on sense? Well, I am ignorant about the world, so forgive me for that.
Pulling herself together, Yunmika-san answered.

「That’s right.
This little one is a water spirit.
A very strong one at that and the very reason I was entrusted the role of being a mediator of Central.」
「Your spirit can even see me, after all.
Liessyl-san once told me that only powerful spirits can see my form.」

Told me, or to be exact, it’s my interpretation of her gestures and stuff.
As I brought up Liessyl-san’s name, Yunmika-san once again had a troubled look.

「And Liessyl is……」
「The forest spirit.」

Replying so, I looked at Liessyl-san and she was staring back at me.
As our eyes met, we smiled at each other.

「A named one…… no, I half expected that.
Speaking of your appearance, I don’t quite remember you changing colors back then.」
「I gained the ability to change my colors after that time.
I can wear the same colors as Ciel, but there’s no meaning in doing that now.」

So we’re easier to distinguish, is my outward reason, but the truth is that I just want to wear the accessories Ciel picked for me, so I don’t intend to change my colors.
It’d be awfully convenient if we could automatically change equipment when switching, is there some way to do that?
Ciel picked these for me, so I won’t allow even Ciel to wear them.

「By the way, is your spirit equal in power to Liessyl-san?」

As I said that, the water spirit suddenly started quivering.
Yunmika-san quickly gestured to the spirit that she’s open for listening.
Liessyl-san didn’t seem to be particularly bothered and is simply floating around.

「Umm, it would be presumptuous to consider myself her equal, she says.
In actuality, named spirits are a step beyond.
They’re literally at a different level.」
「This little one is at the upper level among intermediate spirits, meanwhile the forest spirit close to you two are at the upper level among high spirits.」
「As I thought, Liessyl-san is amazing.」

Saying so, I faced Liessyl-san and there she had a triumphant look.
While it might be weird saying this when I look about 12-13 years old, it’s cute of her.
That aside, it seems like spirits that have names are powerful.
Are they strong because they have names or do they get their names because they’re strong? It’s probably the latter.

「By the way, you two are sisters, correct?」

Since I feel somewhat bad leaving Shuusi-san in the dust, I directed this question to her, but she seems to be busy drawing something with great enthusiasm.
She probably didn’t hear my question.

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That’s why, as with earlier, Yunmika-san answered.

「Yes, that’s right.」
「But aren’t your names are slightly different?」
「I suppose it would be better to teach you about this.
Since it’ll be convenient to know.
Our first names are our given names.
Yunmika for me and Shuusi for my little sister.
Our last names are our tribe’s name.
In our case, that’d be Mesi.」

So it’s Yunmika-san from the Mesi tribe, then.

「In other words, even if your last name is the same with someone, that doesn’t necessarily make you related by blood?」
「That’s the idea.
Though, we would be what you call relatives in human terms.」
「What about the middle name?」
「That one stands for what spirit we’re contracted with.
It’s Maa for water spirits.
Shagal for tree spirits.」

It isn’t the four classical elements? Or so I thought, but Liessyl-san is a forest spirit, right.
In other words, does that make the spirit Shuusi-san is contracted with related to Liessyl-san?
I don’t know if there’s a well-defined hierarchy among spirits, though.

I do have the vague impression that there’s one at the top, with the other spirits doing as they please regardless of power.

「Are all elves contracted with spirits?」
Only a few have contracts.
For the ones that aren’t, they’ll only go by their given name and tribe name.
Dwarves should be similar to us in that regard.」
「I see.

If I remember correctly, the dwarf Bajo-san also had some sort of middle name.
I already forgot if though.
Ciel probably remembers it.

「Can all elves speak to spirits?」
「No, there are some who can, but the majority can only somewhat understand them.
Every elf can see spirits though.」
「Elves are amazing.」

I only started seeing spirits quite recently.
Comparing this, the elves’ unique nature can be seen.
No, I guess in this case, it might be our unique nature that’s actually highlighted.

And as our conversation continued, it eventually became noon.

「Thank you very much.
I have business that needs attending to this afternoon, so I should excuse myself.」
Sorry for holding you here for so long.」
「No, it was a quite beneficial time.」

『Shall we switch?』
『Let’s stay as is.
Since if I come out now, I could drag things out.』

「Well then, see you later.」

As I was about to leave, Shuusi-san suddenly perked into action.

「A few days, come back again after a few days.
The clothes should be done by that time.」
「I understand.
I look forward to seeing you then.」

The designs Ciel thought up are going to be incorporated, so I’m looking forward to it.
After all, I don’t actually know all the details on how it’ll look when completed.



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