So there’s really nothing to lose in bringing it along.』
「So that means that this really is that thing, right?」
『Yes, this seems to be one of the medicine’s main ingredients.』

Attentively reacting to my words, Ciel really is much more intelligent than me.
It looks like she’s really not just a duke’s daughter for show.
Moving on, they most likely didn’t just feed us raw magic stones.
Still, that medicine was undoubtedly some processed form of a magic stone.

Magic power increases as you grow up, but it stops when you reach your mid-teens.
There are some people that still continued increasing their magic power even after reaching adulthood.
However, there should have been no established means of actively increasing one’s magic power.
I can’t really say that we’ve read all of them, but I’m positive that the books in that room all delved quite deep into the study of sorcery.
We really need to adjust our common sense about sorcery when we reach the town or village as well.

「After this, I just need to burn and bury it…… right?」
『Yes, please feel free.』

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Hearing my words, Ciel burns the giant, digs a hole and buries it.
All of these were done with sorcery, so Ciel herself didn’t get dirty and was able get it done in a few minutes.
As she leveled the filled ground flat, I noticed that Ciel was deeply thinking about something.

『Is there anything wrong?』
「Say, Ain.
Is it possible that instead of using a knife, we could have just used sorcery to take out the magic stone?」

Now that she said it, it’s true.
Yeah, just the thought of dismantling a monster made me immediately think of using a knife; but Ciel’s sorcery is much more easy to use.

『B-But, still, we might need to use the knife in the future……
     No, um…… I’m really sorry that my hasty decision made us waste effort in finding it.』

I made up an excuse, but I hastily apologized before finishing so.
Perhaps because of shame and embarrassment, my voice ended up gradually disappearing by the end of it.
If that continued on I might have gone defensive, but I want to be honest with Ciel as much as possible.
Even if I am keeping my gender and past a secret.
Still, it doesn’t change that what I did was shameful.
And just as I thought so, Ciel rapidly blinks her eyes in silence for some reason.

「It’s nothing, it is nothing, you see.
It’s just that, I just thought a little, just a bit, that there really are things that even Ain doesn’t notice.
     Since Ain always helps me out, I thought that Ain can do anything.」
『Not really, there are probably more things I can’t do.』

While confused at the unusually talkative Ciel, I replied so.
Still, after seeing Ciel strangely delighted for some reason, I was relieved that I haven’t disappointed her.
But rather than just being delighted, is she perhaps grinning?

「Now then, what should we do now?
     Since all I’ve thought was how to escape the mansion, I’ve never really thought about what to do next, you know?」
『Since there is a road before us, let’s first try following it as far as we can.
     At the very least, we should reach some village or town.』

It’s a bit hard to call it a road, but since the grass is trampled on what are definitely a wagon’s tracks, I’m likely not mistaken.
At the very least, I think it’s more reliable than trying to find a river right now.

『Though there’s a limit to the food we can bring, we do have a few days’ worth and we can produce water with sorcery.
     Once we reach the town, that’s where the problem will likely be.』
『Frankly speaking, Ciel is packed with traits that would get one into trouble.
     After all, Ciel’s a young girl, a disappointing princess, and a relative of the duke.
Moreover, you look good too.
It’s filled to the brim.』

「What does filled to the brim mean?」
『Umm, it means ‘too much’.
It’s an idiom used back where I lived.』
So I just need to not be a girl and also keep both the disappointing princess and the duke a secret, right?」

I’ve absolutely slipped up.
To be tested just the next moment that I decided to be honest with her.
It’s quite pathetic but as I can’t lie, please let me off.
Seeing her giggle delightedly, I’m not sure what Ciel is thinking.
Still, since it seems that she knows that I don’t want her to probe me, I decided to follow her lead.

『I do think that your job and past can be kept hidden, but your appearance might be difficult to hide.
Covering your hair is probably the most this robe can do.』
「I don’t really think there’s that much gender difference at my age, so can’t I disguise it?」
『If you cut your hair short and wear some over-sized clothes, I do think you would look androgynous.
However, I don’t really recommend it.』
「Because my circuits run up to my hair, right? I don’t know how much cutting it would change my appearance, but certainly getting weaker is bad.」
『Moreover, if you absolutely need to show your Job for some reason, they’ll notice by the “Princess” part.』

If we live our life carefully, it’s probably possible to keep our jobs hidden.
However, entering the town, for example, might require us to show our Jobs.
And since we don’t have any that can be used for identification, all the more a problem.
Exactly because we’re ignorant of the world, it’s best that we think of every possibility.

『Also, if possible, once we reach a town, would you allow me to handle things for a while?』

Hearing my question, Ciel ponders deeply with a serious look.
In the future, I’d like Ciel to develop enough communication skills so that she would have the initiative.
However, I think that it’s unreasonable to ask her to do so right now.
Rather, I think it’s amazing that she doesn’t even reject going to a human community right now.
After all, the only people she has met so far are the savage duke, the mask-faced butler, and the pig man + escorts.
Even thinking optimistically, I think anyone would develop androphobia after that.
So until Ciel gets used to it, it’s probably best that I have the initiative for now.
「Ain, I’ll leave it to you.」Ciel gave in.
It seems like she understood what I mean as well.

「There’s something I’ve been wondering about.
Is there really any place we can work at?
     With our current money, we might be able to live on for a while, but it’ll run out eventually, right?」
『Regarding that, I do actually have a lead.
     I’m not absolutely sure about it, but since there are monsters everywhere, there’s an organization that should also exist.
However, we’re going to get into a lot of trouble.』
「Is trouble, really a definite thing?」

Saying so with slight bewilderment, I replied『It’s a standard.』

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