Trival Love


” It hunts, please stop it you are hurting me ” Hera said with her eyes tightly closed but the man showed no sign of stopping.

”The greater the pain the more you enjoy it, I will make you feel more cause you are mine ”.

”He said taking another bite but this time from her shoulder. Hera slightly loses consciousness.

”Im Dylan, Dylan Harrison ” He said as he slowly licked the blood trickling down Heras neck…. ”You smell like something I remember, you smell so familiar to me that I just can forget. You look just like…Cadelia ” saying that he pulled Hera closed to him and right between her shoulder and neck he bites her again as blood trickled down.

Hera eyes widened as she felt his fangs going deeper into her skin.

Ah-! Hera screamed hysterically, ” It… It hurts…!Please stop it! ”

She screamed and screamed and suddenly the shot stopped her eyes filled with tears and her mouth curled up as she tightly held his shoulders.

”Stop? She said as her eyes slowly close, suddenly she collapsed to the floor with her knees, biting her lower lips in pain but Dylan did stop.

Your blood, is so delicious… I can stop myself from drinking it.

Dylan said as he wipe the tears rolling down Heras face with his fingers and tasted them.

” Don taste bad, am now looking forward on how, delicious the ones within. ”

His eyes tured crimson as his mouth widen, showing his long fang and…

Hare bit her lip stopping herself from moaning in pain and pleasure, its would be dirty of her.

The pain became unbearable by the minute, and the pleasure was growing less and less. Hare was becoming scared as she tried to push him away but couldn .

” S-stop, i-i can breath! ”

His grip on her neck was tight, he drink the tasty blood which he was getting addicted to, not caring if its was from a living person.

Hera eyes were getting blurry and her struggling was getting weaker and yet weaker as she stared at the mirror beside her.

The last thing she saw before blanking out, was a reflection of a beautiful blonde hair Lady dressed in a white gown covered in crimson blood as she muttered a word; Vengeance, she said as a eerie smile crept on her face as their eyes meet then Hera fainted.

” Tch! How weak. ”

Dylan let go of the almost lifeless body of Hare as he licked his lips.

” How long do you plan to watch? ”

A question came out of his mouth, which form a sneer of mocking as he looked back

and smirk before saying… ” dear Carson ”.

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