Trival Love


” You, can catch me… * Playful giggles* ”

A lady in plain white dress could be seen running in the field containing , long tall grass which she stomp on most of them.

Her blonde hair blown freely with the wind her lovely pink lips, held the most beautiful smile ever.

” Honey, you can catch me..! ”

She giggles happily, running deep into the field, ignoring my call to return.

” You are so slow honey, so slow… ”

Those statement sounded simple but yet held an allegory meaning. My legs pick pace as her voice was fading, making me scared.

” Cardelia! Cardelia! Cardelia!!!!

My eyes widen. As tears rolled down like crazy.

” Cardila! ” My lips uttered those name with much pain, its was all my fault that she isn here,today.

Rage, bloody rage for vengeance… Rush within my vines. Im going to get my revenge against the HARRISON family, and make them all pay; for the death of my wife.

The man said as he emerged out from the shadow where he had been lying.

He push himself up as he walked toward a larged cracked mirror in front of him, his handsome features looked darker than usual because of the lack of light in the room.

His fangs shone due to his evil laughter as he brush his long messy light brown hair backward tying It into a messy bun, as his crimson eyes glowed before walking out of the room dressed as a butler.

With every footsteps he made through the large empty hallway he held a stern and ugly expression.

Suddenly he stopped and turned to the side, starring at a huge frame of the Harrisons; looking at the pictures made his face twitch in disgust, and a strong raging fumy Burt within him.

”Just you wait Harrisons!, the day would finally come when I would make you all beg for mercy! he said slamming his fist hard on the wall close to the frame.

But just then he noticed a group of high class servants staring at him coldly as they walked past him, making him to forcefully fake a polite smile and when the servants turned around his smile slipped away from his lip as he muttered.

Those idiots, he said tightly holding his fist as he looked back, his crimson pupil crash with the golden pupil of one of the male servant.

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