inst that, right?』
『I can’t say for certain, but that’s probably the case.』

I don’t know the etiquette regarding that either.
While I do have some past life knowledge at disposal, that knowledge only came from skimming through books, I’ve never put it to practice nor did I have any opportunities to do so.
Still, Ciel is impressive as always.
I’m glad she understood it from that explanation.

『Having authority is so troublesome.』
『Considering how we still get into dragged into trouble even without it, it’s difficult to judge which is more troublesome.
At the very least, I believe that we’ll have less trouble than we would without having authority.』

If we have to deal with nobles while having no firm standing, a mistake while interacting might make things messy.
Specifically, if we’re pushed to use force, we might get into an all-out war with their house and, if it’s an important noble, it might be even with the country itself.
Though, starting a war against one girl would probably affect the reputation of the country.

Currently, people who don’t want to have hostilities with Fii-kaasama likely wouldn’t escalate things even if Ciel has a few awkward interactions.
While we might get into more trouble as Fii-kaasama’s daughter, with our status, things shouldn’t go too bad even if we resolve problems with force.

While it’s best to behave in a way so that this doesn’t happen, unfortunately neither Ciel nor I know how to behave like a noble.
As I contemplated this, I sensed two people approaching the room.

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『It seems like she’s heading back now.』
『Oh, that’s a shame.
I wanted to talk with Ain more, though.』
『I feel the same.』

While we can talk anytime, we do need to make sure that we don’t take this for granted.

「Cielmer-sama, sorry for the long wait.」

The door opens, showing Shusii-san and Yunmika-san.
Seeing Shusii-san speak the way she spoke to Ciel earlier, Yunmika-san went pale and smacked her on the head.
She then pushed Shusii-san’s head down, as if to make her apologize.

「Please excuse my fool of a little sister.」
「I don’t mind it, I gave my permission.」
「See, even Cielmer-sama is siding with me.
I’ll make sure to act properly in public, okay~」

Hearing Shusii-san’s insistence, Yunmika reluctantly let go of her.
With her head now freed, Shusii-san sighed as she rubbed her neck.

「Cielmer-sama, what business brought you to such a placed as ours?」
「Yunmika, you can talk normally too.」
「Umm, Right.
Affirmative, no, understood.
What brought you here, Cielmer-sama?」

While having some difficulty, Yunmika-san changed her tone.
Shusii-san changed her tone easily because she’s, if I have to say, a bit airheaded while in contrast Yunmika-san did due to her rationality.
As expected of the chief of the elves, I suppose.

And just as Shusii-san said, I guess they’ll be speaking more courteously outside of private situations.

「I came to buy clothes.」
「While this shop certainly does also sell clothing, there are better clothing stores to shop at, you know?」
「I wasn’t let inside.」

「Onee-chan, you’re so mean.」 Ignoring Shusii-san’s words, Ciel answered her.
I feel sorry for Shusii-san but while this shop may be expensive for hunters, it’s an average shop from a noble’s perspective.
Naturally product quality is also important but one’s name value speaks louder in this case.

After all, nobles pay great attention to what they wear.
Still, if the product quality is great, your shop should gain fame eventually.

As I mulled on that, Yunmika-san had a grim expression and looked at Ciel.

「Is that true?」
「…… I can’t believe it, do they want to die?」

「I’m talking about the people managing the sales of clothes and accessories.」

Ciel and I tilt our heads in confusion.
Do we provoke their anger or something? I don’t think that’s the case, though.
Rather we didn’t have any time to do so.

「Do you remember the people who were cornering you back at the Hunter Guild?」
「They’re among that group.
Pretty much unjustifiable resentment, but maybe they assume it’s fine to go after just the daughter?」

With a grim look, Yunmika-san started mulling over it but, as for me, I understand the bigger picture now.
So they’re not targeting Fii-kaasama, but perhaps Ciel directly instead.
And they probably don’t believe that Ciel is Fii-kaasama’s daughter now, do they?

Well, while I’ve got some clues now, it’s not like we can do anything about this right now, so we’ll just resolve things as they happen.
Fii-kaasama likely knows something about this anyway.

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「I’m sorry to say this, but there’s nothing I can do.」
「I don’t mind.
It doesn’t matter.」

That’s a Ciel-like answer.
In the end, she’s still getting clothes for me with her ideas incorporated in design.
Rather, maybe she’s even thankful about being chased away from the other stores?
It’s fine since I’m mad in her stead though.

Anyways, that’s the end of that topic.
Just as we moved to the next topic, a spirit suddenly popped out from behind Yunmika-san and our eyes met.

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Heya~! We got another new character, or rather a returning character, once again! And it seems like there’s going to be some spirit shenanigans abound!

First off, we get a good amount of worldbuilding for fantasy clothes and dressmaking.
A surprise, sure, but in these kinds of slice of life fantasy stories, a welcome one.
Ain’s barrier interfering with proper magical device readings is funny though.
And as usual, it’s nice to see magic actually being used to circumvent the more laborious and time consuming parts of work, just as normal people would use it should it exist and be moderately simple to use.
Having a manikin of you (size unconfirmed, actually, the more you know~) being dressed up in your stead is a bit haunting though.
Just when you thought you could escape the dress up sequence because of being non-corporeal, there’s an effigy of you, showing you what your fate would have been otherwise, lol.

Ciel having fun, at Ain’s expense (lol), is a nice read as always.
And of course Ciel would be vocal when it comes to Ain.
Being not very social will not stand in the way of buying Ain new clothes, lol.
Meanwhile in the background Ain is just plain overwhelmed with a pinch of dread.
Again, the manikin/doll doesn’t help, lol.
Good thing Liessyl was there to play and distract her from reality.
I do like Ain being like “But what if it’s a trap… so much for wanting Ciel to have more social interaction.
Okay, let’s just do it.”, self-awareness is good.
In the past interludes, it has been shown that Ciel is sensitive when Ain is on alert and it’s one of the things that stops her from opening up, so it’s nice to see Ain being a bit more relaxed, while her caution is understandable.

And lastly, we have the introduction to Yunmika… and her spirit? Not much to say yet, but I think this is the first time we’ve ever gotten an actual on-screen sibling character interaction? Just a random thought.
The “See, I’m not doing anything wrong!” part with Shusii was very relatable as a younger sibling though.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter.
Please feel free to comment.
Stay clean, stay safe, and have a nice day~!

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