Trival Love


A half vampire….










. ” You so slow honey, so slow. ”

confused, her eyes stared at the field of endless tall grasses , the sun shines hot in the dark grey skies, no birds or animals could be seen.

Greatly confused, never had she been here, nor did she know where she is?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the giggles sounds of a lady, her eyes caught the blonde haired figure running further into the fields.

” Wait! ” Her voice screamed in panic, she didn know where she was, and don have any clue what would happen, her legs followed.

” You so slow honey, so slow. ”

Honey? She didn think much of the ladies word, the ground was breaking, shallowed by the dark void and enternal darkness.

She heart beat faster, her stomp quicker, she can die here, not now, who was going to care for her mother.

Her sight glaze on the shimmer light of the crazy lady ahead, she had to match to the speed.

” Wait, you! ”

Pause! Time froze! Events sieze! The blonde haired lady stoop back face!

Her neck tured slowly making a mechanical cracking sound, Blood zooming from the lifeless eyes, skin too pale for a living, struggling hand painted marks on her neck , covered in holes, her bloodless lips held a slight creep smile.

She stared right at me, staring at ourselves in the breaking void space. We just stared as she continued to giggle with delightment and despair.


I wasn scared!

I couldn be scared, but my body shiver in fear.

I was staring at a blonde -hair version of myself

” You came, yet too slow, sister ” Her eeire dried whisper of a voice struggle to evoke, Blood steaming more towards the now red crimson grass.

Sister?! My eyes widen, questions rush within but I fell, my feets never on the ground, swallowed by the cried of despair.

Sister!?.. Someone tell me what is going on?!

Aburtly opened of eyes, stared at the cold red lips held close.

” Aaah! ”

Hand react fast, throwing a strong fist punch but caught mid-air.

” Quite Feisty , for a person who was unconscious for a whole day, I though you would never wake up. ”

Hera was speechless as she stared at the man in front of her.

Their face was so close that she could see his fathom ember eyes…. ”Carson? she uttered in fright trying to move away from him but he tightly grab her by the wrist and pull her closer.

”Don even think of running away… ”human.

He said as he lean closer to my neck, I could feel his warm breath on my skin which made me shiver, I tried to pull away from him but his grip thightned…..

”Behave… ” he said coldly; Hera widened her eyes as she felt his tongue licked the side of her neck. Terrified she push he him away.

”Let go of me …! ”she yelled as she raised her hand to slap him but Carson grab her hand mid-air and pulled her closer to him, but this time their lips almost touch.


Hera stared at him, lost for words, then suddenly she felt a shape pain across her face as she fell to the ground holding her face in pain, she looked up staring straight at the crimson eyes of Carson that held no emotion as he walked close to me.

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