the truth; his eyes blinked in surprise and he asked me again「Really?」
I thought that everybody here seemed tall, but it’s likely that they’re like the Europeans on Earth.
I assume that Ciel is also the same, but no matter how you look at it, she didn’t have enough nutrition so it’s likely that her development is slow.
Recovering from his surprise, the mister showed a somewhat relieved look.
It seems like our chances of getting inside just got higher.

「Can I get in if I’m 10 years old?」
「Well it’s not that 10-year-old kids are allowed to randomly pass through, but it’s a lot easier than if you were 9 and below.」
「Then, can I go?」
「I’d really like to let you, but not yet.
What can you do, little miss?
     I’ll be frank, I’m going to be bothered if you can’t do anything and just became a pickpocket once you get into town.」

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「What can you do?」Behind those words I can vaguely see his intention of asking what my Job is, but I don’t have any intent of honestly answering here.
If I have no other choice but to say it, I’ll say that I’m a Song Princess, but that time is not now.

「I can defeat monsters.」
「Well considering that you lived deep inside a forest, that makes sense.
So then you’re aiming to be a Hunter, right?」
「Are Hunters people defeating monsters for a living?」
「Defeating monsters is what they mainly do, but I hear that low ranked hunters can do requests like what errands kids do.
     If you really can defeat a monster, then you’d probably get out of the lower ranks immediately but……」

The mister stops talking mid-sentence and steals glances at me as though he’s asking for something.
I don’t really feel happy with a middle aged man giving me that kind of look, but since I know what he’s trying to say, I decided to take out the spider’s magic stone.
I plan on thinking about what I should do with the one-eyed giant’s magic stone after seeing how he’ll react to this one.
As I place this magic stone, that I can barely carry in one hand, on the top of the table, he was surprised once again and let out a「Hah?」

「Is this something really rare to see?」
「No,it’s not really that rare.
Instead, it’s really common to find.
     But not 10-year-old kids bringing this.
At the very least, this is beyond the level of a novice hunter.
Which shows just how good the Job is.」
「Since it depends on the Job, is it really that surprising?」

After answering my question, mister began talking almost in monologue; but for the sake of data gathering, I ask him more questions.
He might have become more talkative because he’s talking to a young girl, but is this really okay for a gatekeeper?
Maybe he’s only teaching me this because it’s general knowledge but for me, it’s really a lifesaver.

「Usually it takes a few years to learn how to use your Job’s power.
     I don’t really know the details, but I hear that even hunters take at least two years before they can hunt monsters.」
「Can you be a hunter when you’re 10 years old?」
「If it’s just becoming one, you can.
As long as you’re 10 years old, your Job doesn’t matter.
But being able to live as a hunter is another story.」
「Then it’s like I found how I can work now.」
「Yeah, that’s right.
It should be fine to let you enter the town.
The toll fee is 2 large silver coins, but can you pay?
     If you have a certificate, then you can enter for free but you don’t have one, right?」

「I don’t have one.
If I become a hunter, do I need to pay to get in the town?」

While appropriately continuing the conversation, I feel out the money inside the pouch.
The pouch has both gold and silver coins, but unfortunately large silver coins seem to be something that exist.
The money I have are gold coins and silver coins, and both of them are uniform in size with their respective coin groups.
Considering that the previous owner was quite rich, what I thought to be silver coins might be large silver coins, but I still can’t be sure of that.
「Hunters can go freely as long as you show your card」While being taught so, I took out a gold coin and placed in on the desk.

「Is this okay?」
「I’m not going to be surprised anymore, but a gold coin even came out.
Alta, do you have 8 large silver?」
I prepared some just in case.」

The lady continuously taking down notes of our conversation ever since she entered the room spoke her first words.
Her name seems to be Alta-san.
It’s hard to read her emotions from the tone of her voice and she gives the impression of a professional.
Also, it seems like 1 gold coin is worth 10 large silver coins.

「Well then, sorry for keeping you here, little miss.」

After finishing the transaction, it felt like our conversation was ending so I called out in a slightly loud voice to show that I have still something I want to talk about.
Sorry about this mister, but I want to get as much information as I can now.

「What is it?」
「How much do I need to stay in an inn in this town?」
「Generally 2 silver coins, I guess.
A better place would probably cost more, though.
But you can stay for about 40 days with what you have, so don’t worry about it.」

80 silver coins makes 8 large silver coins, so this means that 10 silver coins make 1 large silver coins.
I’m glad that it’s easy to remember.
Rather, it’s likely that way so it would be easy to remember.
In addition, there seems to me no doubt that the silver coins I have are the large silver coins.
In that case, I suppose that we won’t be worrying about money for quite a long time.

「Also, where do you become a hunter?」
「Go straight after passing through the gate and the big building, and what you’ll run into is the place where hunters are gathered.
The Hunter’s Guild, commonly known as just the Guild.
     Maybe I should even write you a letter of introduction.
After all, they might immediately turn you away, little miss.」

Saying so, mister takes a sheet of paper from Alta-san and began writing something.
The letter of introduction honestly helps.
After all, if people don’t recognize me as a 10 year old, not only can I not be a hunter, I probably won’t be able to work at all.
I’ve asked most of what I needed to hear, so I’ll make the next question my last one and ask about other things at the Hunter’s Guild.

「In this town, will people be mean to the color of someone’s hair?」
「Oh, your hair, huh.
It’s true that it’s rare to have hair that white, but I don’t think that will happen.」
「Um…… did you notice it before?」
「It looked like you wanted to keep it hidden so I didn’t talk about it, but despite how I look, I have been a gatekeeper for a long time.
     Well, it does stand out so it’s best that you take care.
There are hunters that are bad people too, okay?」
「Yes, I’ll be careful.
Thank you very much for the advice.」

While I’m at it, I’m sorry for doubting your capability as a gatekeeper in my mind.
After that, just as I entered, I was led outside and we part our ways.
As we parted, he told me「If something happens, feel free to visit!」He really is a good person.
In any case, I managed to enter the town without any problems so I decided to head to the Guild first.

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