After shopping at the accessory store, we then decided to buy clothes.
Since this is probably Ciel’s main objective, I don’t have any reason to refuse.
Time-wise, we also have some leeway.
Though with our status, we wouldn’t be rebuked for being late, but that’s a different issue.

We mustn’t be complacent about our position…… or rather, we should at least make an effort to keep in touch with society.

Still, even without this position, the thought “we could just go late” would have likely still crossed my mind.
After all, the highest priority for me is Ciel.
As long as Ciel is enjoying herself, there’s even a chance that I’d break promises made with Fii-kaasama.
It’s fine since I’m still rational enough when it comes to these matters, but I once again realize how out of touch I am with normalcy.

I don’t find it to be a very positive trend, but I don’t intend to stop prioritizing Ciel.
Even this is just so that Ciel wouldn’t have a difficult time blending in with society in the future.
Anyways, in short, I’m just being conscious of time for Ciel’s sake.

I digress.

Clothing store, tailor, boutique, I don’t know what exactly it’s called, but Ciel and I are looking for a shop that sells clothes.
Actually, we have come upon two establishments at this point, but they wouldn’t sell for us.

At the first one, Ciel’s age was questioned.
After being told that unsupervised children aren’t permitted in their shop, they then welcomed a child slightly older than Ciel to their establishment.
At the other, we were clearly not welcomed and was told 「We have nothing to sell for your stature.」 in a superficially polite tone.

That really infuriated me but Ciel was absolutely unbothered and only replied with a Hmmmph of indifference.
For that reason, we moved on to looking for our third establishment.

Another reason is that we’re only on a personal errand right now.
Had this been an errand from Kaasama, perhaps they might have been at least exiled for that?
I don’t know if we have the authority to do that though.

Speaking of Fii-kaasama, her remark from yesterday was probably pointing to this.
In other words, it’s possible that there’s someone systematically trying to get in the way of Ciel’s shopping.

『Ain, is there something wrong?』
『No, there’s just something in my mind.』
『What is it? I’m curious, you know?』

It’s extremely infuriating, but I’m conflicted on whether to tell Ciel.
Despite the fact that we were turned away, Ciel is still enjoying our time right now.
I’d rather not tell her unpleasant news.

Still, dodging the question here is also difficult.
After all, Ciel has already shown her interest.
Ughh, I really want to be able to react flexibly or rather cleverly in these sorts of situations.

『I was thinking that there’s likely someone getting in the way of Ciel’s shopping.』

『Which is why the previous shops didn’t let us in, I see.
But why is it necessary to do that?』
『Now that you’ve mentioned it, why is it? I feel like being Fii-kaasama’s child is related to this, but I don’t think people would pick a fight with us so straightforwardly like this……』

It’d be like saying 「We have nothing to sell for the prince.」 in the case of other countries.
I don’t know how the hierarchies of this world works but, at worst, lèse-majesté could be a straight trip to the guillotine.
Even if it’s not that extreme, it’s practically like picking a fight with Central’s top.
It should make doing business harder for them in the future, in my opinion.

Hmmm…… while the probability of this is low, maybe there’s a faction that wants to challenge Fii-kaasama?
After all, Fii-kaasama does welcome usurpation by force.
Still, isn’t this a bit too reckless of them?
It’s even doubtful whether they can break through my barrier.

『Then in that case, we just need to find a place where we can shop at.
Fii probably knows something about this anyway, wouldn’t she just tell about it eventually?』
『True, that’s a valid point.
Though, it’s doubtful whether she’ll simply tell us or not.』
『Besides, no matter what happens, Ain will protect me, after all.
So with that, this time of shopping with Ain is something that should be enjoyed.』
『Leave it to me.
No matter what happens, I’ll protect Ciel.』

Even if we, hypothetically, were to fight with Fii-kaasama.

『How heroic of my princess, so heroic.』

Saying that, Ciel then giggled but I think I just heard something that I just can’t let pass.
Maybe it’s because I’m a Song Princess but I’ll ask her just to be sure.

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『Umm, where did the “my princess” come from?』
『Oh, have I never talked about it?
It’s what I thought when we first defeated a monster.
I thought that Ain was a hero protecting me but, in reality, Ain was a princess that trembles in front of monsters.
During that time, the world of stories was a big part of my world, you see.』

True, since Ciel couldn’t go outside, her only knowledge of the outside world was from my words or from reading books.
Moreover, many of the stories in that room were of the heroic epic sort, many of which are about saving captive princesses.
And certainly I was paralyzed by fear during our first battle with the cyclops……

Yeah, I can’t refute it.

For me, Ciel who jumped out before the cyclops back then is the one who was heroic.
So I guess I am a frail princess just looking from behind.
I’m still not on board with it, however.

『But, at the same time, I thought that Ain was so strong.
Even while trembling, Ain still tried to fight.
You were so cool back then, Ain.
You’re also cool right now, though.』
『If we’re talking about that, you’re much cooler than I am.
After all, you were able to do what I failed to.』

Even if we just stayed there hiding and/or got discovered, the cyclops wouldn’t have been able to pass through my barrier.
Regardless, that’s not the point.
Ciel who danced while placing trust in me was undoubtedly much cooler than I am.

『Now then, let’s go to our next shop.』

Since Ciel’s eyes have locked onto a certain shop, I gave my agreement.

We’ve been walking around a sort of high-class district up until a while ago, but now we’re in an area that’s slightly less high-class.
Perhaps this is where the modestly wealthy gather?

The shop we went in was one that looks like it clearly sells clothes.
It seems to be a shop for women and it has a somewhat different atmosphere from a regular shop.
As I was contemplating why, I noticed that, other than fashionable clothes, there are also protective gear on display.

I see, so I guess this is a shop aimed towards female hunters.
After all, higher-ranked hunters should have plenty of money and women do like dressing up.
In this moderately spacious shop, there’s one female employee.
As she is paying a lot of attention to us, it’s as if she doesn’t want us to leave.

Ciel starts looking at the clothes fitted to some sort of misshapen manikins but, honestly speaking, there doesn’t seem to be any that would fit our size.
There aren’t any hunters at Ciel’s age that can earn enough money to buy in this shop, so I guess it’s only natural.

They sell at a pretty good price, though.
From our experience, the clothes here don’t feel too expensive.
Still, it does seem a bit more expensive than regular clothes, I think.

As Ciel enthusiastically stared at the clothes, the female employee that was keeping watch began approaching us.
Ever since we entered, I detected about B-rank hunter level magic power from her.
Considering the possibility that she’s concealing it, she might even be at A-rank level.

Rather, is she a former hunter or something?
Appearance-wise, she looks a bit younger than Carol-san and Celia-san.
She’s considerably slender in build.
She also gives off a somewhat affable or, I guess, cheerful vibe.
How do I describe it? She seems to me like an always happy, subconsciously humming type of person.
She also has pointy ears and she’s stealing glances at Liessyl-san who’s with us as usual.

An elf, huh.
I don’t exactly know much other than their main image of appearing different from their actual age.
If she’s as strong as she is while being younger than Carol-san, then she might be well-renowned but if she’s an elf, she might be at 50 or something despite her looks.
Though, I don’t know if it’s any use to speak from a human’s perception of time.

After observing Ciel closely, she spoke.

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「There might not be any clothes that’ll fit you, I think?」
「Thought so.
「This shop never really expected to have any customers at roughly your age, you see.
Still…… I see.
If it’s you, I guess it makes sense.
Actually, aren’t you perhaps stronger than me?」

What she saw that surprised her is probably my barrier, but I wonder how far she saw.
She’s saying stronger than her, so maybe it’s the innermost of the spherical ones?
The skin-fit barrier has been described as being “insane”, so seeing that should cause a bigger reaction.
It’s not really that complex, though.

「You’re a hunter?」
「I’m Shusii Shagal Mesi.
I’m a seamstress who became a hunter to gather clothing material and reached A-rank before I even realized it!」

Shusii-san said with her chest puffed out in pride, but she immediately deflated.
Just as I was wondering why, she started talking with a dispirited tone.

「It’s something I’m really proud about, but it’s hard to be with you here.
I’m weaker than you, after all…….
Despite how I seem, I have my own moniker, you know……」
「Like Ice Witch, Scorching Hot Princess?」
「Yup, yup.
Like those…… So, might you be perhaps the daughter of Fiiyanamia-sama, Cielmer-sama?」

Seemingly realizing something, Shusii-san’s tone suddenly became more polite.
How do I say this? She has a really unique sort of rhythm to her.

「Right, right.
I thought so.
You’re just as described, after all.
You have a high-ranked spirit along with you as well……」
「Is that bad?」
「Not at all, it’s just that my sister strictly instructed me to make sure to be proper and polite if I ever meet you……
So I thought that I might have done badly when I first talked to you…… yes.」
「It doesn’t matter.」
「Umm, even if I talk normally?」
「I don’t mind.
I want clothes.」

Looking at this exchange, Ciel really tends to march at her own tune.
That might be a good thing about her though.
At least, she won’t get drunk with power and authority.
Though, her careless indifference might cause its own set of problems.
We’ll deal with it when it happens.

「There’s none of your size, so we’ll have to make them, is that okay?」

「Make them?」
「We’ll have to start from thinking of designs that will suit you, though……」
「Can I think about it too?」
「I can at least incorporate some ideas, I guess?」

Shusii-san seems pretty bold, actually.
After all, she immediately returned to being casual and it doesn’t look like she plans on leaving all the designing to Ciel.
Perhaps this just goes to show her pride as a craftsman.
Even for Ciel, listening to professional opinion is important in making a good product, so I think of this as a good thing.

「That’s fine, but it’s not for me.」
「So it’s a present?」
「To whom?」

『You can say that it’s for a twin sister.』

Ciel was a bit tongue-tied, so I lent her a hand.
Since I’ll be appearing more from now on, it’ll be more convenient to just have us be twins anyways.

「My twin sister.」
「Then her sizes are the same as yours, Cielmer-sama?」
「Exactly the same.
Her hair and eyes are black.」
「Then I’ll be taking your body measurements, will that be alright?」
「I don’t mind.」
「In that case, could you come here?」

Saying so, she led us deeper inside the shop.



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They did manage to upset Ain though, but as usual Ciel is unfazed and disinterested.
The time spent with Ain is more important that the shopping itself, after all.
Still, they did manage to find a new shop and a new character as well! What a bargain!

Here, we’re introduced to the elf Shusii who, interestingly enough, can perceive our friendly neighbor spirit Liessyl! But not Ain, it seems.
But yeah, she seems like a pretty cheerful and amiable person, and also ditzy, and it appears that whatever conspiracy there is to ruin the day of our princesses, she and the shop she works at doesn’t seem to be a part of it.
As such, now Ain has no escape from Ciel’s gift of clothing!

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