back to shore.

After taking a shower, Qi Xing casually wrapped a bathrobe around himself and pushed open the bathroom door.

Ye Xingzhou sat on the couch in the room, engrossed in his phone.
Qi Xing noticed it and walked up, taking it back forcefully.
“Are you crazy? Why were you snooping through my phone?”

Ye Xingzhou raised his eyes and coldly informed him, “Your friend called and said he had something urgent and left.”

Qi Xing quickly checked the call logs and indeed found a missed call from Yang Kaiming half a minute ago.

He had dropped his phone on the ground when Ye Xingzhou’s bodyguard restrained him, and he didn’t know when he had picked it up.

“So you didn’t have to answer  the call, did you?” Qi Xing was irritated.
Yang Kaiming, that unreliable friend of his, must have been scared off by Ye Xingzhou’s voice and left him behind.

Ye Xingzhou asked, “Did you sneak back to see Lin Zhinian?”

“What does it matter to you whether I see him or not? Did you also go through my WeChat messages? Have you no shame?” Qi Xing grumbled and opened the WeChat app.
Lin Zhinian had just replied, saying that he had already left.

Qi Xing clicked his tongue, forcefully turning off the phone screen.

“Give me some clothes, and lend me a car.” He said it was borrowing, but he showed no hint of politeness on his face.

Initially, at the lakeside, Qi Xing was momentarily frightened by Ye Xingzhou.
But after taking a shower, he had figured it out.
Whether it was pulling out a toy gun or throwing him into the water and pulling him out, it was all just an act.
It was impossible for someone to commit murder in broad daylight.
Since that was the case, there was nothing to be afraid of.

Ye Xingzhou stared at him coldly.
Because of the earlier scare, Qi Xing’s face was still pale, and his lips appeared redder as he muttered those unpleasant words.

His slightly wet hair was messy, water dripping down onto his partially exposed chest through the loosely tied bathrobe.

Ye Xingzhou’s gaze flickered, and when his eyes met Qi Xing’s, Qi Xing suddenly realized that Ye Xingzhou had taken off his glasses.
Without them, his eyes appeared even colder and more penetrating, devoid of any emotion.
It made Qi Xing inexplicably feel as though he was being watched by a venomous snake.

Despite being in a bathrobe, with messy hair that was usually perfectly maintained, Ye Xingzhou’s imposing presence remained unchanged.
The removal of the facade only exposed the ruthless and dominant nature deep within him, completely unhidden.

Realizing this, Qi Xing was not only startled but also frustrated.

“Did you hear what I said? Lend me some clothes and a car,” Qi Xing repeated, enduring the urge to scratch Ye Xingzhou’s face.

“What if I don’t lend them to you?” Ye Xingzhou asked.

Qi Xing’s expression changed slightly, “Do you really want your eight million to go down the drain?”

This statement seemed to have some effect.
Ye Xingzhou seemed to ponder for a moment and replied, “You can do what you want’

Finally, Qi Xing couldn’t hold back any longer and cursed, So after going through so much trouble to get close to my godfather,  you’re acting like it’s nothing? Who the fuck do you think you are”

Ye Xingzhou leisurely lit a cigarette, allowing Qi Xing to act up.

Qi Xing was furious, but he also knew that he was trying to intimidate Ye Xingzhou with just his words.
Since his godfather had agreed to let him go to Qingping Garden and accepted his gift, it meant that he saw something worth investing in him.
It wasn’t something Qi Xing could change with just a few words.

Ye Xingzhou didn’t actually take Qi Xing’s threats seriously.

But Ye Xingzhou’s attitude was really unpleasant.

Seeing the cigarette in his hand lit up, Qi Xing  leaned forward, snatched the cigarette, and forcefully extinguished it in the ashtray on the coffee table.

When he raised his eyes, he unexpectedly collided with the deep and dark pupils of Ye Xingzhou, who was staring at him intently.

Separated by a coffee table, their gazes met in a brief moment as Qi Xing leaned forward.
It was as if they could feel each other’s breath.

Qi Xing was stunned.
This time, Ye Xingzhou spoke first, his voice deep and low, “Is this your way of asking for help?”

Qi Xing furrowed his brows, ignoring the strange discomfort that arose in his heart for a moment.
He stood up and stepped back, retorting sarcastically, “I’m a guest who was invited to your family’s wedding.
Is this how the Ye family treats its guests?”

“The wedding ended a long time ago,” Ye Xingzhou said coldly.
“It was you who voluntarily showed up.”

Qi Xing took a deep breath, repeatedly reminding himself to stay calm.
He forced a smile on his face and said, “Then please, Ye brother, be gracious and forgive my impudence.
Lend me some clothes to change into and a car to leave as soon as possible, can you?”

Ye Xingzhou leaned back on the sofa, watching him with interest, and teased him about his words, “Ye brother?”

“Or maybe Uncle Ye,” Qi Xing reluctantly lowered his head, not willing to give in even though he didn’t want to.
“You said it yourself, i can call you whatever i like.”

Ye Xingzhou’s gaze was mocking.
“Say it one more time.”

Qi Xing: “…”


Having captured the countless expressions on Qi Xing’s face, Ye Xingzhou seemed to finally let him go.
He called someone in and instructed, “Go get some clothes for Qi Xing and arrange a car to send him back.”

He continued to stare at Qi Xing as he spoke, his eyes filled with a hint of domination.

Qi Xing felt uncomfortable.
Before leaving, he pointed his finger at Ye Xingzhou .
“Just you wait and see.
I won’t forgive what happened today.”


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