Trival Love


The scene ended with the crimson eyes of Carson staring down at the unconscious Hera on the bed before raising his fingers to wipe off a drop of blood sliding down the corner of his lip… ” shes so weak ” he said uttered before walking out of the room the room, the door slammed close behind him.

”Bring her too her to me down stairs, when shes awake ”, understood! Carson said while looking back staring at the two servant standing near the door.

”Y-yes master, the shivering voice of the servants sounded across the silent hall way, as the bow trying not to meet his gaze.

As Carson walk into the darkness, one of the servant raise his head reveling his pale bruised face and messy light brown hair, as he cold stared at Carson who had completely disappear into the shadows…. ”I will revenge the death of my wife, and child Carson just you wait! He uttered as his eyes glowed reviling he was also a vampire.

The night had pass followed by the raising view of sunshine that spread its ray at the huge aristocratic vast mansion surrounded with high gate.

The pair of dense eyelashes quivered before opening widely like someone who stuffed from a nightmare.

She stared at the unfamiliar place in horror, she thought of all that happened was a nightmare but the shape pain she felt from her neck confirmed reality for her, she slightly rub the side of her neck while biting her lower lip due to the pain; as she reminisce about what happened to her last night. Hera felt her whole body went numb for a minute.

” I have to get out of this place!!! Hera thought as she looked around.

The only large window was no escape route due to the great height and large bars attached to it, her only means of escape was the door, she restlessly walked to the door and slightly opened it. Her light blue eyes peek outside and was surprised to see the hall way completely empty. There were no maid or bodyguard.

I smiled, at that moment all I felt was the urge to run.

Her legs pick the pace only to be bounce backward, hitting her butt hard on the Mable floor. ”ouch…! Hera exclaimed, she looked up staring straight at the pair of green eyes that held a serious look, ” trying to escape, goegouse , the man asked in a cold tone before walking in followed by five maids, there eyes were dimmed and no emotion could be seen on their face.

Hera who was still shock of there sudden appearance could do nothing but only stared at them with eyes trimbling slightly.

” I repeat where you try to escape, goegouse?! ” the man said but this time with a smile before stretching his hand forward to the stund Hera on the floor; she angrily slap his hand away before uttering .. ” Don call me goegouse again, and tell this to Carson, that his going rut in jail for what he did to me ” Hera said furiously before trying to walk out.

But was suddenly pulled back by the man, pining her against the wall as his eyes turned red.

Hera was speechless as she felt the man lean closer to the side of her neck.. ”Ive never felt the urge to drink blood so strongly, your blood smells so nice somehow it make me feel like I can go on without drinking it, he said before licking the side of her neck but just then he noticed a mark on her neck.

”I guess Carson did this…(tuts) his so selfish to have you all to himself last night.

Hera was so dumfonded by what he said, before she could say a word, she felt his cold lips pressed against hers, shock by his sudden action Hera struggled to pull away but his grips tightened.

”She bit his lip hard making him to yelp in pain letting go of her.

” How dear you bit a noble like that! looks like you need some discipline ” he said before turning around to stare at the maids standing near the door with their heads bowed…. ”All of you can leave now..!

”Yes sir! ” the voice of the maids sounded, as they all turn around and left. seeing this Hera ran toward the door, but just as she was closer to it the door slammed shut.

” No.. no ” she said as she tried opening the door through the handle but it didn budge, then suddenly Hera felt a shadow behind her, unable to move, the man take the chance and pounce at her while facing the door.

”Trying to run after the pain you caused me!?.. he said as he uses one of his hand to slowly move her hair away from neck reviling her pale slender neck and then bites her, finally getting a taste of her irresistible blood.

Hera eyes widened her eyes as she bite her lower lips due to the pain.

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