headache, isn’t that just going to make it even worse? Still, this should make things easier to explain, so we switched.

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I was wondering what to do about the colors, but I decided to change to black for easier discernment.

「It’s been a while.
Or should I say pleased to meet you?」
「You have different colors, but you are the Cielmer we met before, right?」
「That’s right.
I’ve been able to change my colors just recently.
Easier to distinguish between us now, isn’t it?」
Can I ask for your name?」
「My name is Ainsel.
I don’t really know how to describe it well, but let’s see…
Please think of me as a being coexisting with Ciel.」

As the conversation continued, Celia-san is trying her best to understand it.
And then Carol-san continues on without taking Celia-san in consideration.

「In other words, you mean to say that the body is Cielmer’s?」
「That’s right.」

『That’s wrong! It’s our body!
At least it’s that way until Ain’s body is made!』

Ciel strongly objected inside my head, which made me nearly chuckle a little.
I ignore my conversation with Carol-san for a moment and began soothing Ciel.

『I just meant that the original owner is Ciel.
Since it’s difficult to explain our relationship and sensibilities.』
『Well, that’s true.
Only Ain and I can understand it, after all.
That’s right, only Ain and I!』
『That’s right.
So please rest assured.』

It felt like I just went with the flow there, but since Ciel went silent in satisfaction, it should be fine.

「So what is it?」
「…… You, you didn’t listen at all, didn’t you……」
「Yes, I had an important conversation, you see.」
「…… Fine then.
So you two can just casually speak to each other.」
「So what was the topic again?」

As I asked so as though nothing happened, Carol-san stared at me in shock.
Well I can’t help it, Ciel’s more important, after all.
If there’s anything more important than Ciel…… Hm? There’s nothing else, is there?

While I contemplated about obvious facts, Carol-san started talking with a sigh.

「You two have your own distinct Jobs, correct?」
「That’s right.
Actually, you even witnessed it.
Incidentally, just to be sure, could you explain how you noticed the two of us?」
「’Just to be sure’.
Is an explanation really necessary?」

「Mainly for Celia-san’s sake.」

I feel bad about Celia-san not being able to enter the conversation, so it’d be nice if she gets necessary information now.
I can explain it myself, but I do also want to know why Carol-san is so sure.

「I get it, alright.
To begin with, Cielmer… No, Ainsel, wasn’t it?
You, Ainsel, gave me a hint, didn’t you? That you know magic power dwells in the soul from actual experience, wasn’t it?
I don’t know any being that can actually have that sort of experience to begin with.

So I thought, theoretically, this could be testable this as long as one can separate the soul from the body.
I don’t know how exactly that can be done, though.
Beyond that, you two aren’t actually hiding that you’re a Song Princess, right?
Rather, it seemed as if you didn’t care even if this got widely known.
Though, in general, it seemed like you are trying to keep it secret.」
「I sort of noticed that too.」

Celia-san finally joined the conversation.
Rather, they can get that much information from Central?
Or was it because they know us, that they managed to tie in and piece together fragmentary information about us?

From how the people of Central reacted, it’s probably the latter.

「Despite having such a conspicuous Job like Song Princess, wasn’t it strange that you weren’t thorough in keeping it hidden? It’s different if you’re trying to gain attention, but you two had the threat of potentially being chased after.
The Job and name, with just these, one can practically identify an individual.
However, the reason you weren’t identified was because the one that’s after you two thinks that you have a different Job.
It’s only my speculation and it’s full of holes, but it’s still strangely convincing to me.」
「That is actually the case, after all.
I’m the Song Princess.」
「Then, Cielmer is……」
「Asking that is a breach of etiquette, you know?」

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As I replied with a smile, Carol-san stared with a look of disbelief.
Well, we just had a fight where we didn’t hide Dance Princess at all, so I guess that’s only natural.



Heya~! Finally, after long hinting and foreshadowing, Carol and Celia are finally told of our princesses’ true secret!

Before anything else, I really loved how Carol felt the need to tell Friere about Ciel’s rank and status as Fii’s daughter *only after* the fight has ended.
Really shows the nature of their relationship as more of a one-sided rivalry with Carol being disinterested or just doesn’t care about it, while Friere is the hotblooded shounen protag (or the hotblooded martial artist/fighter type side character that’s more prevalent than of the shounen protag these days) that likes competition.
Also, just how Carol intentionally reveals information layer by layer to scare Friere more than necessary, lol.

Alright, one of my favorite parts of this series in general is how it’s constantly shown that Jobs aren’t everything.
This might seem out of topic, but I mainly put this in the spotlight because if there’s one thing this series shows constantly, it’s that being smart and intelligent about how you handle things is rewarding to *most* characters in this story, not only the main character.
First, there’s obviously Ain and Ciel, though they might bulldoze some of the problems.
Actually, when they really get hit hard when they make mistakes, so the point somewhat stands.
Then of course we have the newbie party back at Sanowa who are more intelligent than Brat-kun and became better hunters as a result, despite Brat-kun having a superior Job.
Then we have the underground boss back at the Capital (if I’m remembering right), he greatly contrasted the impulsive couple that planned to sell of Ciel to pay for their debt by handling things smartly rather than what you’d expect from the usual thug boss.
Then there’s Friere with her less mage-y but still in character out of the box solution to her “fire has no mass” issue.
And then here again, Carol, being the scholarly mage type, quickly picked up Ain’s hints and thought up of a spot on theory by herself despite the lack of certain evidence and other information.
Honestly, I feel bad about Celia, she’s so left out, meanwhile Carol and Ciel both lack the consideration to help ease her into the conversation, lol.
Well at least Carol was self-aware enough and had Ain switch in.
But yeah, Carol, and Celia since she was attentive enough to notice Ciel’s not being “Ciel”, being attentive and figuring things out by herself, only asking to check if her assumptions are right was really nice.

I went way out of topic again, so let’s back up and have some highlights, lol.
Ain ignoring Carol to talk to Ciel, lol.
And of course Ciel being cute.
Ain being overall playful and sassy in her pseudo-polite way is always fun to see.
Celia, again, I feel bad for you being the normal person stuck between them.
And Carol being mildly exasperated with Ain in another fun sight in general, lol.
They really talk like same age friends/classmates in these kind of situations.
In contrast, Ciel’s interaction with Carol and Celia does show her acting her age, which is nice to see.

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