Chapter 5: No Domestic Violence


“Very angry?”

Then increased the Hatred value a bit more.

The young man half knelt and raised his head to look at him.
The corners of his lips were slightly raised as if smiling.
The dark pupils were full of ostentatious and rebelliousness.
The cold sky light of the courtroom struck down, as if the young man was caged with a layer of white light.
Seemingly there were a split second of colorful brightness.

Lu Jinbei's face turned cold.

Sure enough, he shouldn't had negotiated terms with a guy who was already a traitor.
Perhaps threats are more suitable for this kind of scum.

The people who was cultivated by the Federation were accustomed to disguising, deceiving, and scheming.

Obviously looked harmless, yet he shows off his cleverness in front of everyone.

In the next second, General Lu's muzzle of gun personally reached Ling Huan's temple.

“Are you looking for death?”

'Di di di's electronic sound jumped out sharply, accompanied by a flashing warning red light on the Light Brain interface.

“The two parties have started a compulsory marriage, duration of two years.
During this period, no punches and kicks or using Military Force punishment are allowed on the delicate partner.
A warm tips for the Main Brain: Stay away from domestic violence and do not be a scumbag.”4

“If life is still disharmonious within two years of marriage, after two years the marriage status is semi-mandatory, and as long as one party is unwilling, divorce can be made.”

The “delicate” Ling Huan tilted his head with a smile, and the muzzle went a little deeper.
He stretched his tone and said, “Yes, I'm looking for death, won't General Lu shoot?”

The man's hand with the gun was already on the trigger, and it only takes a second to penetrate this talkative Beta's head.

He hasn't pressed it down because of a few words from the Main Brain, his jaw line was tight, and finally there was a different expression on his handsome face, which was much more vivid than the coldness just now.

【It has been detected that Lu Jinbei's current Hatred value towards Host has reaches 50.

The Hatred value rose very smoothly, and because of the protection of the Main Brain's command, he did not have any life threatening danger.
He felt the muzzle of the black hole was retracted, and Ling Huan was relieved.

He licked the small wound on his lower lip, tasted the smell of blood, because of the slight movement,  he tore open the wound that carried a fiery pain.

His upright upper body retreated subconsciously when the man approached.
The sweet, cold fragrance on the opponent's body seemed to be like a hook, and it could easily arouse the heat in his heart.

Very weird.
What kind of perfume does Lu Jinbei sprayed on?3

In his mind, he asked 009 what kind of perfume it was, and he was going to buy some and spray it at home after he opened a store and made some money.

It smells good.

009 regretfully said,【It should be Lu Jinbei's Alpha pheromone, but I can't smell it, so I can't help the host determine it.

Lu Jinbei frowned slightly, his emotion was a little unstable now.

The original clean and fresh atmosphere was diffused with a small citrus scents.
He rarely smelled the pheromone of Omega.
Except for the several missions he had participated in, he had encountered Omega on the verge of estrus.
These Omega burst with induced smell that was all sticky and disgusting.

It looked as if they would break with just one touch.

But now the scents of small citrus in the air was winding upwards, like a slowly unfolding petals, gently touching him.

Isn't Ling Huan a Beta when detected by the Main Brain?

This may be an imitation Omega Pheromone newly developed by the Federation to confuse the enemy.

Soon enough, Lu Jinbei knelt down and grabbed Ling Huan's collar tightly, he pulled the person in front of him with some strength that he broke the crumbling buttons on it, revealing the white collarbone of the youth.

“Ling Huan.”

The man sneered, calling his name in a low and hoarse voice, obviously unpleasant and straightforwardly aggressive.

The broken button rolled two laps on the ground before bumped into the man's military boots and stopped.

Lu Jinbei squatted down and was still able to look down at him.
The dark military uniform clung to his body, drawing a powerful muscle lines, wide shoulders and narrow waist, handsome appearance, dark pupils glowing with a strange light gold when illuminated by the light.
The golden color was like a thin line that can flow, disappearing in a flash.

Ling Huan blinked and stared at Lu Jinbei closely, his pupils had turned dark again.

Did he saw it wrong just now?

Lu Jinbei's eyes seemed to have turned into cat-like vertical pupils.

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